Why Reaper awakening is so...bad? And easy way to fix it.

  • Hello everyone

    Like in title i have simple question just why? I don't know if its some natural hate for reaper class from BHS or something but i am (and hope not only me) disappointment what kind of awakening reaper class got overall not to mention compare it to other classes.

    I feel like BHS make reaper awa in way like "Ok now reaper awakening what we gonna do? Ok just reprint some base skills with a bit diffrent effect and add 2x of some of them,tag them as awakening and we are done". Overall most of reaper awa kit is kinda ok but there few things that need little change to give us reaper players true feel of awakening like other classes get.

    Before i give u my all thoughts about when it need to be change just few things:
    1. I know this is 2-3 day after we get awakening and i am already QQ yes yes...but we all know everything about 2 nd part of awakening for like almost half year from KTera.
    2. I know most of ppl don't care about what i write here but i just need to do this just for my own sake as reaper main for so many years.
    3. I know nothing will change in at least few months right now and even if there any chance for any change i sad that GF can't do any change without BHS word and chance BHS itself will do something about this is like 1% at best so ye...

    So right now let's begin from most simple and almost 100% well done thing to "more hard to change and important one".

    1.Assassination: When i <3 overall idea and how this passive give any use of this useless shroud skill i am kinda "sick" of BHS fetish to "6 sec things". Every crit passive is 6 sec,any other buff things are 6 sec everything is 6 sec which is...not enough? So plz buff duration from 6 to 10 sec and thats it overall 10/10 idea and passive.

    2.Dark Harvest: Almost everything fine as it is just buff base dmg a bit to like 6k cuz when u talk about awa skill its nice when they are equal in terms of dmg with class best skills or even a bit better.

    3.And now we come to 2 nd passive aka Vengeful Attack: And its start of 1 st bad things in reaper awa. Look what i write up before about "copy/multiple base skill and mark it as awa and we are good" No,this is not good cuz this change nothing in reaper gameplay. And now u wanna ask me "so how u can change something into passive that will be good for u" and my answer is simple like many many other change will be better if u think about them right not do it asap. Me personall proposition goes to Soul Reversal cuz this skill is sadly almost useless both in pvp and pve but about this a bit later. So which passive for this skill? Passive that change is into "mini nuke" version of reaper ult. When u hit target it gets 1 stack and 1 stack each sec and at the end when u reactivate skill u deal X dmg depends on how much stack target have before detonate aka max 10 stacks cuz u need to reuse it at best at 1 sec. Simple,not game breaking yet give u feel of true awa power when u can use "mini nuke" every ~30 sec.

    4.And now when we start talk about reaper ultimate...this ult is kinda joke in form as it is right now. FIVE min cd and base dmg of 972? For real u call this awakening ult? Just change its cd to like 3 min and dmg to like 3k so it can match grim strike base dmg. Yet again simple to do and change awa feel even more.

    5.Recall Scythes: Same as Dark Harvest buff dmg and one more thing...i spend like 10 min of my time of thinking on wtf and where is logic of this skill with cutting 12 sec of cd on grim strike when skill have like 3,5-4 sec cd + till u use recall the real cd u cut is like 2-3 sec? So here why just not use logic and change grim strike with sundering strike which has 9-10 sec cd? More logic and give a bit more power to reaper awakening ye? + this will unlock way better skill rotation but about this a bit below.

    6.Apex Urgency: Dont even know how to comment this for real. If all classes get this then ok nwm but still u can don't add this for reaper just for not add useless thing to skill tab. ; )

    and now 7 last and "most hard to change" yet i think most important thing: Reaper "new" awakening sunder stike and shadow burst. And like above when i write about "reskin old skills and tag them as awa and we are done" when idea is let's say fine the rest thing about it is bad as hell and whats that mean is why just why awa version of sunder/burst take/share cd with standard version of skill!? It disable different rotations u can use with both old version and awa one and if u are playing/main reaper i am sure u know how huge difference it will do. So here are 2 ways to deal with it: 1. Change way this awa skills work aka separate cd for standard version of skill and awa one. This is more "hard to do" and more skilled base way or...give awa skill diffrence loss in dmg aka add base dmg of standard sunder/burst to its awa version and this is pure easy to do yet noob version of fix.

    Overall thats it for my "long as fu*k QQ that 95% ppl will dont even read" about why reaper awa is bad and how to fix it in easy way. If u read it all TY very much for ur time and patience and feel free to comment ur thoughts. ; )

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  • 1. No
    2. No. Its a good enough dmg skill as it is.
    3. No. Also I think you havent quite understood Soul Reversal, try using it. Almost useless in pvp and pve LUL.
    4. Do you even know how that skill works? Again, try using it instead of simply checking its base damage.
    5. Reseting Grim & Burst is perfectly fine and opens up a few nice combos both pvp and pve wise. Although most people are still working on Rotations overall.
    6. Every Class has it, ignore it.
    7. No.

  • Only thing that's wrong with Reaper awakening is the fact that retribution deals 150K damages to a geared brawler. Other than that i don't see any issue.

  • 1. no need to buff, its already strong af as it is.
    2. Dark Harvest is only worse than Grim Strike, while beeing pretty fast to cast and enhancing Sundering/Shadow Burst. Skill has it's place in the rota and is fine.
    3. the main part about Vengeful attack in pve is the second use, that brings you out of danger. In PvP it kind of deals retarded amounts of damage. Let me add, that Soul Reversal is not useless at all. In PvE it's a backstab to bosses and additionally a stun to BAMs
    4. The Ultimate deals easily 40M+ damage per use on a fully geared reaper. You need to use it first though (which you apparently didn't)
    5. What's wrong with resetting Grim strike? It's still our Second best skill. Also you might have overlooked the fact, that it also resets Shadow Burst. shadow Burst has become a decent spell with the Enhancement. Shorter casttime, more damage, increased crit chance.
    6.idk why youre mad about this. it's a bonus on top of awakening, not one of your class specific additions.
    7. maybe?

