best way to get Gear EXP

  • Guardian missions are profitable because they provide you with gold and gear exp rather fast compared to dungeons. You still need enchanting material though so no, Guardian missions are not the best way to farm all after the awakening patch.

  • Nice way to farm exp on gear is Batu now, but it will be open just one more patch. You can get 3k exp from 1 batu and need 439 ilvl for it, but with low gear will be hard for you get to some raid, so you left with guardian or iod.

  • Corsair's Stronghold also gives a massive amount of item XP points, and unlike dungeons there's no risk of getting stuck in trap runs for hours/being forced to leave and losing the daily entry..either you win or you lose.

  • Isnt it that way also a possibility to be stuck in trap runs since if you keep getting losing team you will get nothing and it is also really hard to get matches even in jackpot time at the moment

  • You asked for the best way to gain gear experience and you got your answer.

    By the way, there's also Island of Dawn quests you can do which will provide you with gold, reputation, gear experience and mats.

    So there's this, Guardian Missions, dungeons, Corsair's Stronghold, Ace Dungeons, Petre's, (Ghillieglade), ... All things which give you not only gear exp, but also mats. Oh and don't forget that you can disenchant materials you don't need so you can trade them into the according material. :)

  • Well sure, if you have lower gear, it'll take longer time, but as soon as you get FM+0, (which isn't too hard), it shouldn't be too hard to go into 439's, which, (with carry people - maybe you have some friends who can help?), should only take about 10 min. each, and then xp will rack up quickly.

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  • Hi,

    I'm surprised noone told you about Underground BG, as this is by far the most efficient way to get gear XP, nothing compares to 2000 XP for a 7 min BG. You don't even need to win to have the daily done, just to contribute enough to have 400 pts to complete the quest.

    Sad thing is it's only available on saturday and sunday fom 20h to 22h, and you can only do 1 daily per caracter.

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