(Constructive) Feedback about the last patch.

  • TL;DR : New patch is trash, was expected tho.

    Now for the details :

    1 : Only good thing about the new UI is the fact that... It's new. HP / Mana bar is trash, HP bars from opponents are taking as much space as bosses's HP bars on my screen and not to mention the messed up buffs with the eternal 1 second ticking on nostrum / bravery and w/e buff you can get. Even classes buffs are messed up, saw some reaper that was apparently under ICB, topkek. New "Has locked a skill on you" message is bad, so is the new message when someone gets PK'ed. There is some sort of killfeed on the bottom right of the screen now, what is this? Call of Duty? I'm not sure i mentionned everything, but that's already a lot to be fair.

    2 : As expected some stuff about classes are messed up, passives aren't applying on Ninja or Archer and APPARENTLY 1.5 and 2.0 buffs aren't applying either. I have a fellow archer who can't even get his Focus. About the rest i would say that pretty much everything is ok, still laughing at the fact that my ultimate got a 40 meters range but oh well... Oh yeah, never mind! What's the deal with reaper's retribution doing 100K+ to other players, even on tanky classes? Reaper is the new Thrall of Wrath?

    3 : Obviously nothing has been done against proxy, only took few hours after the patch to see people teleporting at VO again. Of course it's again the same people from the same guild, but nothing can be done because y'all love money a tad too much.

    4 : As i already mentionned in my other thread, GBAM is apparently removed from the content. Seems like nobody saw it coming because all the main guilds from Killian were waiting for it to spawn on Tuesday's evening. PvP activities as a guild were already super limited (2 PvP GBAMs and 1 CU per week), since GvG and PK are pretty much both dead... But now we're just sinking even deeper, congratz on that. Guess all the guilds gonna have to start syncing massively for BGs (even tho some are already doing it) if they want to play together for some PvP, or they can just finally become Sunday Guilds for CU. Other than that it also means a nice source of daily income / mats been removed.

    5 : Glowing effects on weapons are garbage now, twistshard is legit the best looking one right now.

    6 : There was apparently some expected change about consummables not running out if we're not in combat, i'm not entirely sure if we were supposed to get that. But that would be one hell of a welcome change, and of course we didn't get it.

    So yup, this patch is trash. There was legit no hype behind it and besides messing up PvP a bit more it didn't do much. I guess PvE players will be pleased tho, sorta.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but as a mainly PvE player I am immensely disappointed in this patch. I had high hopes for awakening and a new , better performing UI.

    I finally get to awaken my class (Ninja), only to find out it still is garbage. Half the UI options are missing, making playing (almost) a burden.
    About the weapon colors, I dont even want to make HO +9 because it looks absolutely retarded.

    Not sure why after 6 years I still get my hopes up :dash:

  • 1 : UI
    It's a very big change since the health- and manabar are now next to each other rather than on top. That means if your health bar decreases, it decreases to the right now, instead to the left. I personally will have to get used to it before judging because right now it feels too uncomfortable to give an objective opinion.
    I never paid much attention to the buff bar, but it seems a bit cluttered to me.
    About the deaths, I can't tell if somebody dies because due to their minimalistic design, the new party health bars don't stick out enough to alarm me about that and neither does the killfeed.
    Biggest shortcoming to me would be that it's not possible to make the skillbar vertical anymore.

    2 : Bugs
    The missing 1.5 and 2.0 buffs are quite disappointing because I can't enjoy my buffed up new awakened class to the full potential, with those two suddenly gone. As well as some other damage buffs. Let's hope they get fixed asap.

    4 : GBAM
    I don't see a reason for that, it is a nice daily event for anyone who wants to participate. Either for the rewards or the PvP BAM.

    5 : Weaponglow
    I agree, Twisthard and low Frostmetal look the best to me. Heroic Oath does seem nice though, but it feels like they wanted to have a "build up" towards it and the result is anticlimatic. They should have kept the wings until HO and then apply the same clean, shiny glow to it anyway.

  • So yup, this patch is trash. There was legit no hype behind it and besides messing up PvP a bit more it didn't do much. I guess PvE players will be pleased tho, sorta.

    I was expecting the new "interface change" to see if they had the guts to add key mapping for flying mounts, and the possibility of re-arrange the other ui elements that cant be arranged. Like some classes indicators or charge bars, also the possibility to actually move the camera in SMOOTH steps and that the position stays SAVED in the game.

    These are just some examples. What did i find after the patch? that none of these improvements have been added, more than that, everything is worst than before. Good job guys lol. At least now i know i must not throw any single dime anymore to this game. Not until i see that the devs actually care about quality control and their customers.

  • From a PVE point of view, this patch is not really better.
    Last patch, when they implemented new jewelry and the components to upgtrade them, mats were droping in 4 dungeons, it was nice for PVErs who could run 4 different hm dungeons to upgrade their jewelry.
    But, with new patch it only drops in 2 dungeons : GOLnm and hm, and DRC hm. Since those dungeons also drop Veiltroch, this makes every other dungeon just completly useless for the whole patch, not really any point keeping them ingame now.

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