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  • As I was main reaper during Desolarus and Timescape, I was awaiting reaper's awakening since a long time, but I'm also really desapointed.
    I'm playing on reaper since last patch and I don't like new skills at all, It feels so slow and clunky ;(
    I'm aware that my rotation is far from perfect with new skills, Ult is meh, red sundering is slow, shadow burst is slow.
    Guess we have to wait for talents in order for reaper to have a smooth rotation and be a decent PVE class. Maybe at least I'll have fun with retribution at pvp guild BAM, oh wait, it seems to not exist anymore.
    I'm gonna keep playing my warrior as its awakening was god tier compared with this trash.

    for PVE ATM, I feel like every valkyrie, I wish reaper wasn't awakened at all and just kept pve buff like before awakening 2.
    Good thing that we have new dungeons with this patch, everything else this patch bring is just worse than before ;(

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  • I actually wish the devs hated Elins as much as i do. Im so tired of seeing Elins everywhere and find content or classes only available for Elins, just because. The game doesnt even look like an mmorpg anymore, it looks more like an rpg with one of those advertisements, 6+.

    So no, op, i dont think you know what you saying lol. The devs dont hate Elins, pretty much the other way around. Unfortunately.

  • Idk how i can reply for ur no's so...i will try where i can so:
    3. I play reaper for so many years so i have perfect understand how Soul work,in pve it deal 0 dmg and just give u option to tp behind boss for reposition and thats it and in pvp is very hard to hit with and stun/tp thing is just shit bad at it is cuz most of the time u get tp 20m+ away in some weird direction from ur enemy and before u can do anything with that skill stun just end.
    4. Ye more or less and as for me ~22m dmg from 42-43 stacks every 5 min is joke when we talk about ult skill.
    5. With change to awa skill cd share with standard version of skills and change reset to Sunder instead of Grim u get even more combos and most importand ~25% dmg boost i think. Now u use like Spiral/Shear 2x for Grim powerlink > Dark Harvest > 2nd Spiral > Red Sunder > Red Burs. With all change u can go like Cable Step > standard Burst > Spiral > standard Burst > Shear > Grim > Dark Harvest > 2 nd Spiral > Red Sunder + Burst > ur Spiral/Shear and Grim cd should be back so use them > Recall Scythes for Sunder/Burst reset > Dark Harvest > Red Sunder/Burst.
    As for the rest No if u think so i think i can't change ur mind then ^^

    Only thing that's wrong with Reaper awakening is the fact that retribution deals 150K damages to a geared brawler. Other than that i don't see any issue.

    It does? Good to know and i need to test this asap :v

    1. Well 6 sec is kinda a bit too little as for me for full reaper combo and i think 4 sec more is nothing game breaking.
    2.Still its awakening skill and it should be better than old skills and about speed is as fast as Grim Strike when use with chain skills. And like i said this skill is good very good in way as it is just need a little base dmg buff.
    3.From what i read about Vengeful it said 2 nd use dont block dmg so idk where is this brings out of danger + i now remember i forgot to tell this passive is kinda bugged aka it said u have 3 sec for 2 nd use at free will but in real in game u have like 0,5-0,75 sec for reuse and u cant do anything else like move/use iframe or u will just lose 2 nd use.
    4.Ofc i use it just after i get in from awa quest on next boss and with 42-43 stacks it deal ~22m dmg. And yes my reaper has +9 SC + full entopy acc + rest things like etchings etc. So like i write up for Kuroe about ult skill, ~22m every 5 min on ult skill is joke.
    5.What's good on reset 2-3 sec from skill with 12 sec ability when ur best standard skill has ~10 sec cd and it has awa version? And i know its cut Burst cd too and this part is done perfect but as for "how good it is" cast time is like 0,5-1 sec shorter than standard version with cable step,base dmg is only 839 bigger than standard version and only true good thing is this nice crit boost. So overall Burst awa is just add just a bit more dmg that change alomst nothing,a bit diffrent way it work with recolored effect and 10% crit buff. And as for me it should have 2x base Burst dmg to call this true awa skill.
    6.I am not mad at all o,o Just don't like useless thing i will never use and they still take place in my tab. Change its use to "it can be use in combat" and then this skill will have some use even with 5 min cd.
    7.I think not maybe but for sure cuz this changes will open a lot more combos and at same time buff dmg a bit more with correct use.
    8.Just right now i remember about one more thing and this is reaper superior glyph which is...next joke :v SUPERIOR glyph that give 15% more dmg for grim...but why not 30% for Sunder or Burst? And since Sunder already have "op" 15% one, Burst is most logic skill to put dmg glyph.

    Well they are not that slow with good attack speed but some of them have some kind like animation lock that at start can hurt ur skill rhythm. Yes ult is kinda meh and it don't have any good use in mass pvp btw.About talents i heard they are op for reapers and give a huge power spike when comes to attack speed/rotations so i am looking for talent system too. And next person who talk about retribution in pvp i need test it asap for real o,o. And i am glad at least one person feel like me when comes to reaper awa and how bad it is and it need changes.

    Music is the answer... <3 ;]