[Guide] Alliance Guide, Content Walkthrough and Summary by Pandalf

  • Greetings!
    Welcome to an Alliance content guide brought to you by Pandalf of Codex.


    -Starting over with the Alliance System

    -Alliance Window

    -Alliance Ranks


    -Ranking Rewards after the Conflict

    -Contribution points

    -Noctenium Society Credits

    -Invisible Bams

    -What Materials to Gather/Pick up

    -Alliance Consumables

    -Being an Exarch!


    As the title says, this is a guide regarding the alliances, and a not too long
    but not too short either, walkthrough of the current alliance content.In this
    guide, I will go through a lot of stuff regarding the current alliance system, I
    will analyze some more complicated things and terms, and will also refer to
    some tips. Basically, I will sum up everything I can as about the current content.

    Reasons behind this guide:

    First of, I might as well give some regards to Flanberry, for sparing some of his free time
    to write a guide about PvP and 3v3, which actually reminded me that we can
    create guides ourselves and not expect everything from someone else. It has
    been a long time since we have seen some guides in this forum as well.
    Additionally, I keep seeing alliance guides in some forums regarding Tera, in the
    NA forums, but not in ours. Therefore, I think it is about time we have an
    all-inclusive alliance guide. Furthermore, when I returned in the game a couple
    of months ago, I found myself lacking a lot of knowledge for the updated
    alliance system, and I also believe that the guides that I found to help myself
    lacked a lot of information and details. So, the main reason of this guide, is
    to help people comprehend the alliance system and the updates of it, learn
    stuff faster through my guide (I believe reading a guide is easier than asking
    people in global or whatever) and not waste a lot of time in just learning some
    simple stuff, cause yeah, the alliance content is not that complex.

    So, let’s get started.

    Starting over with the Alliance system

    Ok so, starting over with the alliance system (some really basic stuff will be
    mentioned as well).

    First and foremost, how do you join an Alliance?

    Depending on the Alliance you want to join, you get into the Alliance Hall and
    you find the Alliance Administrator. The requirement for a guild to join an
    Alliance is just 1000 gold. Keep in mind that changing an alliance is limited
    by a 6 hour cooldown. Also, only the Guild master of the guild is able to move a
    guild through the alliances.

    What is mentioned above refers to guilds that are not in an alliance already.
    If you, as a single unit, want to join an alliance, you can just join a guild
    that is already in the alliance you want to join or even join a system guild.
    System guilds can be found in the guild list of the server and their names are
    like “Velika/Allemantheia/Kaiator Guild 1,2,3 etc.”. You can press the apply
    button for these guilds and you are instantly accepted. So, congratulations,
    you joined an alliance. By the moment you join, you are ranked as an “Alliance
    Cadet”. What is that? Oh well, let’s move to the Alliance Rankings part, after
    we add some basic stuff regarding the “Alliance” window.

    Alliance Window

    The default button for that is “Z”. In any case, you can still go to the Menu > Social
    Menu > Alliance. You will have a window opening there for you, with 4
    different tabs. The 2nd tab, the tab named as “My Alliance” is a
    quite important one. On “Policies” you can see something like a message from
    the Exarch, on “Alliance Leaders” you can see the Top-120 people of your
    alliance for the current week, and on “Profile” you can see pretty much
    everything about you: Your ranking and total points, your KDA against each
    alliance, your accumulated contribution to each alliance (this one works with
    levels) and on the bottom part you can see 2 numbers. It should be 0 (0). These
    numbers are associated with your Policy Points. What are policy points? Policy
    points are some sort of the contribution points that the alliance farms every
    day. I’m not 100% sure if the ratio is 1:1 (I mean, I don’t know if the
    alliance gets 1000 policy points if you farm 1000 contribution points), cause I
    think that the Tax Ratio gives you a slight additional amount, that’s why you
    see every alliance set its’ tax rate to 7%. So, these 2 numbers: The left
    number is the amount of PP you have available, and the right number in () is
    the amount of the total PP you were given this week. Let’s say the exarch gives
    you 1000 PP the first day, it will indicate 1000 (1000). Then you use 2 flags
    (each flag costs 50 PP), it will indicate 900 (1000). Then the exarch gives you
    1000 more points. It will indicate 1900 (2000). I hope that understandable

