Visual bug with the 'Rose Hanger' Bow weapon skin.

  • So, this is a visual bug that I found more than half a year ago (rather randomly I'd say.) and already contacted support to which they said they forwarded it but nothing ever happened since then, and I really don't think it'd be difficult to fix such a bug.

    Description: I've only seen this happen with Castanic male, with this specific weapon skin, and only with the +15 wings effect (All other weapon skins look alright in the dressing room with +15, this weapon skin looks fine with +12, this weapon skin with a +15 bow looks fine on AT LEAST Elins, so it's pretty much like having the stars aligned for a bug to happen, but still.). In short, the bug is that the wings don't display correctly while in off-combat state and the bow sits idle on my back, there's a bit of an awkward rotation that shouldn't exist. Funnily enough, it looks just fine in-combat. And here are some screenshots comparing the bugged bow (Rose Hanger) to some random Fashion Coupon bow, the bugged one is on the right side:



    3) And this one to show how it looks in-combat, and how the wings should be when off-combat:

    Would be appreciated if someone could forward this again, really shouldn't be difficult to fix.