How to Tera (+level 65 beginners guide)

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    1. Table of contents

    • Table of Contents - you are here! :o
    • Prologue
    • What to expect from Tera?
    • Basics
    • Mounts
    • Guilds
    • General PvP
    • Leveling
      • Dungeons
      • Story quests
      • Yellow quests
      • PvP action
    • Learning to use the Trade broker
    • I'm 65, now what?
      • Effects in gear
      • Farming mats
      • Advancing
    • Gold farming
    • Crafting
    • Items worth mentioning

    2nd post

    • Gearing + Crystal setup
    • Glyphs
    • Stats in gear at level 65
    • How to DPS / Tank / Heal
    • Final words

    2. Prologue
    Recently I was trying out new games. Big deal huh? :> But the lack of guides made it quite hard to progress. Or even if there were a few guides, they were quite outdated. Although Tera is fairly simple as it basically revolves around combat, mastering the small details can be quite difficult. To avoid confusion, this guide was made in a hand-held style. Basically everything is detailed, step-by-step description for most things.
    I have no idea how many new players will actually read this. I'm not going to lie, if I check this and I see this huge wall of text, I might skip as well. xD But the information is here if anyone wants to know something about the game

    3. What to expect from Tera?
    You're probably thinking what this game can offer or if this game is worth jumping into. You can obviously look up videos about it which will tell you some things or even reading this guide will get you some hints about this game's orientation.


    • F2P title with monthly subscription available.
    • P2W? - Let's not start another conversation about this. xD Depends how well you can tolerate cash shop items. It is arguably P2W or pay-to-progress-faster. (I already know this statement will trigger a few players because how I called it. :c )
    • Are monthly subscription benefits worth it? - Definitely. Some consider it a "must have thing" at end-game.
    • Is it possible to buy this with in-game gold? - Yes.


    • Good old WASD movement
    • Action combat

      • No tab targeting, there are lock-on skills

      • You must aim with every support/offensive skills

    PvP and PvE

    • Offers duels, deathmatches (up to 10v10), 3v3 / 15v15 / 20v20 / fun battlegrounds / open world PvP on specific servers / GvGvG every sunday.
    • PvE wise the dungeons at level cap (65) is actually challenging. Low level dungeons are annoying with constant collisons (which results in knockdowns) with enemies.

      • Most dungeons are only normal mode but sometimes it has hard mode as well for greater challenge and slightly different mechanics.
      • Most dungeons are for parties of 3 (any setup) or 5 (1 heal 3 dps 1 tank). We have (or had) some raids up to 10 participating players (or 20 in special occasions, like Harrowhold or the old Wonderholme).


    • Probably the best part of the game. Very skill based and fast paced.
    • You have to aim with everything.
    • You unlock skills as you level up, low level combat can be boring.
    • If you're out of range of an attack then you won't receive the damage opposed to other MMOs where you can still get the full damage despite you're moving away out of the enemies' attack range.
    • There are evasion skills that you can use to dodge incoming attacks (usually titled as "iframes")
    • In some other MMOs tanking usually means "holding aggro and reducing taken damage". Here, classes that can tank can block most attacks that are coming from the front to reduce their damage to 0.
    • During attacks / heals / blocks you can't use WASD to move (animation lock)

      • The skills itself can move where you're aiming though.


    • Meager. Everything you do is combat related. Even fun events or minigames. If you don't like combat, you might not like this game either.
    • Major patch (with new dungeons for example, or a new class) every 2-3 months, sometimes more.
    • Can be considered really grindy.

      • Gear progression can take a while if you don't have multiple characters.
      • Most dungeons will give you no challenge if you're taking the effort to learn them. Within a month or two you'll have nothing else to do (assuming you DID become skilled in hard dungeons), only improve your tanking / healing skills or do more damage than you did before.
    • Endgame is about becoming skilled in harder dungeons and clearing them over and over for better gear and/or fine tune your skills with your class and become better in PvP - either small or large scale battles.

    4. Basics
    Once you register on this game and selected your server, it's time to create a character. Currently there are 13 classes, 2 main tanks (Lancer and Brawler), 2 supports (Priest and Mystic) and the rest is either ranged or melee dps (Archer, Berserker, Gunner, Ninja, Reaper, Slayer, Sorcerer, Valkyrie, Warrior). Two of these Dps classes are "hybrid", meaning they can switch to tank. Warriors can enter "Defensive stance" at level 52. They can also switch back to Dps at any time. However, berserkers can only tank at level 65 after a story quest in Highwatch.
    The ingame description of the classes are fairly accurate so I won't detail them in this guide (maybe later).
    Races have some minor advantages but the differences between them are negligible. Feel free to pick any of them - if you can of course. Most of the newest classes are not only race but also gender locked (Gunner, Brawler, Ninja, Valkyrie and most likely all of the new classes will be like that).

    Before you start playing with your character, you can also notice there's an icon on the top right saying: You are eligible for BuddyUp benefits. If you would like to learn up about the BuddyUp system (which is free cosmetics + extra Xp for a player whom give you a code and yourself), click on the link below:
    BuddyUp system - purpose, limits and rewards

    You selected your preferred class and race, you named your character and also customized the look. It's time to jump in! You will find yourself in the starter area of course, where you learn the basics of the movement and you basic attack your way through the island. Sounds fun! But it will be better. :) By the time you get to the end of it, you'll reach level 10-11. You also unlock a few skills on the way what you should learn. Once you finish the tutorial, hop on the flying pegasus and embrace the 1 minute long journey as your flying mount will have no idea where to go first. Once you arrive in Velika you should proceed with the story line quest.

    Protip: Once you are in Velika, ask any high level player around the bank for an innerwear. They are super cheap for high level players and it really makes a difference at low levels. Even if it gives some useless stat, like mana regeneration. If they are THAT cheap, maybe you can buy one for yourself! Basically it raises your defense so high, the monsters that hit you barely drains your HP. The defense this item offers will be less noticeable as you progress though. At high levels you won't even feel that you have this. :\

    Useful keybinds to remember before you continue (can be changed at any time in the options -> shortcuts if you want to):

    • O for Options (most likely because the first thing you want to do, is to edit the options for your own liking)
    • M for Map
    • N for Minimap
    • K for Skills and Glyphs
    • G for Guilds
    • J for Crafting
    • H for Vanguard quests (accessed after level 13 and used to get extra rewards for pvp activity/dungeons/open world monster hunts etc. You will use this often.)
    • T for enchanting (starting at ~level 12 when you get your first avatar weapon)
    • R to Reply to whispers if you are too lazy to type in "/w name "
    • Ctrl + Z to hide the UI entirely if you would like to take a screenshot :3

    TL;DR: Pick whatever class/race you like and finish the tutorial island.