    The next tab is called “Standings”. It’s another really useful tab. You will
    mostly be bothering about these 2 tabs that I mentioned. There you can see in “Individual
    Standings”, the rankings of the alliance. Don’t worry if you find a difficulty
    in scrolling up and down through the board, cause you just can’t. In “Extractor
    Competition” you can find information about these well-known “keys”. The blue
    number in each alliance indicates the number of available keys at the moment
    (keys keep spawning all the time), while the green number shows the score of
    your alliance. The alliance with the highest score, wins the competition and
    has the chance to get more vault hours the next day ( I don’t think I need to explain
    what vault is, do i?). If you are wondering how is this happening, 24 rolls
    happening (1 for each hour of the day) and the 1st (of the key competition) has 70% chance
    to win the roll, the 2nd 20% and the 3rd 10%. Pretty
    simple. You can also see the timeframe of the key competition on the top of
    that tab. Next is “Vault Access Hours”. Oh well, title says everything. It
    pretty much shows what alliance can enter the vaults and when. Next day’s Vault
    times are decided 12pm server time every day.

    I think I said a lot of stuff for only 1 window, maybe I was too explicative,
    but that’s ok I guess.

    Alliance Ranks

    When the alliance system was firstly implemented into the game, there used to be a
    “Guild contribution” tab in the alliance window, where you could see the
    summarized contribution of a guild. Let’s make a short break here regarding the
    alliance ranks, and mention a few changes that have been made to the alliances,
    to help some people that return to the game after a long time:

    -There is no more guild summarized contribution.

    -Commander privileges have been added.

    -Based on the first point, you can hopefully understand that everything now relies on
    you and not your guild. So, if you want to achieve anything, you’d better start

    -More stuff that will be mentioned throughout the guide.

    So, let’s make a short analysis as about the Alliance Ranks:

    Exarch: There is only one Exarch for each alliance every week. (The alliance ranks reset every Tuesday with the weekly maintenance). Exarch will be the person to finish first in the rankings. You do realize I suppose that this requires a lot of farming. The Exarch has several authorities and responsibilities. I will refer into these specifically in the Exarch section later in my guide.

    Assault Commander: Also known as Raid Commander. This guy pretty much has one of the most over-powered stuff that have been added in the game: an anti-stun aura, in an area of 15m (if I am not mistaken) around him. How do you cancel that? The only way is to kill this commander. Bear in mind that this can still be silenced by sorcerers, can receive healing debuffs and can be rooted. The guys to receive this buff are the ones that finish between the 2nd and 5th position (so there are 4 Raid Commanders every season).

    Defense Commander: This commander has an aura around him as well, providing extra endurance and defense. A pretty useful one too, as you can imagine. Not much to say about this guy. The people that get thebuff are the ones to finish between 6th and 10th position (so there are 5 Defense Commanders every season).

    Adjunct Commander: A commander with an aura as well. Not surprising anymore, is it? The aura of this commander is a stamina regeneration aura. The least useful of the 3 auras you could say, that’s why it is easier to get than the others, I suppose. Keep in mind that this commander’s stamina regeneration aura affects you only if you are out of combat. The people that get this buff are the ones to finish between the 11th and the 20th position (so you will see 10 Adjunct Commanders each season).

    Echelon 1: Not any changes to this rank, pretty much does what he used to do. Has the privileges to summon a flag that increases the power (by 30%) of the members that stand inside it’s area of effect. 30 Echelon 1s are awarded every season, the ones between the 21st and 50th position.

    Echelon 2: No changes here as well. The difference is that his flag increases endurance (by 30%), not power. 30 Echelons 2s as well each season, the ones between the 51st and 80th position.

    Echelon 3: His flag provides extra movement speed (50), pretty useful as well but nothing you can’t live without. 40 Echelons 3s every season, the ones between the 81st and 120th position.

