Screenshots of the Week: Monster Mash

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    The big, bad and the (not very) beautiful join us in this week’s Screenshots of the Week. We’ve got three terrifying BAMs this week that are going to need varying tactics to be brought to their knees.

    First up with have Adanok, a giant rock elemental. Able to smash his floating animated appendages into the ground, crushing any players underneath. What makes this titan so devastating is its ability to lay artillery on the battlefield with powerful AoE attacks. Next up we have Karascha, the end boss from the Island of Dawn and opening up the wider story arc, Karascha will be playing an important role. By no means a walk in the park, the Boss will introduce players to fighting BAMs and the various tactics they employ. The Argon behemoth Shargrim is out last BAM this week. Able to jump in and break apart formations, this beastly Argon will be forcing players to stay on their toes with a multitude of different attacks.

    Which one of these goliaths is your favourite? Let us know!

  • Envyfea;591040 wrote:

    Poor Adanok has not a single chance in such a company =)))

    I like him, stone golems are one of my favourite enemies in general.

  • I prefer Adanok! This is the kind of creature I like ! In addition, the fight is very fun!

  • Karascha as well.
    Nice moment to take a picture of him ^_^

    I know that my English is bad. But I hope that you understand what I mean in my comments.
    Thanks :)

  • Shargrim for me is a bit too.. busy. I had to stop and look at it closely to tell what pixels made up what parts of the body. Mash up indeed!

  • Karascha

    Because I think the 3rd one is just tooooooooo dark, It could use some more real coloring.

  • Zephirisz;591529 wrote:


    Because I think the 3rd one is just tooooooooo dark, It could use some more real coloring.

    The problem with this boss is that it is in a dungeon, and the dungeon has a very dark ominous feel. The only screenshot I have got that's less dark (from another dungeon) is:

    This type of BAM appears outside of Instanced Dungeons in the Open World at level 54+ I seem to remember. I am going to check it out and upload a screenshot of the Open World variety so you can see how cool they really look xD


  • Yeah I know he's from a dungeon, ive seen him in a few videos before.
    That screenshot you just showed looks better and more colored then Shojin's post :)
    If he posted that screenshot I would have voted nr 3 aswell. Because now he looks more colorfull instead of almost completely black xD