    5. Mounts
    There are so many questions about mounts! :o And it is pretty understandable. Sometimes open world travelling is slow, especially if you have no option to teleport from one place to another. So we're here to talk about mounts. :)

    The first mount you will ever get is at level ~11 when you arrive in Velika. It's a basic mount with a movement speed of 240. And after that you should forget getting a mount for a long time. Here's why.

    Most of the mounts are usually too expensive for new players, from a minimum of ~15.000g and can go up to hundreds of thousands of gold. So basically you won't have the required amount of money to buy them. However there are a few alternatives.

    • Tulpar - Your basic flying mount that you get for free at level 65 if you do a ~5 minute short story quest in Amadujak Trading post. Speed of 270.
    • Sparky - It's a permanent raptor mount with a speed of 275. You can get it within a few hours of travelling around the world, completing achievements. You might need a help of a level 65 who'll protect your butt in high level areas. :D A video guide can be seen here:
    • Moonsilk carpet - Despite its flying capabilities, actually it's a "land" mount with a speed of 280. Although you can get it free, it's not that easy. The achievements for this are locked behind seasonal events (Rootstock and Bamarama), so it might take a year until you finally get it.
    • Black Pearl - A 275 mount that you get if you win 150 times in Corsair's Stronghold (PvP).
    • Black Leopard - A cute "kitten" with a speed of 275 that requires months of reputation farming in most factions. Here's a guide how to get it:
    • Events - Sometimes there are events in which you can get a mount, either temporary or permanent. It always varies.
    • Different kinds of flying dragons - Hard to tell but they are all basically the same speed so I won't go into details. Currently there's an event where you can earn temporary dragons (4 days), not sure how long this event stays.
    • The most straight forward way to earn a Steel dragon is to farm Dragonwing scales. 10 Dragonwing scales have to be converted in order to have a chance to get it. Then you either get one or receive a Dragon scroll piece. To avoid RNG, after 40 dragon scroll pieces (which is 400 Dragonwing scales) you are guaranteed to get a Mighty Steel dragon. If you get it on a character that doesn't really need it (like a low geared alt) make sure you bank and redeem it on someone else.

      • Dragonwing scales are vanguard rewards at level 65 if you do hard dungeons or Corsair's Stronghold / Fraywind Canyon (PvP). You have to complete 400 hard dungeons/PvPs (with 16 Vanguard quests limited per day) so that means it's a 25-day grind to obtain one, assuming you complete all 16 quests that gives you one. Or less if you get lucky.
      • With patch 61, you can also farm these dragonwing scales from high level BAMs found on Island of Dawn. However those quests are limited (3*12 tokens / day / character).
    • Occasional mounts that you get for free when a major patch hits. Gameforge is usually kind enough to give us 1 random mount.
    • Having Tera Club membership also grants a free mount that you can use regardless of your level. But this is an alternative as you have to pay subscription fees or buy a "Tera Club" voucher with ingame gold every 30 days.
    • Another alternative is to buy the game. This can be done by purchasing keys what you have to activate on this website. You either buy "Standard CD key" or "Collector's edition". Make sure you're buying the EU version! Redeeming NA codes won't work here.

      • After you redeemed your code, you get 37 days of Tera Club membership, additional character slots (up to 8 total) and a free - but slow - White stallion. The mount will be in the Item claim ingame. It's basically a white horse with a speed of 255.
      • Collector's edition will also add another mount, a Regal Frostlion. It looks much prettier and also faster, moving with 280 speed.

    6. Guilds
    Most of us wants to belong somewhere, shall it be a casual RP-based or a serious high-end PvP/PvE guild where the challenge is to take down the toughest foes. Here we'll talk about how to join one - or if you don't find one then how to create!

    Are guilds beneficial?
    Yes! Guilds can not only create a friendly environment to be in but will also boost your stats. :3 Once guilds level up they can distribute their points in all kinds of things like raising power, endurance, hp and so on. You can help your guild too! But first you have to find one. Read on.

    To get started press G. It will bring up the Guilds interface. There you'll see 5 tabs at the top. We will only need the first tab for now.

    Guild details - if you don't have a guild, this is a meaningless tab. You can find 2 other buttons that will redirect you to either creating or searching for a guild. First let's see how to search for a guild. Press the first button.

    There you can set all kinds of options.

    • Playstyle - PvE / PvP / Casual - Pretty self explanatory. If you don't set any then the game will search for all kinds of guild. If you set PvP only, it will exclude ALL PvE / Casual guilds and will show PvP-only guilds. It's better to leave this alone and just type in keywords that interests you.
    • Size - Small / Medium / Large - The minimum size of the guild. Small is 2-29, medium is 30-79 and large is 80+ characters. Keep in minds that 1 person can make up to 16+1 alts so 80+ characters won't guarantee an active guild!
    • How to join - Send message / Join now / Closed - If it's set to send message then you have to send a message to the guild master or the guild's officials (most likely). Then they will invite you manually. Join now means you can join that guild without any interaction prior joining. Closed means... closed... you can't join.
    • Level - My level / Any - If you are a low level and it's set to "my level" then you might not find a few 65 only guild.
    • Search for keywords - Type in anything that interests you. For example, if you are looking for a national guild then type in: espanol, turk, czech, italiana, magyar, etc. If you're interested in PvP then type in PvP. Simple!

    The first group of guilds you see will have the keyword in their guild name sorted by their members. After that group you'll see other guilds that have the keyword in their guild description, sorted the same as before (by character count). And there's the last group I'm not sure why they're there the way they are. (Was this section even understandable? I have no idea if my english is correct here...)

    Click on a guild that you find appealing and you will see all kinds of information about it. Description, accounts+characters, guild level, guild goals (aka Playstyle), etc. If you want to give it a try, hit "Apply".

    Are you not sure where to join? No worries! That's why the Prospects tab was invented. There you can register yourself, type in an introduction of yourself and wait for a guild to invite you. However most guilds usually ignore this tab. So use it as a last resort.

    Guild invites
    Here you can see the guilds that invited you. You can either accept or reject their proposal. You can click on their cards to get information about the guild before you decide.

    Creating a guild
    You haven't found what you were looking for? No worries! You can make a guild and start recruiting right away once you meet the following criteria

    • Be at least level 8
    • Have 100+ gold
    • Be in a party with at least 1 other player (so have a party of 2). These party members will be the foundation of the guild. The party leader will be the Guild Master.

    Type in a guild name and basically you are done.

    Keep in mind that if the number of members will go below 2 then the guild will automatically disband and everything you stored in the guild bank will vanish.

    Okay, I'm in a guild now. How do I (help) level it up?
    One would be simply levelling. Low level players (below 65) can't participate in guild missions so they can't help that way. :\ But by levelling they earn contribution for themselves and guild xp for the guild!

    Once you hit level 65 then you can participate in the guild missions, taken by high ranked players within the guild. You only have 12 hours to complete these quests (even after the goal is achieved). If this 12 hours expired after accepting the quest, it fails. And that's a bad thing since you can only accept 5 quest each day. And a failed quest won't award you any guild xp. :( So make sure that any player with appropriate rank not only accepts the guild quests but also completes them once it has been done!