    Aaaaaand, till that point, everyone is allowed to participate on Sunday’s Alliance
    Conflict (5-7pm). In total, 120 people (1 Exarch, 4 RC, 5 DC, 10 AC, 30 E1, 30
    E2, 40 E3) are eligible to join this competition, the top 120 in other words.
    For people that get confused a little bit about it: Let’s say we are in Week 1.
    You farm in this week, and you get Echelon 1. You are not able to participate
    in Week’s 1 conflict, but in the one of Week 2.

    Yet, there are more ranks to acquire.

  • Echelon 4: Echelons 4s have a different flag. A flag that improves resistances by 50%. That one is a little bit tricky though. Why? Because that extra 50% in resistances cancels the Raid Commander aura. Oh yes. Although, it can also cancel the Enemy Raid commander’s auras too for some reason. Personally, I haven’t tried that on my own, so I cannot confirm that it is 100% true, but there are many people saying that this is valid. Rely on that at your own risk. Some people would say: “Why didn’t you get into testing this one before you even right a guide?”. Because I think it’s not that important after all, and I’m also too lazy to do that stuff. Hue. But, how do you become an Echelon 4? Simply by contributing to the alliance with at least 2000 points.

    Alliance Member: You have no flags or anything that you can be proud of. You simply don’t do anything useful, you just have privileges to use the Beacon scrolls or the Gold Enchanter. Nothing else, more or less. Of course these privileges regarding the beacon scrolls and the Gold Enchanter, are available for all of the guys mentioned above this one. How to become an Alliance Member? Contribute to the alliance with 1000 points at least.

    Alliance Cadet: A mascot, just that. No privileges no nothing. You can’t even use the gold enchanter, so you’d better farm at least 1000 points to become an alliance member, if you really rely on that enchanter guy.

    Alliance Conflict

    What is the alliance conflict? Oh well, it’s an event that takes place every Sunday between
    5 and 7 pm server time (17:00-19:00). The eligible participants are the ones that
    finished on the top 120 positions the previous season, as it was mentioned
    above. The rest of the people will simply be teleported out of the alliance
    territories. Despite that, you are still able to use your alliance teleport
    skill (the one that teleports you to your executor) and stay in the alliance
    areas for 20 seconds. You could get a kill maybe, if the enemies are right in your fort.

    What happens in the alliance conflict? Oh well, war. The Three Alliances fight
    each other, and as it is obvious, only one emerges victorious. The Sunday’s
    conflict is the only time you can kill alliance guards and the Executor of one
    alliance (unlike the old times that you could do that every day, several
    times). When the clock strikes 5pm, 7 crystals are placed in each alliance
    territory. These crystals increase the shield of the executor, and you need to
    kill 3 or 4 of them to be able to even attack the executor of the defending
    alliance. The more you kill though, the more the shield is weakened.

    How is the winner awarded? If your executor dies, you are automatically out of
    the alliance conflict, aka you lost. What if the time is over and more than 1
    executors are alive though? The alliance with the most points wins. Killing a
    crystal is worth 5000 points, and killing an executor is worth 10000 points. I
    suppose that should make you imagine that you can just snipe crystals and then
    turtle in your fort. Yes, it’s possible.

    The alliance conflict is probably the only time in the alliance that, after the
    numbers, mind games matter. It’s a chance to really outplay your opponents and
    punish them for doing mistakes.

    Ranking rewards after the Conflict

    Someone would think: “Oh well, where’s the difference between the last guy of the
    top120 and the first one, apart from the fact that they get to be more
    useful?”. The top guys get more money of course! I will include a short list of
    the ranks and the money these guys get regarding on your rank. Though, I am not
    really sure about the amount of money you get when you lose, cause I have lost
    a war only as Echelon 2. So, the numbers that are followed by a (?), are not
    100% confirmed. Therefore I’d like people that know these amounts to comment
    below or pm me so I can fully complete it.

    Exarch- Victory: 70.000 gold / Loss: 35.000 gold

    Raid Commander- Victory: 35.000 gold / Loss: ?

    Defense Commander – Victory: 30.000 gold / Loss: ?

    Adjunct Commander – Victory: 25.000 gold / Loss: 7.000(?)

    Echelon 1- Victory: 10.000 gold / Loss: 5.000 gold

    Echelon 2- Victory: 7.000 gold / Loss: 2.000 gold

    Echelon 3- Victory: 5.000 gold / Loss: ?

    You can see that there is a really decent amount of gold given on the top20
    people (Exarch and commanders). That means you can have respectful rewards for
    your weekly effort.

    Contribution Points

    You keep reading stuff about alliance ranking boards, contribution points, policy points
    blab la, but … how do you get contribution points?

    Some stuff have been added through the alliance lately etc. so here are the
    possible ways to get alliance contribution points:

    -Daily quests (max 790 CP per day)

    -Keys (max 200 CP per day)

    -Bam/Mob farm (max 300 CP per day)

    -PvP (no daily CP limit)

    So, to sum up, we have 790 + 200 + 300 = 1290 CP per day, without counting in any PvP at
    all. Things you have to know about it:

    -You can do daily quests whenever.

    -Keys reward you with 5 points each if you do it in PvE time, and 10 points if
    you do it in PvP time. So if you do your keys in PvE time you will get 100 and
    not 200 points. So, you should do your keys only in PvP time.

    -You can get 300 points from bams or mobs or both, per day. Which means you can get 200
    from bams and 100 from mobs, or 0-300, or 300-0, or 171-129 or whatever you
    want. Don’t get really confused about it. There usually are some “BAM farming
    raids”, which actually farm bams for CP and Rep points (I will explain about
    Rep right after this). As about the rewards:

    -Bams in pve time reward you with 10 CP each, while in pvp time with 20 CP each.

    -Mobs as well, in pve time reward you with 1 CP each, while in pvp time with 2 CP each.

    If you are a lone wolf and don’t want to farm bams or whatever, you can find
    great tree farming spots usually in front of your spawns in enemy territories.
    Gather up as many as you can and kill them. Repeat. It will also make it easier
    for you if you kinda keep track of how many points you can get. What I mean is
    that before you start farming, see how many points you have. For example, you
    will know that you have 2550 points, so you know you can get maximum up to 2850
    points. That way you won’t have to check all the time if you are capped or not.

    PvP is what creates the gap between the Exarch and the commanders. If you want
    to go ham and achieve a high rank, you’d better farm a lot of PvP. I don’t know
    if it is fortunate or unfortunate, but, the more you pvp ,the less points you
    get. Yes. The first day you might find yourself PvPing 4 hours and gathering
    250 points, and the last day of the alliance week , you might find yourself
    pvping 8 hours and gathering 30 points. Ridiculous, isn't it? You reach a point
    that you get 15 kills and you get only 2 points. I forgot to mention,
    technically (aka, the first days), you get 2 CP per kill and 1 per assist. That
    amount obviously declines over days.

    I made a small infographic thingy just to give you an example of how much of a
    difference pvp makes:

    More specifically:

    My total points this week: 10.773 CP

    Outcome: Exarch

    CP from quests: 6320 (usually you count 7x790, and the amount of CP you can get from
    quests before the maintenance. I am saying that cause you might not have a vault between 2am (the daily reset
    time) and 8am (the maintenance time). )

    CP from keys: 1500 (7x200 and 100 the last day before maintenance. Why 100?
    Because there is no PvP and you cannot get 200 points before maintenance).

    CP from Bams/Mobs: 2100 (simply, 300x7. There is no last day count, cause the
    bam points reset at 12 (with dungeons). Although, there was a weird thingy
    going on a few weeks ago, that I could farm my bam points 4-5 hours before
    that. That was really … weird.).

    CP from PvP: 853. The only way to calculate that is to keep complete track of
    your pvp points during pvp, or to just go on and do some simple math: 10773 –
    6320 + 1500 + 2100 = 853.

    I got 853 CP from PvP, after doing a lot (believe me, A LOT) of pvp the last week. The
    more pvp you do, the less rewarding it is, so you might as well want to not go
    over really hectic pvp sessions.

    During the older times, you were able to get points by picking up keys in your
    home territory (1 points in pve, 2 points in pvp time). As you can imagine,
    people abused that and formed a new way of cheating: The Key Trading. After
    many bans Gameforge did and all, this was thankfully removed and people cannot
    cheat anymore. Oh well, they can, by kill-trading, but that actually is way
    harder cause after you kill someone 3-4 in a row, you stop getting points.

