Yet another plea for oldschool server (a setup plan?)

  • Hi I know there are plenty of oldschool begging threads already, but I decided to make a sample or a plan on how to actually set up one.



    lvl 60 patch (vm1-2?)
    lvl 65 patch (vm4?)
    adjustments are necessary either way (fixing rubberbanding on tp, reaper passive disabled in pvp, preferably current edge mechanic on warrior over the old one, etc.)
    also some ui changes could work (from current patch such as the new raid layout, but not everything - current HP/MP display; though this is a personal preference)

    since most ppl who want oldschool servers are pvp-oriented people (let's be real, if you wanna play pve, the current state of tera is not bad for it; pvp is bad), this server could be balanced towards pvp a bit more - though this doesn't mean a huge change, we want oldschool because it was a lot more balanced pvp-wise than the clusterfuck it is now
    can still enjoy oldschool pve content (manaya, abscess, original dsu, wh, re, etc?)

    important: don't add CA please (there are so many more cash shop variants that could be added)

    cash shop:
    Tera Club - direct purchase and voucher (voucher is more expensive, but tradeable ingame)
    cosmetics - nothing RNG (make every cosmetic item directly purchaseable - no bundles - from what i guess, you can add even the recent new costumes to old patches as well)
    if you really want to, make some certain popular and "rare" costumes in an rng box - such as the dyeable maillots - but STATE the availability %, and keep the box always available, either that, or make these "popular rare" costumes a bit higher price in the shop than a regular costume
    can also raise the price of popular head or back adornments a BIT, such as the headphones, black/blue ribbons, or the capes (instead of 79TT, 119TT? per item?)
    this adds the possibility to make the meruma hairstyles and hairdyes also purchaseable, directly (not available through fashion coupon) - now I'm not sure if this is actually possible with old patch, but I don't see why it couldn't be implemented
    mes, ses, spellbinder, mwa (enchanting loot box)
    noble enigmatic scroll (can be added as a random STATED chance in the shop, however you do get guaranteed amount of mes, ses, spellbinder)
    liberation scroll (exclusively cash shop item, however, not rng, can be in a semi-expensive (200-250TT? bundled with random stuff - ses, mes, mwa, etc.) the lib. scroll is tradeable, everything else from the bundle is not - would make the lib. scroll expensive ingame, as it was)
    rng underwear box (don't put white underwear in these - this is in case lvl 65 patch)
    head accessory modding tool (this is freely useable infite times in the regular server, in Korea it's 10K gold in merchant/use, so you could make it cash shop item in this server, however don't make it unreasonably expensive, also make it tradeable)
    soulbinder/strongbox chests and keys (can give jackpot: mwa, ses, lib. scroll, noble scroll, equipment mats, etc.) - the strongbox chest/key is obtainable through CS, as it was originally
    shape changers
    equipment boxes (all parts available) that open the equipment needed for your class that you open it on.
    other things that don't come to mind

    don't make equipmen/enchanting related things p2w only though, make them farmable.
    mentioning again: pvp oriented server, therefore bg credits and points can be used for mwa, spellbinder, mes, ses, etc. - at max credit points, you can buy 1 noble enigmatic scroll (cant decide wether should be tradeable or not)
    old bg credits weren't easy to max, so it'd count as hardcore farming in a way
    can also buy jewellery and brooch(?) from credits

    alliance exists

    OW PVP exists in all forms (lvl 1-60(65), infamy exists)

    battlegrounds: -jackpots exists, they're random, throughout the whole day (can be random 1 diamond, 1 emerald, ses, etc. - not available in 3v3 solo and lower chance for anything in premade - less abuse ability)
    CS (5-man party que available)
    - exists for lvl 30-59/30-64 and exists for endgame lvl (60 or 65)
    - full 15-man premade exists (equalized, only endgame lvl)
    - gives decent amount of reward (similiar to FW, but less, however gives the aforementioned strongbox chest/key)

    FW (5-man party que available)
    - exists for endgame lvl only
    - equalized que exists (solo or party que only)
    - full 15-man premade exists (non-equalized)
    - gives the most reward pvp-wise (most mwa, credits, etc.)

