Make Gridiron open every day.

  • With the new PvP Patch you need to farm tons of Particles to get your PvP gear to +6 and right now only Corsair's Stronghold is the only way to obtain a decent amount of Particles which is just garbage considering the fps you get in this bg.

    I can't play this bg on my main class because even tho I have a fairly good pc my fps just DIES in this bg and I get stutters to 10fps every 2-3 seconds so my only option is to switch to a healer class and spend gold to make the particles bankable(nice system btw lul) which isn't even fun.

    In Gridiron you also get particles(if we get the same rewards as NA, will see tomorrow) which will remove the need to put it on a long cd/as event bg because Gridiron is actually useful now.

    My request is to open it all day and change the BG shedule maybe to either switch on a 1:1 ratio Corsair with Giridiron(So Monday CS, Tuesday Grid and so on) or adding it to the same time as Shore Hold so people can decide either between farming plates(Shore Hold) or Particles(Gridiron).


  • I actually like new gridiron even before PvP Upgrade because you could farm mask for alts and tohe rusefull stuff like Health Potion. I have no Problems at all to open it 24/7. It don't even need jackpot reward because this BG is just fine (also it's very fast around 7 Minute? ircc)

  • Hello,

    as I already mentioned in my post in the Wintera thread, I will pass on your feedback regarding the current state of battlegrounds.

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  • Hey everyone,

    Thank you for your feedback concerning this matter.

    We had a look into it and we will add more opening hours for you to enjoy it!
    (A new planning will be shared in the upcoming days)


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  • Also, could you maybe add plate-chests to gridiron? dont know about others but I'd guess that most people definitely need more plates than particles or double the loot for battlegrounds cuz Liveservers will be most likely dead as fk thanks to classic server.


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