  • Noctenium Society Credits

    This is the new Reputation system that was added a few months ago. Despite that it is a rep
    system, you can only get credits, not any reputation. I mean, in any other Rep
    you will find, you are able to achieve Revered someday. In this one, you cannot
    get that , but you can get plenty of credits. What are they useful for? Oh
    well, plenty of stuff. In your Fort, you can go and find the vendor for these
    credits, and you will see that apart from consumables for the Alliance, you can
    get materials related to the BG/KS credits, even some crystals.

    I will end this one, by referring exactly to the number of credits that every
    source can provide you with:

    -Quests give you a specific amount of credits (usually equal to the CP they
    reward you with). You can apply reputation boost for these, and for any other
    form of Noct.Soc. credits income. 2 quests though, will not give you the right
    amount. The vault and the dungeon quest reward you with 110 CP each. You would
    expect to get 110 credits too, but you get 30 instead.

    -Bam/mob farm. You can get up to 3000 credits per week from this source. You
    can distribute the amount of these the way you want. You could 3000 the first
    day, or the last day, or distribute them equally every day, like most people
    do. Bams reward you with 10 credits and mobs with 2 (2x with boost for each of

    -PvP. 1 credit for each kill or assist, boost applies here as well.

    Invisible Bams

    You might notice that sometimes there are some dragonish bams being killed in the
    alliance territories. These are the so called Invisible bams or world bosses.
    These bams are invisible till you get them in combat or you reveal them with a
    Detection Totem. There are 3 types of these bams: The Dracoloth (nexus traverse
    last bam), the Bloodtalon (Crucible of Flame Dragon), and the Drake (Labyrinth
    of Terror 2nd boss after the 2 kumas).

    These bams have double the rewards of the normal bams, and they can drop some
    really worthy stuff and materials, such us Superior Noctenium Membranes, which
    are necessary for Nightforge PvP Gear. They spawn 1 hour after they are dead,
    there is 1 in each territory , and their spawns are specific in each map. I’m
    afraid you will have to find these on your own, although many people know them
    by now. Most of them are usual invis bam farmers. If you want to kill these
    bams, especially in pve time, you’d better have a good lancer or warrior to
    keep the agro, because these bams can be reset and stolen by another
    person/group. I think I’ve said already enough for Invisible bams.

    What Materials to Gather/Pick Up

    There are not too many useful thingies you want from the alliance content. I suggest you
    pick up and gather the Noctenium Tissues. They are useful for a lot of alliance
    stuff, such as crafting noctenium infusions or using them to craft bam
    summoning wands. Also, pick up the Common Noctenium Membranes that drop from
    bams. You can use these to craft wands, then kill some monsters, that will give
    you Uncommon ones, then kill some Ovoliths that will give you Rare ones and
    then some orisks that will provide you the holy Superior Noctenium Membranes
    that are used for Nightforge gear. You will need help for the Orisks, maybe for
    the Ovoliths too, depending on your dps and squishiness.

    Alliance Consumables

    In this section I will go over some alliance consumables.

    Partial Invisibility Potion- Pretty much useless at the moment. You cannot use
    that and expect to be successful. You cannot use any skills while it is active,
    or else you will get revealed, as well as when you get hit. Not as useful as
    people think it is. Lasts 1 minute, 5 minutes cooldown. (You can get them from
    key quest rewards)

    Superior Invisibility Potion- One little potion of OPness. You get to be
    invisible, you can use any skills you want without being revealed, you can get
    hit without being revealed etc etc. The only way to get revealed is to stand in
    an enemy’s Detection Totem. Lasts 1 minute, 2 minutes cooldown. ( You should
    buy them with Noct. Society credits, cause they are too expensive in broker

    Detection Totem- Really useful in mass fights. You can detect deadly invisible people.
    Just for that, they are really necessary. 3 minutes cooldown. They can get
    killed, though. Do not buy them with society credits, because they are too
    expensive and you can get them from key quests.