    3v3 (solo or premade) - monthly reset, top 100 gets MI (200 rating difference both in solo and premade?)
    - solo equalized
    - premade equalized and non equalized (both exists)
    - least amount of rewards given, maybe could give more spellbinder reward compared to fw/cs? or ses, some material that makes it worth to play besides MI

    Though with the preferred balances and not crazy gear, maybe equalized is not necessary for any of these BGs (let the community vote it)

    Maybe gridiron could be added for the heck of it (why not?)
    Kumasylum exists for those crazy addicts

    do NOT add new patches after a while, we want oldschool server because to us it was fun, we do NOT look forward to the changes that were made to the game.
    do NOT add new classes (reaper is already kanker if lvl 65 patch, - no gunner, brawler, ninja and valk)
    this is a win-win situation for both ends, because the server will need low maintenance, but the people would keep playing if the server is a success.


    wall of text ik but if you did manage to read through it all, well, you can feel good about yourself lol
    if you're one of those who would also like to see a classic server, please share your thoughts and ideas on how to set up one, and why it would be also benefical for GF because obviously they won't make it if it's not benefical on their side, that's why I made the cash shop also semi-p2w, but also more user-friendly than it is currently.

  • Will never happen because even up to date server are almost dead (atleast dungeon wise)

    And why are the servers so empty? Because current state of TERA is an unplayable p2w/grind-fest. Since the +15 patch, every patch was about increasing the grind, adding new slots, etching, enchant levels, crit mounts etc. Everyone slowly quit after each such patch because their tolerance reached a limit and only the most nolife/whale players remain today.

    Therefore, reversing to the original state of TERA would be the best move. The playersbase would increase again, many old players (including me) would come back. It would be way less than in 2013 due to BHS/GF's bad name and ruined trust of players, but that can be helped over time(WITH EFFORTS, not fashion coupon e-mails).

    But at this point I doubt they care, just look at the lvl70 patch: just another excuse to add a new gear slot, pathetic. They really, really want to kill this game by sucking it dry fast.

  • Even if they make an old scool server. They will just alternate the content so you need to spend money or gtind more there.

    It's just like WoW Classic. Yay classic but we changed this and that ect.

  • Even if they make an old scool server. They will just alternate the content so you need to spend money or gtind more there.

    It's just like WoW Classic. Yay classic but we changed this and that ect.

    I did mention in the original post that changes are inevitable (wether it'd be a positive change like fixing rubberbanding on tp, or something else, or a negative one)
    Hopefully though it'd be still more enjoyable than the current... ***fest

  • They need to realise that they have a chance to set up an oldschool server until people are asking, because the idea of an oldschool server has a certain hype behind it.
    They can at least set up an oldschool server (completely unchanged, original vanilla server) for like 1-2 months, see if it's succesful, if it's not, they can just close it permanently, however if it turns out to be succesful/profitable for them, they can keep it open, and maybe add minor qol/class changes to the game

  • Haven't played this game in years. Occasionally come back to browse the forums for threads like this just to see is GF say anything about them but they never do.

    As much as it would be amazing to have a classic server it's never going to happen. People have been asking for years and it's just never going to happen. :lol:

    You're all better off waiting for the game to die before it happens. Since whenever that happens the demand for private servers will be bigger. Sadly right now it isn't.

    GF never cared about the game since the day they got it, what makes you all think they're going to suddenly decide to make a classic server? The only time these classic servers will start appearing will be when the game dies because GF will care even less about it at that point.

    As long as they have whales and deluded p2w noobs throwing money at the game it will be a while before it dies.

    And even if by some magical chance the game dies or GF decide to make a classic server etc What makes you think it won't be ruined by people anyway? I mean we have people now using proxy as common place and exploiting/cheating has always been a thing. Nothing will be the same as it once was, even if a classic server did appear and become successful.

    tl:dr The chance is so small of it happening you're better off finding another game.

    P.S I would join a classic server in a heartbeat if one did happen to be made :thumbsup:

    Learn by your mistakes or never improve~ :xeno:


  • Hey everyone,

    Thank you for the provided suggestions! While there are no plans for such a content / update / event, I wanted to take a bit of time and give some feedback from my side. As an active player between launch and until the end of the alliance content, I'd also like to go back and re-live these memories again! (although, outside of alliance content, I'm not very PvP oriented as a player myself).

