VM9 +12 - Enchant or convert?

  • One Try = 200 Mwa and 200 Feedstock = 2800 Entropic Emblems or 33600 Metamorphic Emblems. Chance = 4,5% and unfortunately every failure doesn't add up success rate(unlike converted gear), so its basically the same besides the awakening and Mw part. So what is easier? +0 Frostmetal to +2 Stormcry or VM9 +12 to +15? What should I do? Anyone else tried enchanting and how much emblems did that cost? And on whatelse should I spend my emblems if I don't enchant? Buying Silver/Gold Talents?

  • I would not recommend to enchant with the old system using MWA and Feedstock.

    The expected costs from High +0 to Top +2 (and or even above) depends on how fast (low gear xp farming) or slow (high xp farming) you want to progress.
    I would recommend to farm at least 85% of the max XP of the current enchantment lvl for an additional 25% success rate.
    If you do that, enchanting through high tier does not cost that much with an average RNG, but might take a week or more, depending on your time investment.
    What to buy also depends on how many emblems and high tier materials you have left.
    If you dont have many emblems, i would choose to buy talents from the tradebroker and buy materials with emblems instead. Farming enchanting materials (non tradeable) can be quite hard if you want to enchant more than one piece.

  • Really depends on luck. I had 3 tries for my hands for 1 up, but 30 for the next.
    The new progression is way more likely to up, but you still have a risk not to. I ended up with 93% before my earring went to high tier. But thats REAL bad luck and very unlikely. Most of the time the max exp is sufficient for a successful up.
    I'd suggest to do the maths with 2.5 tries max from high +0 to top +2 and then decide what to do

  • I paid around 200k Gold to upgrade Frostmetal gloves, boots , chest(+0) and Frostmetal Waepon (+9) to Stormcry +0 . Without stacking gear xp. Just yolo enchant

    I really doubt, that you will pay less than 200k for enchanting your stuff to +15.

  • I paid around 200k Gold to upgrade Frostmetal gloves, boots , chest(+0) and Frostmetal Waepon (+9) to Stormcry +0 . Without stacking gear xp. Just yolo enchant

    I really doubt, that you will pay less than 200k for enchanting your stuff to +15.

    I might've misunderstood, did you enchant all armor part from frostmetal +0 to stormcry +0 and weap from frost+9 to storm +0? That seems incredibly lucky tho. Are we talking about gold only or the price of talent/gem aswell?

  • i didnt calculate talent prices since i got mine from stacked banyakas chest and guide quest (KC, RG and SF)

    Well lucky i dont know most level it was around 30-40% chance before it went up. 3 - 4 trys per enchant. Dont fortget that gloves need half the materials per enchant. Weapon cost = 1 , gloves and boots each 0,5 and chest = 0,75.

    Since my weapon was already +9 i didn't need so much materials.

    You need atleast 22 emeralds from +1 to +9 for chest if u do it with 1 try. My avg try were 3. So 66 emeralds for Chest
    For boots and gloves you need atleast 15 emeralds for each item. with 3 tries on avg i needed around 90 emeralds for both items.

    So for 1 to 9 i needed 156 Emerals. (156k) and the rest 44k - 50k were used for stormcry retool.

    I think you need around 300k for whole set + retool.

    To get top tier +0 its really cheap. You need 20k for whole low tier set + another 40 - 50k to get high tier.

    You need around 400k Gold to get top tier which is cheap. In VM9 you just paid 300k for weapon (lakan scale were around 10k in the first weeks). So 800k for whole set without any enchant, masterworking and perfect stats.

    You can get Top tier cheaper if u are willing to stack XP. You only need around 23k XP for high tier +0 to +9.

    Ofc its only Gem prices and enchant price. But just calculate around 100k for gold talents (around 6500 gold talents )

    *Also guide quest is broken. You get around 200 Gold Talents per character just for doing KC, RG and KC

    For OT: Just retool and enchant frostmetal to +9. You can just buy gold talents for entrpoic embles or convert you mwa to entropics. Its way cheaper and safer. Ofc you "can" get it with 3 tries .... but its too risky

  • snip

    Thanks for the detailed answer, I said lucky because 200k didn't seem much, I spent about the same to simply get to high-tier +0, then again mid-tier requires more gold for some reason,cant check ingame atm, but from loriri google doc, mid tier you need 21k of pure gold for mid 0 to 9, granted you have 50% chance. High tier is 5k of pure gold with 22 to 25%. (talking about the weapon)

    But I understand why it didnt seem much now, you're using 1k for emerald (I value emerald at 1.5k, so we're already at 330k (in your case (3try/enchant+upgrade), you didnt seem to have accounted the actual gold cost either, which in your case would add up to about 45k, + the talent, about 4k of them in your case, which is valued at around 110k on killian), so we're at about 500k. I was just curious btw, but yeah this is more than the double you thought you spent lol.

    As for the 100k for 6500 gold talent, are they that cheap on Yurian? 30gold atm on Killian > 200k, double the price, again xd

  • gold talents price on Yurian is 15g/ea and 70g/ea for silver talents

    Mid Tier cost more pure gold since u dont need gems. Basicly the system want your money as gems. This is why u need only 28 pure gold (lol)@ Top tier 8 since u need 2 Diamaonds (so 20,028g)

    leveling mid tier isn't that hard. You only need 300 for +1 and @ +9 u need around 1,9k (dont know exact value since i didn't enchant mid to high.

    Mid Tier can have 50% + 50% gear xp so 100% succes chance