Awaken Zerk

  • Hi there,

    I'm allready a good experienced Zerk, but with the awakening, lots of things changed for Zerk too.
    Since i could allready test some things with Zerk yesterday, some things allready are clear. But now i still have some questions wich you may can help me with.

    1st: Should i still go with full crit gear? Wich etchings should i use? Crit, Power or Energetic with awakening? Even in RK9-NM i were about 90% crit, wich is just insane.
    2nd: I still hadn't figured out wich combo is good while Unleashed. While unleashed, the dmg is going to be insane, and i dont even know, if there is a 100% crit chance, this is why i'm about to ask you what i should go for.

    Hope you can help me on this little questions.

    Regards, Born2Die

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  • 1st i think the reason ur crit rate is that high cause the fights are so fast if the main crit rate comes from the unleashed version where u nearly have 100% crit rate u will have automatically the middle of ur usual crit rate and 100% or even more so i still use full crit with priest and 3 parts of power with myst
    as for now i play left and combo attack in unleashed til max stacks then double handed than last one and that once again but think its not the ideal rotation