Thank you

  • Dear Bluehole and Gameforge

    I want to thank you for ruining this game

    For runing PVP aspect... I also want to thank you for removing so many cool dungeons, all the raids we had in the past,
    replacing it with just few garbage ones and adding Guardian Legions also making this game so repetitive and boring...

    Thank you for removing Nexus adding instead Civil Unrest...

    Thank you for changing dungeon mechanics making overall gameplay spam fest...

    Thank you for Stephstone Isle instead of Island of a Dawn as start location...

    Thank you for removing Stamina, Campfires, Charms, Scrolls and many Potions... and replacing it with just one potion (Prime Battle Solution)

    Thank you for adding things like Awakening, Item XP, Talent System to the game which have totally ruined my gameplay experience and caused that many of my friends and myself started playing less and less then completely quit

    Thank you for removing old crafting system and adding this new one also fishing... soon also dungeon entries revamp, who knows what else they'll prepare in future... when this happens, i will be away from here.

    Thank you for making this game more and more grindy and p2w,

    Thank you for ruining my 6 years of invested time and money in to your game... all the fun i had, all my experience and knowlage.

    Thanks for ruining my best game!

    I want to tell you that this is the last time i write and last game I've played from Bluehole and also yours Gameforge. Since now me and everyone i know i'll be avoiding from afar every product with your logo on it.


    Your former customer

  • @Tera Rising

    so sorry that things didnt goes as you expected.
    We wish you all the best!

    Thread closed.

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