    7. General PvP
    Even though Tera can offer open world PvP too, it doesn't mean it's actually active or useful. If you look around in the forums, Killian is also a good suggested server because open world PvP is "non existent", meaning there are not many players roaming around and do actual PvP. Also, besides Kumas there's not much you can do until you hit level 65.

    People that are doing competitive PvP can be quite picky so make sure you know the basics first.

    Armour: 4 x Relentless crystals. They will increase maximum HP. You can also switch 1 relentless with 1 Resolute there too, as it will decrease damage taken by ~9% once you're under 50% health. Up to you. And no, Hardy crystal can only protect you from monsters and not from players.

    Weapon choices:

    • Savage (increases back crit damage)
    • Carving (increases critical hit chance)
    • Swift (increased movement speed)
    • Forceful (increases Power when you crit from behind, can be hard to proc but actually useful)
    • Brutal (increases damage to opponents that were knocked down)
    • Cruel (increases critical hit power if you knock down someone)

    Crystals in high level jewelry (also known as "Zyrk" (lvl55) or "Vyrsk" (lvl65))

    • Swift (more Attack Speed)
    • Keen (more Crit factor)
    • Griefing (more PvP power)
    • Indomitable (more PvP defense)

    Now let's talk about the major PvP scenarios.

    • GvG - Sounds simple. A guild challenges another guild.
    • Civil Unrest - A weekly open world PvP with more than 2 guilds participating in it. The goal is to put down a tower and when the fight begins, your guild's tower supposed to be the last one standing.
    • PvP battlegrounds - Corsair's Stronghold, Fraywind Canyon, Gridiron. Large scale PvP battles which have equalised gear.
    • 3v3 - A small scale battle in a small arena for only 6 players, so skill matters here a lot. This is not equalised.
    • Duels - You can basically duel anyone if you wish if you right click them and choose duel. Duel stops when a player reaches 1 hp (won't die... most likely x) ).

    Corsair's is 1 round defense and 1 offense, 20v20. Goal is to either defend or attack the anchorstone which can be found inside the castle.
    Fraywind is pure 15v15 PvP with optional objectives for buffs. The goal is to reach a certain amount of points by capturing zones and defending them, killing players in the opposing team, getting BAM kills.
    Gridiron has a large arena in it where you battle against other 15 players. Goal is to reach 70 kills (or as much as you can) within 10 minutes.

    Jackpot timers
    From time to time there will be a PvP dungeon "in the spotlight", giving additional rewards if it is in the Jackpot timeframe. You can see the rewards and timeframes in the following thread:
    Jackpot in Battlegrounds - Timers

    8. Leveling
    There are 4 main ways to level up your character. This part is NOT a leveling guide!

    • Dungeons

    Sounds simple. Once you get level 20, you will unlock your first dungeon ever! It is called Bastion of Lok and requires 5 players to enter (via instance matching). There are 2 ways to enter. First should be using the instance matching function which can be accessed by pressing Esc and look for the Instance matching button in the menu bar. Instance matching requires 1 tank, 1 support and 3 dps in order to enter. If there are not enough healers/tanks/dps that would queue, you'll never get in. You can also press H to open the Vanguard requests window and press "Find group" button there. That Vanguard window is very handy, you will use it quite often. :>

    Or just gather your friends or the people that are waiting in front of the dungeon and enter manually. However it's really advised to have at least 1 support if you're going in without a tank. There's no minimum party size with this method so even you and your friend can enter as well, or alone if you wish. But getting a full party means +400% Xp boost so it would be a really good idea to enter the dungeon with as many players as possible (which will be always 5 below level 65).

    To get to the said dungeon simply press H, clickon the mission itself (not the Find group button!) and select "Go to Dungeon Entrance".

    Complete the dungeon, press H for the Vanguard rewards to pop up, claim the extra rewards and repeat.

    TL;DR: Grind your way through the dungeons with friend(s) or with matchmaking. A healer in your party is preferred for quicker access. A tank + healer in the same party guarantees matchmaking within 10-20 seconds if playing in peak time.

    • Story quests

    Story quests will come and go, marked with a red/orangish ! or a question mark if you advanced that given story quest. This is what you should do until level 20. After you finished one, there should be another one available. If it happens that your level is way higher than the story quest, no worries! You can skip the story quests and you can also go back anytime if you would like to finish it. No harm will come at you if you decide to skip one just to start another. Most of them are not even linked together, meaning you don’t have to finish all of them from the beginning to access them.

    There might be a lot of story quests but as I experienced it's simply not enough to level up all the way to 65. The story quest will guide you through from level 1 to approximately level 63-64.

    Note: Once You hit 60, forget any other story quest and focus on the new one. Teleport with the “Airship platform teleport scroll” what you will get and start that quest nearby. The XP required between 60-61 is so much, only this new story quest can give you enough xp to level.

    • Yellow quests

    You know, the basic sidequests. Once you get into an camp or something, there will be loads of yellow ! above the NPCs whom will ask you to gather/kill/inspect stuff. These will give you mediocre Xp compared to dungeons/story quests. Not recommended unless you go for achievements.

    • PvP action

    One of the most funniest (or dumbest) things that you can do to level up are the PvP games accessed from the Battleground matchmaking button (next to instance matching). Most important one, the Kumas Royale. It is a 10v10 minigame (not exactly pvp but you are against players actually...) where you take the place of 1 monster called "Baby kumas" and you go against other 10 of these kumas. So your class/level doesn't really matter here. 1 player must take the place of the big mother Kuma by interacting with it (which should be F) and the goal is survive and have more HP than the other big Kuma.
    Your job is simple: survive as the big kuma or deal as much damage to the opponent's big kuma as possible or defend your team's big kuma from the opponent.

    In order to gain the 1 day xp boost and the extra Xp from this activity, you must win. If you do, you'll get a nice amount of xp but only once a day. Can be claimed from the vanguard window (that can be accessed by pressing H, by default).
    The extra xp can be claimed in Velika, marked with a green star above an NPC's head. This will also give you a chest that you can sell in the broker for gold (or as you may know from other game, the Auction house). You can also see it in the map, by pressing M.

    TL;DR: Queue to Kumas royale battleground and try to win. If won, claim chest + xp rewards and continue doing something else.

    9. How to use Trade broker
    Using the trade broker can be tricky at first but it's relatively easy. Here are a few scenarios.

    You sell something. Talk to Broker -> View brokerage. Broker interface pops up with your inventory. Click on Your listings tab. Here are the items that you are offering to sell. Right click any item that isn't greyed out and enter the price. If the price is 1 copper it means no one else is selling that given item. Otherwise it'll automatically use the lowest price which others are using. Once your item has been sold, the gold you can get from the transaction won't be placed in your inventory automatically. You have to talk to the NPC again, check the "Brokered sales" tab and collect your money.
    If someone "offers" you then you will see a notification in your chat along with a sound effect (assuming you didn't touch chat options). There you will see your price and the amount of gold they offer. If the numbers don't match then it means they are trying to buy it for less (or more? o.O). You can either accept or reject this offer. If you accept the offer, a new window will pop up with the item. In this window they can still alter the price of an item. So make sure they won't change the amount of gold they are offering! Once the other player offered the gold and you are happy with it, accept the deal and you can collect your gold.

    You buy something. First tab is Search item and that's where you want to be for now. You either have to type something in the top right corner to search or you can browse the categories in the left side. Let's assume you're a DPS that uses leather armor. Left click on "Armor by material", select "Leather" and just press Search. It will list all Leather type armor between level 1 and 65. You can be more specific by setting the minimum and maximum levels at the top left corner. In the top middle, you can also set the Rarity so it won't show white (weakest) items. But you can't just search for EVERYTHING in the broker because it will give the following error message: "The search parameters are too broad." Once you see something you like you can either "Offer" on it or "Buy now" which is the instant buyout option.
    If you "offer" then you can set a new price for an item, if you would like to try to buy it cheaper. Default price shown is the original one. Once you set how many gold you would like to buy it for (can't be less than half the original price) then it's up to the other player to either accept or reject. If they accept your trade offer, you have to confirm your price. If the other player confirms too, you successfully bought something! Collect the items in the Brokered purchases tab.

    Useful information:

    • If you put something in the broker for sale, you have to pay fees. This is 5% of the item's price. So if you would like to sell something for 100 gold, you have to pay an extra 5 gold to list it. This gold will just vanish, no one will receive it. Tera Club members have no listing fees which means they offer items in the broker for free.
    • If you buy something using the "Buy now" option, you have to pay a fee again. This is 15% of the original price. So if you see something that is worth 100 gold and you wish to buy it right away, you have to pay 115 gold for it. The seller won't receive the extra gold. Tera club members will also pay these fees but only 5%.
    • If you use the "Offer" function to buy something, you can negate this 15% fee. Use this whenever you can to save gold.
    • You can also use the trade chat (/t) to advertise WTS (want-to-sell) or WTB (want-to-buy) offers. If someone whispers you, you two have to meet up and trade with each other. This method will have no fees whatsoever.

    10. At level 65
    So now what? You have to do more combat! \o/ First things first, get to Highwatch. It will be your main city. Press H and click the green "redeem" button on the bottom left corner. It will teleport you to the credit merchants in Highwatch. (Don't do this if you have some business elsewhere though). Once you're here, make sure you have quite a lot empty spaces because it will get filled with items soon enough! Turn 180° around and find Dougal (marked with a story quest sign). He'll provide you some basic jewelry and gear which will provide a decent protection. Follow the story quest Dougal provided and you will get materials to enchant your gear (currently: Guardian set).

    Farming materials
    Now you have to enchant your gear. We need to get some "Golden talent" and "Wood Scrap".

    But random person on the internet who wrote this guide, I don't have anything to enchant with! Wut nao?
    I'm glad you asked other random person! If this happens you have 1 option: do more combat! \o/ You can do it 2 ways: either killing monsters on Island of Dawn or do the low dungeons Dougal suggested (Kalivan's challenge / Ravenous gorge / Shattered fleet). More details about advancing and enchanting the gear can be found below. For now we'll be focusing how to get materials. But before we continue, I must point out that the daily limit for Vanguard quests are 16. That means if you finish 16 vanguard quests on a given day, it will no longer grant you extra gold + credits + other stuff it showed before. However you can still receive items from dungeons.

    SO in order to continue to Island of Dawn, make sure you have at least 1 quest remaining. Time to hunt some monsters. *rawr* Find a green texted mission called either of these:

    • Hunt brutal orisk / ovolisk / basilisk

    Despite their name, they are not that terrifying! Basilisk is like the first bigger monster you encountered in front of Bastion of Lok entrance. Orisk is the same as Channelworks 2nd boss. Ovolisk is the same as Sinestral Manor(?) last boss. So you should be familiar with them.
    Your job is to kill 10 of 1 type (shown in the Vanguard window which one). Pick up the yellow Keen motes regularly as they greatly increase your critical hit chance and power for 60 seconds. Once you defeated 10 you can receive your rewards in the Vanguard window (this window is actually a very important thing!). The point is besides the gold and the credit is the "Brilliant enchanting box" you get. Right clicking this item will grant you materials.

    But that is what you need to do: Press H, pick a monster you want to kill, teleport and defeat, repeat until you're bored and/or depleted the daily 16 limit. After that, finish with Kalivan's challenge / Ravenous gorge / Shattered fleet instances for even more enchanting materials.

    Ravenous gorge (RG) is a 3 player dungeon, Kalivan's challenge (KC) is 5 and Shattered fleet (SF) is also 5. Anyone can queue to Ravenous Gorge, and the other two will require 1 heal and 1 tank. Any level 65 player can participate in these dungeons, so for a quicker clear you can ask your higher geared guild members to help you. Do these 3 instances until you have enough materials. That includes a few hundred golden talents, some wood scraps and finally a few archdevan catalyst.

    TL;DR: Start/keep farming basic stuff to be able to enchant your basic gear. Also, costumes and fashion > your skills with class > gear. <3

    This section will focus on enchanting and making your existing gear so much better than it was.

    First things first, you will have to enchant your gear to +6. You might be familiar with it in general. You have to do the same again. Press T (enchanting shortkey by default), insert your gear and you'll see what kinds of materials you need. Once you gather enough of those then click Enchant.

    Now that it's "level 6" (assuming you did enchant your Guardian gear to 6), you notice that you can't enchant it further. You have to upgrade it to something better. Simply click on "Upgrade" and you'll see what kind of items you need. Once you upgrade it, you will have a new (Twistshard) gear. Unfortunately you have to set everything again.

    And where to get the stuff to make it better and better? Mostly instances. If you check the Instance matching window you'll see what kind of materials you can get from them (you don't have to queue of course!).

    For "Golden talents" you can do any 2-3 star instances. They will also drop "Elleon's mark of valor" which you can use to buy "Expert enchanter supply box" (40 tokens). This might not sound a good way but this is the only way once you depleted your Island / Instance resources. There's also a Master version of this enchanter box but the resources they give are considered "high-end" therefore you won't be able to use them for a while.

    After a while you eventually manage to +9 everything you have and you probably also enchanted your jewelry even further. There's nothing I can help you from now on. You can upgrade your gear as long as you want to but the materials will get more and more expensive. Decide when you had enough and just stop there and focus on your alts or the next patch by collecting and saving stuff.

    TL;DR: Ugh.. I can't make a TL;DR version of this. As a new player, every bit of information is needed here.

    If you would like to know a bit more about a dungeon / PvP battleground before you enter, here's a website that explains most of them (if not all):
    If you see a dungeon in this website but not in game, don't worry. It might be intentionally taken out by the developers. :>

    11. Gold farming
    There are many things that requires money. From faster gearing, buying necessities, to buying simple costumes. But how to get them?
    PvP is most likely outdated - provide information if you can <3

    In PvP you defeat your foes and get the stuff if you win! Otherwise you get 1 scroll what you can transmute into a chest. Additionally, if you're in the top 3 (Top4 in Gridiron) you get even more boxes depending on your ranking. The value of these boxes depends what you get.

    You can also get 1 blue chest ("blue" as in the quality of the item) / day / character if you win.

    • Sea Chest (from Corsairs' Stronghold, contains 1 Strongbox key thus making this chest valuable)
    • Battle Rewards (from Fraywind Canyon)
    • Gridiron Superbrawl rewards (from Gridiron)

    In PvE it's quite simple too. You run dungeons! Let's see the possible sources

    If you only intend to do 16 dungeons or whatever then it's already 16*600-720 gold from Vanguard. 720 for the hardest dungeons and ~600 for lowers. If you're lucky then you will also get some kind of gem which can worth either 1.000g or 10.000. Can be even more if sold to other players!

    You also get 20 (or 10 if it's a 3-star dungeon) Elleon's mark of Valor. You can buy all kinds of goodies here but most people buy Master/Expert Enchanter supply box. Keep in mind we're really early in this patch and its contents' value may vary.

    If you don't need the materials you get from the dungeons (Golden talents and Silver talents) you can sell them too. Since we're so early in this patch it's quite expensive.

    Titan's Earth / Titan's Storm - 2 new types of materials used by players who have the Etching profession. These are new so they worth a lot. Requires 30 Dawnstorm tokens (high level bams) so you can only get 1 / day / character.

    Profession can be profitable but you will need a lot of gold to get started. Roughly 55.000. You have to buy a crafting design for more than 50.000 gold. Then you can convert artisan-level stuff to something better that high level players use. But as the supply grows the prices may drop. Always check prices before you start crafting.
    (Weaponcrafters can craft Golden Daric/Plate, Armourcrafters can craft Silver Siglo/Plate and Alchemists can craft Emeralds/Diamonds)

    Ghillieglade. It's a solo dungeon that has a hard mode and a normal mode. Requires 200 credits to buy from the NPC (Premium area teleport scroll). You can go in once a day and up to 2 if you have Tera Club status. Unfortunately the golden days of Ghillieglade are over. Now you mainly run that dungeon for materials. Estimated income is around ~500gold. Or a bit more if you get lucky with something tradeable like the gems.
    Once you looted everything, type /reset in the chat to leave the dungeon.

    Guardian mission
    Another way to get a nice amount of gold is to farm the Guardian missions. Fortunately there are always some people around (except maybe in the middle of the night) so it's easy to get yourself involved. All you need is your trustworthy self and maybe a few HP potions if you are not in a party or a raid (it's hard to know if you need healing if you're solo).

    All you have to do is press M (open up the map) and click on the icon at the top left. 1 blue and 2 green missions will appear. You want to go to the blue ones on the left. The majority of people are doing that so you should try there as well. I am not forcing you into it by any means, you can also start with the bottom left green mission or the more casual missions at the right side of the map.
    Once the blue mission is completed, open the map again and switch to the bottom left, green mission. It's slightly faster to do so you'll have to be faster to complete it. But even if you don't complete it, it doesn't matter.

    How does this work?
    It's generally an open world boss hunting. You deal damage -> you acquire points -> every 100.000 points you get one chest which will yield around ~300 gold in average.

    Does it worth it?
    Depends how many chest you can get within 1 cycle (10 minutes). If you don't know what you're doing and you are only capable of getting a few chests (3-4 maximum) in 1 cycle then it might not worth it for you. Aim for at least 5-6 chests. But filling the bar once is recommended (that's 1 vanguard quest which is an extra 600 gold) if your ilvl is high enough.

    Similarly you can also do Pit of Petrax 3 times a day / character (or 4 if you have Tera Club). If you're lucky then you get expensive gems. If not then you still received some credits and gold after its vanguard quest.

    And credits - you can buy a Production Point replenishing vial that can be sold in broker. If you don't want to spend that much credit then you can also check how much you can sell niveots or zyrks for.

    Buy TT and sell costumes and other tradeable goodies for gold. ._.

    TL;DR: Sell everything you don't need (golden / silver talents).

    12. Crafting
    I left Crafting at the end because it's usually useless before you hit 65. Most of the things you can craft are high level only. You can craft your own low level weapons and armour but obviously it's way easier to buy the gear from the broker or get it via dungeons or quests. Same as for pots. You can make your own battle solutions but it's more convenient to buy it from a merchant.

    It doesn't mean you can't start any of them! But materials could be locked behind a certain level (for example you may not be able to mine Xermetal ore because you're in a zone meant for higher levelled players) which means you can't proceed. But if you wish to start, here's how.

    You can access the Crafting tab by pressing J.

    Note: Daily crafting / production points / whatever is limited. Every action you make will consume a certain amount of "production points". You can have 4.000 max. This will go up naturally by 1.440 every 24 hours (so you get 5 point every 5 minutes). Or you can use certain potions to replenish this production point by 300 or more points.

    Currently there are 4 professions to learn (and only 1 to master).

    • Alchemy - before the current patch, alchemists used to make all kinds of goodies that helped either warriors (I mean fighters in general, not the class) and casuals altogether. They made scrolls that either made them strong or sped up gathering/crafting. Now their actions are limited to processing gems, making runes (kinda useless) and making battle solutions (also kinda useless). So mostly they produce gems which others can use to enchant their gear.
    • Weaponcrafting - Um... they craft weapons... who would've thought. They also process "golden talents" into "golden daric" or "golden plate" which is a high level stuff that can be used during enchanting high tier gear.
    • Armourcrafting - I'm not going to say it. XD But they also refine "silver talents" into "silver siglo" and "silver plate" which is used in high level jewelry enchanting.
    • Etching - They create the etchings that you can put on your gear. More details below. Also kinda useless as there are 4 tiers of etchings and you can get Tier 2-3 etching basicly free. And creating permanent etchings are either risky or expensive. However they can also refine all kinds of materials used as "jewelry etchings" and that's something that you can't get so easily. The usefulness of these etchings are debateable so take this profession at your own risk.

    But how do I "take" it?
    Simple! You can level up any of your professions to 500. Then you have to take an Artisan test. In this test you'll see 4 groups that will earn you points. You have to reach a certain amount of points to pass. It's not time limited, don't worry. :3 Do as the test says (craft that, craft this, crit while crafting this, etc) and once you've done it - DO IT AGAIN with a Mastery test! Once you complete the mastery test too, then you mastered that profession. <3

    What if I want to change?
    If you already started levelling a profession above 500 then you can just abandon the test. If you passed the test then you have to buy a Revival fruit from any profession NPC (in their Misc tab), press J, select your advanced profession and press the red "reset rank" in the top right.

    Keep in mind that everything you learned (the designs of course) will be permanently lost and you will have to take the test again if you change your mind later.

    13. Items worth mentioning
    Here's a few items that might need explaining:

    • Prime Battle solution: A must have consumable that increases your power, endurance, damage, speed etc. No reason not to have it. Always have more than 10 with you as if you die, the effects will be lost and you need to consume another one. Either buy it from merchants for 32 gold or you might be able to get them from the Broker for less.
    • (Veteran) Semi Enigmatic Scroll: Used to re-roll stats on gear. "Veteran" means it's not tradeable.
    • (Veteran) Complete Crystalbind: Once you decide you want to have better DPS, you will get better crystals (niveots). Those are 400 credits or 800-1300 gold which is quite much considering how easy is to lose them. A Complete crystalbind can protect these crystals for 12 in-game hours as they can break if you die. You can also use a normal Crystalbind but it will last only 60 minutes, or until you die. (So it's a 1-time effect and not a full 12 hour protection).
    • (Strong) Bravery potion: A handy consumable that increases damage, defence and attack speed for 30 minutes and lasts through death. You'll get 10 of these if you complete 15 Vanguard quests within a week with every character you have.
    • Fashion coupons: I wasn't sure if I should include this or not but why not? From fashion coupons you can buy cosmetic armours for your character. Right click to open the shop, left click to preview them. You will only get a small amount of coupons every time you finish a dungeon and you will have a hard time getting enough at first. But they will add up over time until you have more than you can spend. :)
    • Goldfinger tokens: You can get innerwears from these. Gather 80 of them by doing dungeons, get 1 box and pray to RNGesus to get something good.
    • Etchings (various quality, permanents and temporary ones): Okay this is a lot to add. I'll try to keep it short. There are "etchings" that you can put ON your gear to make it more powerful. Green quality etchings are active for 72 real-life hours, so they are a temporary addition. Blue ones are more expensive as they offer permanent bonuses. There are separate etchings for Weapon / Armor / Footwear and Glove etchings. The roman number at the end of their name (between I and IV) shows how strong they are. Once you put a permanent etching on your gear, you can't take it off. You can change it by overwriting with another etching but you can't take them off like you do with Crystals. So if you discard your gear, your etching goes with it! Purchase these carefully.

    Updated, as of
    Patch 65
    2018, February 23th

    If you would like to add something:

    June 26th - Added pictures, fixed the Underhold token section.
    June 27th - Added mounts section.
    July 1st - Added PvP section (might need more information) - Ty for the basics @Saya Lok o/
    July 29th - Added gold farming section but still missing information
    August 1st - Updated gold farming with PvP - Ty for the information @Sunflare o/
    September 13th - Warrior Def stance correction (from level 10 to 52)
    September 30th - Added the preview of the new enchanting system
    October 11th - Gearing revamp is live, up-to-date information with missing PvP rewards at goldfarming section.
    October 14th - Minor additions, fixed typos
    October 20th - Added Guilds and Crafting
    November 11th - Added '"what to expect from Tera". Also, finally utilised my 2nd reserved spot. xD
    2018 January 26th - Added a rough sketch of roles in the 2nd post.
    February 23th - Added Guardian missions to goldfarming section.

    The guide reached 10.000 views in November! \o/
    Also reached 20.000 views in January! \o/

    <3 Guide for new people - Click / tap to get redirected <3

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  • So I've finally come to the point when I need my 2nd post because the first one hit the limit. In this post I'm going to talk about everything damage/heal/tank enhancing stuff such as crystals, glyphs, stats in gear at 65.

    Gearing + crystals
    Official: ("chrystals"? ?( )

    As you level up, you will need to get better equipment. Otherwise you will get demolished or you will be a dead weight inside a dungeon. Or during open world quests. The easiest way to obtain said gear is through dungeons of course. The bosses of every dungeon will drop some random gear. For protection from RNGesus, you will also get tokens with roman numbers in it. For example LX Token or XXII token. With those, you can exchange gear as well (if you have no luck in dungeons).
    Some vanguard quests will also give you 1 or 2 of these tokens. Check the Vanguard window regularly and it will show which extra quest will give you that.

    You will also notice some glowing relic pieces on the ground from time to time. It is a free and special weapon that everyone should use, especially dps/tank. It might not seem strong at first but its passive (overwhelmingly high critical hit chance which is double damage without any crystal modifiers) will make up for it.

    Some gear can also be enchanted for even higher bonuses. These armours/weapons will state that they are "Enchantable" in the very first lines of their description. If you can't see that, it's probably not enchantable.

    In said gear, the red crystals will affect your damage (and can be put in the Weapons) and the blue ones affect your defense (and can be put in the armour).
    If you wish to upgrade your gear and save the crystals then you have to remove them from your previous armours/weapons. So if you put some crystals in a level 22 armour then they will stay in it until you take them out and place them somewhere else.

    The most basic PvE crystal setups in the weapon are the following:

    - 1 Fine Focused, 1 Fine Pounding, 1 Fine Wrathful, 1 Fine Threatening or another pounding

    Melee DPS
    - 1 Fine Focused, 1 Fine Bitter, 1 Fine Savage, 1 Fine Pounding / Forceful

    Ranged DPS
    - 1 Fine Focused, 1 Fine Spiteful, 1 Fine Savage, 1 Fine Pounding / Forceful

    - 1 Fine Swift, 1 Fine Carving, 2 Fine Brilliant

    For armor you always want to use 4 Hardies for PvE.

    TL;DR: Use crystals in your weapon and armor to be less squishy (3 or more hardy) / more stronger.


    Glyphs (default keybind: K) are essential to maximise your potential. They are basicly skill enhancing stuff that can be (de)activated anytime if you are out of combat. For starters, reach level 20 and then press K and see what Glyph does what. Some of the glyphs will be locked at low levels but will be unlocked later on.

    At level 20 you will only have 10 points to spend. As you level up, you will get 1 point every time. So according to science, you will have 55 glyph points at level 65.
    Once you hit level 65, some glyphs may be still locked. It is a bad situation indeed since you will need to either spend your hard earned credits (it's a high level stuff, you will start earning them after level 60) or you pray to RNGesus again in "Sabex armory" and "Macellarious catacombs" instances. Those 2 will drop 3+1 glyph boxes that may or may not give you the one you need.
    If everything else fails you can spend 300 credits on "*class_name* Glyph tokens". With one token you can buy 1 glyph. Sometimes you can't buy it because you'll need more than 1.

    There are also rarer glyphs that you can't get "directly" via dungeons. Those will have blue outlines, like most rare items. They can only be farmed from "Island of Dawn" monsters. You also get 2 rare glyph boxes if you do the level 65 storyline quest that can be started with Dougal. Or if you have any leftover Crocstar tokens from the previous patch you can use that too.

    TL;DR: Press K and always use these powerful skill enhancers. Proper setups can be found via @google. Or even guides on this forum.

    Stats in gear at 65
    You probably saw a few "enigmatic" items before during levelling. You have to unveil it in order to make any use of it. Right click and you'll see the game wants you to select enchantment effects. Every class has an optimal enchantment effect set up so it's advised to look it up in the internet. If you are too lazy for that, here's a general (PvE) setup for


    • 9.3% against enraged monsters (top line)
    • 9.3% against enraged monsters (one of the bottom lines)
    • 6.9% damage from behind
    • 6% damage


    • 9.3% against enraged monsters (top line)
    • 9.3% against enraged monsters (one of the bottom lines)
    • 8.6% with the most aggro towards you
    • 6% damage (or 7.2% cooldown reduction if you want that)


    • 9% attack speed / 7.2% cooldown reduction (top line)
    • 4.5% attack speed
    • 7.2% cooldown reduction (one of the bottom lines)
    • 6% healing

    Now you have to do the same with your armour and jewelry. It will take some time but it's somewhat necessary. Also make sure you're choosing meaningful effects. In your rings you should choose 4 power + 4 crit (for dps / tanks) and in your earrings it's 4% max hp and 4 endurance. If you're in need of extra endurance or HP, feel free to choose them instead. But changing the effects in your gear can be expensive so it's better to set the right ones every time.

    Oh, and armour lines:

    • Reduces damage taken from enraged monsters by 10%
    • ...from frontal attacks by 6.9%
    • ...damage taken 6%

    The top line is different for every class. This guide won't help you which one is the best (maybe later). :c

    How to DPS / Tank / Heal
    Assuming your crystals and glyphs are set up correctly, time to know the basics of your role.

    Keep in mind it's just a rough guide. There will be small tricks and tips missing, related to Your class only. For those, it is still recommended to read a proper guide. This part will tell you what to do when you are playing with that certain ROLE.

    If you picked a DPS role then your job is to deal as much dps as possible without dying to mechanics. You go in, you press 1 2 3 4 and the boss dies. Nothing new, right? Wrong. Some people still can't get this right even thought they are trying hard. General priority for DPS is

    Do damage > Survive

    So if you're low on health because the healer is on vacation in Bora-Bora then you better dodge everything to avoid possible death. You should also make sure the healer is fine outhealing every single damage you get to avoid negative experiences when you intentionally take damage for more dps. Otherwise it's better to make the healers' life easier by evading everything and just make them focus on up-keeping buffs rather than healing you constantly.

    Most of your damage comes from critical damage. Critical damage is twice as much as normal damage by default. Wearing the correct crystals will increase your critical damage up to 500% or more - meaning your critical damages will be 5 times more than your normal damage. For that you will need a lot of crit factor.

    Note: Every class needs different amount of crit factor. Certain classes have a hard (maximum) cap of crit factor and some doesn't. Or at least they have a "soft cap". Meaning it might be better if you choose power instead of crit after a certain threshold but it's mostly personal preference.

    Around 90-95% of your total damage should be critical. Meaning if you deal 100 million total damage in a fight, 90-95 million should be critical damage. (As always: rough estimate. Don't take it too seriously.)

    For that, do the following:

    • Always hit the bosses from behind - This is essential. If you are hitting the monsters from the side, some of your crystals might not affect your dps (and that means less damage).
    • If you have long cooldown self buffs, keep them for enrages - When the boss enrages, it's a bit faster and deals more damage. If you have "Focused" crystal then your critical damages can increase by a lot during these times.
    • Never forget your consumables - Even if you're a casual, a Prime battle solution is a must. It gives so many benefits. Your dps will be greatly hindered without it. For harder dungeons, consider using "Bravery". You get 10 / character / week if you finish 16 vanguard quests. There are of course other consumables as well that you can use.
    • Correct glyphs - I can't give glyphs for every class. But if your glyph setup is not properly setup for that encounter, you might lose dps.

    One of the easiest things right? You go inside the room, get the aggro, hold it and feel the love surrounding you. Wrong. xD You have priorities as well. You are there to serve the DPS classes. And THEN comes holding the aggro. So:

    Proper positioning of the boss > Holding aggro > Buffs for others and/or yourself > Survive

    What does that mean? Let's see it one by one.

    • Proper positioning of the boss: If you just go in there and hold the aggro, not caring about how the boss faces you then consider yourself useless. If the DPS classes can't do back damage or can't see properly because of the walls then you're doing it wrong. It's your responsibility to make sure DPS can do their job. You are there to serve them.
    • Holding aggro: So, you are in place and there is plenty of space behind the boss for the others to do DPS. Good job! However, your aggro shout will soon lose its effect so you have to make sure you won't lose your aggro at this point.

    Brawlers generate aggro by doing as much damage as possible while they are under the effect of "Growing fury" skill. This allows them to use any skills and they will automatically block all incoming damage while it lasts. Except unblockable mechanics of course.
    Lancers generate aggro by using various skills such as "Shield counter" (available after blocking an attack with their shield), especially if You glyph extra aggro generation. Their challenging shout have lower Cooldown than Brawlers. Spam it at will if you must.

    Note: "Threatening crux or Threatening niveot" also helps generating more aggro when you use your skills.

    • Buffs for others and/or yourself: Brawlers have to upkeep 8 stacks of "Jackhammer" and Lancers have to upkeep 3 stacks of "Debilitate" on the boss at all times. They can also enrage bosses at will, allowing more party damage.

    Lancers also have a pair of party buffs to compensate their low damage. "Guardian shout" and "Adrenalin rush" must be used during enrages. It will give a huge Attack speed and damage boost to everyone around them. The lancer's skill cooldowns will be severely reduced, allowing You to spam Shield counter and a various other offensive skills every 2-3 seconds. Just try to keep up with the aggro once their DPS increases!

    • Survival: Quite obvious. If you die then you lose aggro, if you lose aggro then the boss turns on the others and by the time you get resurrected, it will be hard to get the aggro back - and keep it.

    You also have to learn which attacks can't be blocked. Some mechanics will hit through the blocks and stun/bleed/slow you or just simply hit through with a fixed amount of damage (unless you evade/iframe/dodge it). With an inexperienced healer, it will take time until you get cleansed out of that debuff so make sure you learn those attacks quickly.

    Healing is always simple. Someone takes some damage, you heal them up while the party finishes up the boss. Job well done! \o/ Wrong. Aside from healing, healers have several other duties to ensure a smooth and fast run. They have priorities too! Let's see.

    Buffs > Own survival > Resurrect > Heal the tank > Heal others

    Once again, let's see this one by one.

