Whispers and ingame mail only for TC Members?!

  • "Exceptional maintenance – 10.11.2017

    Whispers (with friends only) and in game email are available only for club members."

    Are you serious? Thats like a slap in the face for f2p players.
    How long is it gonna stay that way?

  • Don't worry TERA Club Voucher discount 10% inc.

    No seriously it doesnt matter since hacker who can get money via hacking can afford tera club easily ( i would laugh if hacker can even hack TERA club)

  • Can't believe they actually sold player security for 13€.

    That's Gameforge for ya. :lol:

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  • Inspired by else game where you can use game chat features only if you buy it? Looks like.

    Disabling all possible chats for low levels, whisper only for TC members...
    So basicaly u are forcing people buy TC.
    Own profit at first.

    Im just waiting for 5TT button in launcher aka PLAY (5TT).

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  • "Whispers (with friends only) and in game email are available only for club members"
    What the hell am I reading ? Can some informatician tell me if this statement is due to some reasonable reason ???

  • Those are just temporary changes until they fixed the problem with the chat. Don't worry

    How about you don't activate them (whisper especially) at all until it's fixed? Is that so hard or is the cashgrab too tempting?

    I don't even care that f2p players can't. I only care that some people can. Especially since you can buy TC voucher, this is pretty downright retarded. WTF?

  • Whispers (with friends only) and in game email are available only for club members.

    This is probably one of the most straight foward distasteful things I've seen in this game. What a shameless company. Is this how you care about your playerbase and improve your community relationship with gameforge? Aren't you a player yourself to see how senseless this is? This type of manipulation and attempt at taking advantage of your playerbase in a bad moment, is worse than gameforge incompetence.

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  • Guys, we wanted an explanation and we got it. I mean, the explanation itself got censored for obvious and understandable reasons but there was an official statement nevertheless. We wanted Gameforge to take action and they did. Yes, it's extremely inconvenient but this is the lesser evil. And this is what they could do within their competence. The matter has been forwarded to Bluhole and there's hardly anything else GF can do at this time.

    As @Glacial` hinted, they eased up the seemingly drastic measures they took the other night. I personally am very, very inconvenienced by the fact that public chat channels have been disabled - even LFG which was already restricted for typing except publicising LFG messages which is vital for party making - but we'll have to settle for the current situation for a while. Hopefully, BHS will come up with a solution sooner rather than later and we won't have to endure a semi-social in-game environment.

    Allowing TC members (the majority of which purchased it on the website as opposed to using a TC scroll) to chat with people on their friendlists is better than nothing. Selling players' security for €13 is an exaggerated claim because one has to be on another's friendlist before they can whisper each other, and having a hacker as your friend is not publisher's fault. I do empathise though, as I'm also affected by this public chat ban. I've done my part in helping to ease up the tension on Mystel (you can see my daily signs in HW and Velika and my LFG messages when I'm online).

    It's not really helping throwing accusations here even if sometimes deserved. To me, Gameforge are guilty of not doing enough to prevent this but at least they did take action when things became public knowledge. While I support and encourage talking about problems as a means of getting them resolved, I don't approve how a possible security issue was communicated to Gameforge publicly right away, so they had to censor the information. This is also partly Gameforge's fault for not doing enough in prevention but the matter undoubtedly got more attention than it should have, hence the rather severe first-line measures.

  • having a hacker as your friend is not publisher's fault

    You can't know who is a hacker for certainty. Also people don't only add trusted people as friends. To give a couple of examples; People do friend achievements and add complete strangers. Players they have never played with before that are good, people may add as friend after just one run to easily find that player again for future runs. BuddyUp partners are added as friends and you can even hand out codes in the forums to anyone. Or place those message boards in game to advertise your code.

  • You can't know who is a hacker for certainty. Also people don't only add trusted people as friends.

    Then maybe they shouldn't befriend strangers.
    The idea is friend whispering is limited by the amount of friends one can have. Also, if you receive a 'malformed' whisper, you can report your "friend", so he gets banned before other people are affected. Gameforge must have (re)assessed the risk from different chat channels.

  • Then maybe they shouldn't befriend strangers.

    Friends list isn't used just for friends was the point. It's used as a contact list. To see if people are online. To play with, to trade with (ex. selling +15 weapon and buyer is trying to make a bit of money to afford it. Or waiting to buy liberation scroll). And for those other reasons mentioned earlier. BuddyUp partners are automatically added as friends and people don't know them.