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  • I wonder what's the reason for spamming a discord where you're the pvp moderator, sharing wrong builds and infos for classes like Priest, if u're banning more experienced players joining it and explaining why the builds posted there are completely wrong like you did with me for example...

    http://it.tinypic.com/r/20zoi9v/9 (These are not correct 3v3 glyphs considering 3v3 community doesn't allow people to ress inside there or they gonna kick you as far as i know.)

    http://it.tinypic.com/r/280im1h/9 (These are probably the glyphs you still share in that discord i guess... You don't even have to be a main priest to understand these glyphs are terrible... Like for real, increased 50% mov speed and reg. HP out of combat, no es glyph, no endurance on kaia, 15% dec. cooldown on fiery escape which is not even an iframe in a 15v15? Are you serious?) (
    (Ofc no divine charge because the screen is from the period when apex still not in bgs but everything else is messed up completely)

    I mean, you not even good at copying builds from players like me considering you copied my Infused Crystal on my weapon since when you created your priest and you copied also the Resolutely build on the weapon crystals, but forgetting to use Resolute cystal on the chest, really? What's the point of having % dmg reduction on the weapon if you're so stupid to forget to put resolute on the chest to stack the effect???

    As we can see here clearly: http://it.tinypic.com/r/qp5d1l/9

    This is clearly showing you don't even know what you're talking about on your guides, yet, you banning people who can share priest experience and knowledge just because probably you consider yourself a player who can do it while clearly you can't.

    I don't understand this advertising tbh, literally no sense considering what you do in that discord. :wacko: