Priests & Guardian Missions

  • Hello everyone!

    I have been playing several classes for a while now, and doing my Guardian Missions on my main Zerk, I noticed some low-geared (frostmetal+0 or so) healers doing a lot of contributions.

    Seeing this, I've tried to do the same on my stormcry Priest, but I was quite disappointed regarding my contributions.

    This is why I'd like to know if any Guardian-Priest-Pro could give me any advice on how to do it right, i.e:

    • What stats to aim for (crit/power)
    • What skills to use (I already use Edict of Judgment but I'd like to know if there's any OP rota)
    • If rolls on Chest & Weapon are mandatory, and if so, which ones

    Thank you very much!

    • Pop CAP
    • Make sure to refresh E-Stars (+ one tap Mana Charge) before Edict
    • Use Edict (off cd): spam Holy > Vortex (no other skill, only those two)
    • Profit
  • Make sure to refresh E-Stars

    not necessary because estars and mystic auras dont stack, and you get those permanently at guardian missions. estars is a waste of dps.
    also, make sure u use metamorphic blast every 3 hits, as the +50% critchance buff is very beneficial for your dps on priest. never use shocking implosion or vortex without metamorphic blast buff. make sure you use manacharge fully charged before popping edict of judgement so you dont waste time on charging it, while also benefiting from maximum critdamage buff during half of your burst phase.
    ideally time that with repositioning yourself. don't refresh manacharge when its off cooldown unless your edict of judgement ran out, because you don't want to waste those last few seconds.
    prioritize holy burst > meta+vortex > meta+shocking implosion, which leads to a very simple and quick rotation. use little downtimes for kaias and nemesis, as its not always on the boss, you can chain 1 hit nemesis into final reprisal right away. only use final reprisal if you have the glyph from shocking implosion active.

    this usually puts me in top5 without combat accelerator, only bravery, on an average day while watching a show.
    sorry for formatting, typing from my phone

  • Yeah, that might be true, if you rely on it. I don't use CDR in my dps set except for the etchings, my rotation works out nicely without CDR actually. But each to his own, in that case the CDR does help.