    My thoughts, specifically in regards to PvP Content (Battlegrounds), are as follows:

    • BGs should, just like Dungeons, allow everyone to get MWA, SB, MES and SES

      • I never much liked the Jackpot-Version for rewards we implemented in the past, as it's very frustrating and only given on a win
    • Instead, my idea would be to solve it as follows:

      • Winning / Losing a match rewards you, as was usual, with BC or KS, that you can use to buy glyphs or gear crafting materials (VM2/VM3)
      • Additionally, every X Wins/Losses (X depending on the BG) would give you a reward box

        • X Wins = box with fixed amount of MWA, RNG amounts of MES, SB, etc
        • X Losses = box with RNG Fodder items
      • This way, players have something fixed to work towards to, all BGs would be balanced the same (via expected amount of playtime) for the boxes, and the Reputation Credits would also have a specific use (+ add the winning box there as well for a higher price)

    Now, outside of rewards, I'd probably also move away from Jackpot times to make the BGs worthy, and limit them to only be open during specific timeframes

    • Some BGs would be open every day for a couple of hours (~8-10hrs, CS (lvl30~60), 3v3 Team)
    • Some BGs would only be open on some days for a couple of hours (~4-6hrs, FWC, 3v3 Solo)
    • Some BGs would be event BGs, and only open during special times (Kumasylum)

    As for outside of BGs, Alliance content would probably stay as it is, never had the impression there would be much to do (at least on a publisher side what I could tweak).

    Anyway, this was just some brainstorming for such a potential case - as I said, I like the idea, and would definitely try to improve on the PvP-Setup we had back then to have it more rewarding and worth outside of "playing for fun PvP".

    While these are just random ideas from the top of my head, feel free to comment on them anyway - as I said, my focus as a player was never on PvP, so having feedback for this is always appreciated, even if it can't be adjusted in current live content.

    Thank you!

  • I for one would rather see a new server (that preferably doesn't close if it does well) than "fixing" the current patches, because there's no such thing as "fixing the PVP" in the current patch. The new classes are aids (mostly talking about valk, brawler, ninja - I don't think reaper and gunner is *that* bad though I can see where people are coming from with their low cds and high aoe dmgs that need little aiming among other problems), talents are aids for PVP (unbalanced, some talents work, some don't, some are more broken than others)

    On the suggestions Atmorph made regarding bg rewards, I can see them work and I approve of them, though I don't get why would their accessibility limited to a few hours each day?
    As for Alliance, I can't say much because I wasn't very invested in it while it was up, but I'd definitely like to give it another try if it was available again.

    Since vm2/vm3 were mentioned, is it kind of "confirming" that IF (a very big IF) oldschool server were truly going to become a thing, it would be either vm2 or vm3 patch?

  • though I don't get why would their accessibility limited to a few hours each day?

    So that more people queue at that time or feel the need to do it instead of spreading it out and complaining only a couple teams are queuing.

    I don't mind it at all. What I do mind, however, is restricting it to "some days only". It's okay to shift the time they are open depending on day, but not make it completely unavailable in some days. That sucks.

  • Hey all!

    Thanks for your comments!

    @Sirgoulas sorry, but this being specifically about a classic server idea, I won't go into details of content in current live patches that I can't change anyway :(

    @Tadeshi exactly as Borsuc said, the idea would be to focus people to play during specific times to have active queues. Additionally, there has always been the win-trading issue during off-hours, that should be less extreme with such a setup.

    @Sultan what would you mean "without any of my updates" specifically? This being just idea sharing, and me not having said anything about alliance and changes, I'm confused :S

    @Borsuc I'd think it depends on the BG and setup taken, based on previous Jackpots and event server settings, something like this could be considered

    • High-Frequency BGs would be open daily

      • Corsairs' for 8 hours
      • 3v3 Team for 10 hours
    • Lower Frequency BGs would depend on specific days

      • FWC (1-5 matching): only on weekdays
      • FWC (raid matching): only on weekends
      • 3v3 Solo: Mo, We, Fr

    This way, there would always be Corsairs', Skyring and some FWC version available, without splitting players across too many BGs during a single time.

    As always, feedback is most welcome - while not for a classic server, it's always helpful to get input for these things for future recommendations internally and to Bluehole.

    Best regards,

  • Hate BHS, hate Gameforge, hate TERA as much as you want. But this guy right here @Atmorph deserves some goddamn respect.

    Whether he is involved in: whatever policies Gameforge follows as a publisher that noone likes, whatever money-grabbing techniques, being against giving any statement regarding negative feedback, and so on. You must not forget THIS dude with I assume help of people like Baldrov behind TERA Gameforge aswell, have tweaked existing dungeons and actually CREATED some not brand new, yet new content for us, TERA EU players to enjoy. No other goddamn region has ANY person or team doing any kind of thing like that. Yes maybe some regions have more events that give free stuff, maybe some regions give u rewards every day you log in, maybe some other regions have 2x or 3x loot more often. Maybe. What I can guarantee you though is, if this guy didn't come up with the idea of creating "EXTREME MODE" dungeons this game in EU would be LONG DEAD. I shall remind you the dungeons have been SCEM (twice), FIEM, DSUEM, KNEM, REEM and now Batu Desert, in what, a bit more than a year timespan?