    • Buffs: You must ensure that the party members are buffed 100% of the time (or close to it). This includes

      • Endurance debuff on the boss (Volley of Curses for mystics and Triple Nemesis for Priests - glyph needed for the effect)
      • Party buffs up-time: Crit and Mana aura (or Crit resist aura) for mystics and Power + Endurance buffs for priests.

    Priests also have to use Energy star on monsters for 48 power + 9.6 attack speed before time runs out (so every ~22 seconds if glyphed). Mystics don't need such thing for the same effect. They just have to stay within ~30 meters of others for the effects.
    Mystics have Contagion with a very long cooldown, use it at every enrage.

    • Own survival: If you die, noone will able to resurrect others consistently. Make sure you put your own survival before others. Also make sure you won't resurrect anyone when mechanics are happening. You will just kill yourself in the process.
    • Resurrect: Whenever you can (and you are sure you won't kill yourself while doing so) resurrect party members. If you are a priest, you also have to buff them right away because buffs disappear upon death which must be reapplied.
    • Heal the tank: If the tank dies, all kinds of sad stuff happens after. Make sure you put their survival before others (excluding yourself).
    • Heal others: Lastly, heal others. Everyone can watch out for themselves, you shouldn't sacrifice your party buffs just because 1 person keeps getting hit by everything. They have evasion skills, they should use it from time to time while they are on low hp.

    That's great random person from the internet, but how do I actually heal?
    It's something that I can't answer. Comes with experience. Life becomes a lot more easier if you learn the bosses' patterns and you act retroactively instead of proactively.

    What does that mean?
    It means if you see the boss is about to do something, you use your lock on skill and lock on everyone before they get damage. Once they get the damage, you shoot your heals right away.

    Proactively means you react to what just happened (which is not really good in Tera) instead of acting accordingly to the mechanics that are about to happen. By the time you lock on and heal everyone who took damage after an attack, might die because of other mechanics happening in the meantime. As I said, it comes with experience.

    14. Final words

    And there you guys and girls! ^-^/ Show this guide to everyone who might need it and you can't help them every time they're online.
    I'm pretty sure I left out certain things, especially PvP rewards. It's been awhile since I did or checked CS/FWC rewards so if anyone can provide some extra details about what you can or can not get by playing PvP content at 65, that would be appreciated. :3

    <3 Guide for new people - Click / tap to get redirected <3

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  • Since you are mentioning guides and this is a guide for new players I think you should also mention essentialmana at some point since many guides are found there.

    I just found that out through a quick use of the search unction since I haven't read it all yet. So I may edit my post in the future with other things you could add.

    Rechtsschreibfeler? Kenn ick nicht. Kann man dass Essen?

    Arlassa - Kriegermain - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Matoi.Ryuko - Kriegertwink - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Rânâ.Lînchên - Brawler - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Lucymârvel - Mystiker - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    Arlos - Lanzer - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
    verschiedene nicht Lvl 65 Chars

  • I think you should also mention essentialmana at some point since many guides are found there.

    Yeah at first I just didn't want to advertise one over another but I guess I can edit in other updated websites as well in the future.

    Ty and added. ^-^/

  • Thank you for your contribution. Warrior gets defensive stance at level 10 though, not 20. At the beggining, when listing the types of classes.

    Also, enchanting starts with the first relic weapon at level 12

  • Thank you for your contribution. Warrior gets defensive stance at level 10 though, not 20. At the beggining, when listing the types of classes.

    Oh, you're right! Fixed. ^-^

    Also, enchanting starts with the first relic weapon at level 12

    I know this, I was just merely suggesting the idea of saving materials when it's time to do dungeons where gear matter a bit more than open world small monsters. :x But I guess it's better to be straight forward with this and let the players decide when they want to enchant. x) Edited that as well.

  • It's been a while since I actually bumped this thread and I decided this would be a good moment to do so because of the new patch. So anyone who read the guide when it first came out and have some free time, please re-read it and correct my mistakes if I have any. Ty! <3

    Quite a lot were added to this guide so I assume they have grammatical errors or missing information (especially in the PvP section post-patch). If you find any or you'd like to add something to the guide, refer to point 15. xD

    If you have any questions then you can also ask them here of course. :3

  • [*]If you haven't got a friend who could send you a Velika teleport scroll, your only choice left is to hop on the flying pegasus

    • You have to use the Pegasus in any way since BHS blocked any porting whatsoever

    [*]Mighty Steel dragon. Make sure you gather these scrolls on the character you want this dragon on, because it's not tradeable.

    • but they are bankable

    [*]"Anyone can que to Ravenous Gorge,"

    • just a typo, it's queue

    [*]I left Crafting at the end because it's usually useless before you hit 65.

    • Since you will need crafting in the endgame and if one doesn't want to buy stuff in the broker, I think it's a good way to start as early as possible. You will "lose" PP as long as you are in leveling phase. I recommend Weapon or Alchemy because Armor/Silver Talents are only for Top Tier Accessory

    [/list]sorry for the layout but I couldn't quote multiple times so I had to use this

  • I think that the priorities for the roles are a bit wrong. First of DPS: Surviving is more important than doing dmg because when you are dead you are not able to do dmg.

    Now Tank: Surviving is still the most important since if you are dead you can't do your job. Also holding aggro is more important than proper positioning because you can't position the boss correctly if you do not have the aggro. Buffs are the least important.

    Healer: Survival is the most important. In Tera the healer is the most important to be alive since he can safe runs that no one else can. Also keeping the people that are alive alive is also more important than resurrecting the dead ones. Because if the people that are alive die who will keep the boss away from you so that you can resurrect the dead ones? Resurrecting dead people is more important than buffs. Also the cooldown of the resurrect skill is so long that you have enough time to buff between each resurrection. Especially in dungeons with shields or mechanics that are dependant on the number of people alive resurrecting is way more important than buffs. You can give buffs also during the shield itself.

    To put it short:

    DPS: Survival > do dmg

    Tank: Survival > holding aggro > proper positioning > buffs

    Heal: Survival > healing tank > healing DPS > resurrect > buffs

    Rechtsschreibfeler? Kenn ick nicht. Kann man dass Essen?

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    verschiedene nicht Lvl 65 Chars

  • Yeah I think You are right. At that part I kind of forgot that we're talking about beginners here, not maximalist parties. Might edit accordingly when I have time in the evening. x)

    Ty for the input! :3

  • Ported the guide google docs and updated it with the basic (2 and 3 star) dungeons. Might be a bit misleading as I was only working from what I remember, will fix that if pointed out or figure out myself.

    Link available in the very first lines of the first post and in my signature as well.

    I'll try to keep this guide updated on the forums too but since it's limited to 2*5.000 characters, I might leave as it is and/or only edit in the most crucial things that needs to be added or changed (like the upcoming crafting revamp).