WTS priest SC gear +7 set and more

  • Hi all,

    I'd like to sell some items. I post here since I don't have much time to camp trade chat :P
    So, the items:

    Split prices:
    800k - Quatrefoil Brooch (iirc it's +4+6 crit)
    1.25m - Stormcry Priest Robe +7 (Relentless III Etching)
    950k - Stormcry Gloves +7 (Healer rolls) (Energetic III Etching)
    950k - Stormcry Boots +7 (Relentless III Etching)
    1.4m - Stormcry Priest Weapon +7 (Energetic III Etching)

    Prices for sets:
    5.2m - SC with weapon + Brooch
    3.9m - SC without weapon + Brooch
    3.1m - SC without weapon

    Also, I have almost every etching crafted that's sitting in bank, from gear's II to jewels' III. I'll sell all on crafting cost.

    Send me an IM here in the forums,

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