    Love you patpat xoxo :elin9:

    Back to the topic, NGL a classic server would be awesome, but it has its drawbacks. TERA was awesome back then, why? Content was BALANCED. It's not about PVP having MWA as a reward or anything alike Atmorph - not sure back then it was even a drop (im talking about pre-f2p) since it was avaliable from the special merchant -, it was about both PvP and PvE being NECESSARY to craft the Visionmaker gear. Some materials (Victor's Trophy and some other thing) were ONLY obtainable through BG Shop - some may have been avaliable in Nexus shop too, but I can't recall for sure -, some other materials were ONLY obtainable through dungeons (Shandra's Quills), some other materials were ONLY obtainable grinding OW BAMS, which were actually atleast bit challenging back then (Argon Vitriol I think??) and lastly you had Kaelik Sparks from Gathering. HOWEVER, this was all also sustained by an LEGIT HEALTHY ECONOMY. Whatever dropped in dungeons YOU COULD SELL. WHY WOULD THAT FEATURE GET GODDAMN REMOVED EVER? Currently instead of being able to get gold which I need to enchant, buy plates, buy gems, buy costumes, buy mounts, buy recipes, buy whatever I'M STUCK WITH UNTRADEABLE AND EVEN UNBANKABLE MATERIALS ????

    BoP was a step in the wrong direction, and ever since it just got worse and worse. Linear gear progression was just a straight headbutt into a wall of concrete. RIP IN PEACE playing more than one character unless you nolife. Now wait for level 70 cap and new talents new glyphs new grinding. Jesus F*cking Christ.

    Content was lacking back then - very reduced amount of dungeons and just FWC as BG -, but you had to do EVERYTHING that the game offered and MCHM was actually challenging, so players were happy. Now you can either choose: buggy PVP or repetitive as hell PVE, either 0 rewarding to be honest. Grind a whole month to be able to try your weapon 3 times and see how your weapon went from 8% chance to 11% chance cONGRATS BRO.

    Anyways, given the state of the game I will forevers be grateful to you for tweaking these dungeons. It has given A LOT OF LIFE to Tera EU, whether people wanna recognise it or not. But it will die itself out because of the direction it is going.

  • Did you come up with the times? It is clearly obvious you don't play the game. Please just don't... Ask before doing anything or play the game.
    The so called "low frequency" battleground 3v3 solo q pops every day between 23:00-02:00 nights and sometimes around 18:00-20:00. It has been fairly active on weekends as well. The main reasons that it struggles is due to lack of healers. Just to clarify, basically we are 4 healers q-ing for the battleground and not all at the same time, sometimes struggling to find 2nd one and having to search on the discord we made. That doubles the expected amount of times dds are waiting. And reason for people not wanting to play healer was the unbalance between classes, the priest mana issues initially, the lock on bugs etc. But it is active up to now.

    On the other hand the "high frequency" battleground 3v3 team is dead, even with guardian-equalized gear rules we came up with (check pinned message).
    Reasons for that are:difficulties of making a team, rating cap for matches (I think 300 difference won't match you) but mostly lack of support from Gf. No rewards for fear of win-trading? Is there literally no game master in this game? (sarcasm) Have you wondered how other pvp games operate like the Lol you play? Ye they should nerf rewards there as well for fear of that... No tournaments, not being able to stream inside as a "ghost", not help at all.

    And why should a bgs be disabled in the first place? The bg should be active all day but better have jackpot times as usual to promote q at those times. There is no point whatsoever in locking battlegrounds. People are not splitted. Only new players maybe and frankly no one would want to play with them in the first place. There is like discord for every battleground. At least I know there is for 3s and for fw. Also the calendar in game would specify times, all people had to do was read. Would you lock dungeons as well? I don't think so. There are active queues with jackpot. Just increase the jackpot hours per day and rewards (GOLD...) and see how many people swift from pve to pvp. Also how you expect bgs to be active when the sorry excuse for a developer creates new battleground where you cannot play as a premade team but have to q with a bunch of random non factors? Would you instance match a hard dungeon just to waste your day non clearing it even?

  • We removed the off topic (so not concerning classic server) from this Thread.
    This is a "classic server" thread, please stay on the theme.
    You all may open another thread to discuss about other subjects.


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  • We removed the off topic (so not concerning classic server) from this Thread.
    This is a "classic server" thread, please stay on the theme.
    You all may open another thread to discuss about other subjects.

    Yeah because totally saying my opinion to have equalized 3v3 Team in a classic server (reason: lack of talents) was so off topic that it had to be removed, right?

    And btw even this post is on topic since it repeats that same thing (which is now lost) while criticizing your removal at the same time.

  • I don't get it. This could all solved so quickly if GF decided to make a experimental classic server. There's enough ideas here that will work. It's a win win situation for them anyway. But you know instead...

    Makes up to date servers no one wants - Merge within a couple of months

    People asking for Classic server - Doesn't consider whatsoever

    Like why do that, are you trying to kill the remaining pvp community? (If there even is any left)

    You've already wasted money on servers that got merged why not just make a classic one that we're asking for?

    Like I said before it's simple really and it's a win win. If you made a classic server the hype behind it would attract new and old players back to the game or ones who are currently playing it today will be interested to try the classic server.

    If it's successful: Great you have another server that people will play and enjoy and the people who've been asking for a classic server for ages will be happy and it will give everyone a chance to experience it again. Granted most of the players on it will be doing PvP since that's what we mostly want it for as well as nostaliga, and you have easily enough ideas from the current players of the game and people in threads like this to keep it alive and remain interesting to play without it getting boring after a few months.

    If it's not successful: Great you can just shut it down or merge it like you usually do with servers.

    And depending on the outcome out of the two above, there's your answer. Will it work yes, no? You won't have to bother making another server for it again because you will have the answer.

    Other stuff like income and game fixes etc have been discussed many times before so I wont bother.

    Apart from player numbers I can't see what the issue is for an experiment.

    Like I said before I doubt it will happen but I hope it does. But we'll have to wait and see :lol:

    Learn by your mistakes or never improve~ :xeno:


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  • Everything here was said/written countless times. Sure, open permanent old server and many will come back to play Tera (including me), but do not expect older players that quit Tera to idolize Gameforge laziness over past years. Only positive major PvP thing done by Gameforge in past 6 years was equalized skyring premade and battleground timers with bad rewards...

    "Good" old times. Reading/writing good suggestions, getting exciting feedback... that is just feedback and nothing more.
    Well, this could be therapeutic... luckily I decided not to waste my time and write pointless wall of text.

    Best regards,
    Sad ex-tera player

  • How to make PVP active again without changing timers


    Like seriously 220k Credits (2 Wins or 5 Loses) for one balance weight? Unlike PvE in PvP you can literally waste your time. Que times and then lose to get nothing at all?

    Ofc increasing rewards wouldn't solve balancing problems but atleast PvP would be active again. And then you can actual collect Data for balancing. You know i missed the old times were you finish your BiS Gear in PvE and then i started PvP just because i could discovered the other side of the endcontent. Actually u needed to do PvP back in VM1 in order to obtain BiS PvE Gear. Maybe this is a reason wy PvP died because there was no reason for PvE Players to join PvP anymore. Ofc it's not nice to force PvE players to do PvP to get BiS BUT this should then work for BOTH sides. PvP Player are forced since beginning of TERA to do PvE Content. also grinding VM1 Material in PvP wasn't that bad. I mean it was not like 56556565 BGS until full set. I don't know i just did 20 FWC and got all mateirals needed for VM1 and most of them was loses anyway.

    So why should i a PvE Player ever join PvP if i can just do Guardian Mission and get 20x more rewards with no effort?

    You could just add guardian Legion Box as additional Rewards for BG so they actually get Gold? 10 For Win and 5 for Lose would be nice for the beginning. and this isn't even broken. Thats around 2 - 3k Gold per Win. In PvE we get up to 6000 Gold + Gem drops for doing a 15 Minute instance without waitng for 30 - 40 People.

    Just look at bellicarium store back in VM1 and compare it now. Then jopefully you realize why PvP rewards are trash. Hint: MWA and Spellbinds stuff which both side PvE and PvP needed for their gear. I mean 1,5 Million Credits for a veiltroch? Seriously thats 8 Wins in a row for ONE Veiltroch (and you need 4 for weapon for ONE echanting attempt) meanwhile in PvE you get up to two every 15 Minute of running a dungeon on top of regular Loot and VG rewards.

    Just my two cent for PvP and why it was so good in "classic"