    Health Potion- Really useful, restores same amount of flat HP as the Healing Draught
    VIII, but it has only 30s cooldown. Shares the same cooldown with potions like
    the Rejuvenation one. Buy them with Noct society creds.

    Drop Bomb- Useful to bomb people when they have keys on them. You can bomb them like that,
    and thus you stun them for 10 seconds (!). If you bomb them and you are not in
    your home territory, don’t be stupid enough to pick up the keys and then kill
    them , cause you might not have enough time and they can bomb you back. Kill
    them, then pick up the keys. Keep in mind that this can happen to you as well,
    so you might want to drop your keys if an enemy is coming close to you and he
    is not in his home territory. Cooldown is 1 minute. Get these from key quests.

    Stun Grenade- Really strong, the only way to pretty much stun RC. Lancers can
    use that to pull out leashes, cause the enemies will be stunned after they get
    hit. The stun lasts almost 2 seconds, and the bomb has cooldown of 10 seconds.
    Really useful. Buy them either with noct society creds or off the broker if
    they are not too exp.

    Flash Grenade- Weird but useful. When I first saw that, I was like…hmm that’s not
    counter strike, is it? Still useful though, you can blind enemies for a sort of
    long period (I think its like 4-5 seconds, which is good). Cooldown is 1minute.

    Slow Grenade- Haven’t ever used them to be honest. I suppose they slow enemies,
    lol. I cant say much general, but you might waste too much fingers for
    consumables already, so I would suggest you focus more on the previously
    mentioned grenades.

    Infiltrator’s Teleport Scroll- You heard me talking about some beacon scrolls up there. There
    they are. You use these scrolls to teleport on the Exarch’s Infiltration
    Beacon. Really really useful in many cases, especially in the conflict. You can
    get them from the Alliance Grand Merchant in the hall.

    I can’t really recall any other consumables that are useful or something. I
    mentioned consumables that are usable ONLY in alliance territories, therefore
    they are useful only there.

    So now, let's see how it is being an Exarch up next!

  • Being an Exarch

    So here we are, we are down to the point that we are going to analyze what an Exarch does, and how he does it.

    So far, I have been an Exarch once in Velika’s Free Traders Collective, and currently I
    am the Exarch of Kaiator’s Iron Order. So, I’ll share with you a part of my experience
    and some of the knowledge I got about it.

    First things to do as an Exarch

    First of, find a cool way to use your mask. It’s pretty awesome.

    Moving on, you have to do some really basic stuff at the beginning. First of, go the Alliance window > My Alliance Tab > Policies. There, you will change your Tax Rate from 3% to 7% and save the changes. Moreover, you should write a message in the black box above that, saying some stuff to your citizens, w/e you want, and maybe set an Enchanter time.

    Maybe something like that:

    Your Responsibilities as an Exarch

    First off, many people don’t quite know how to use your Exarch powers and stuff. The key
    is the Executor. You go to your Executor, interact with the guy and you will have this appear in your screen:

    Exarch Powers

    As about Exarch powers, you will have something like that appear on your screen:

    Mostly, you need the PvP and the Fortitude bolsters. BE CAREFUL! These 2 bolsters take 2
    HOURS to activate. Which means that if you want this potion to be ready to use
    at 9pm, you will have to activate it at 7pm! This is really important, and you
    might get caught off-guard sometimes. That’s something useful to know.

    Issuing Policy Points

    Another responsibility you have, is to issue Policy Points to your Echelons! Depending
    on the Echelon, I issue a different amount of points. I usually give the first
    day 1000 PP to Echelons 1-2 and 500 PP to Echelons 3. No points for Echelons 4,
    at all.

    Here’s what it looks like:

    This is the tab “Issue Policy Points” from the first screenshot I showed you. There are two
    options: Even distribution and Customized Distribution. You should never use
    the first. I personally, NEVER EVER give PP to any echelon that won’t whisper
    me for it, and I also think that’s what most exarchs go. Many echelons are
    inactive, so its not useful to give PP to everyone. The amount of PP I
    mentioned is good to start with. On the Alliance window > Alliance Skills
    > Leadership Skill History, you can see these 2 numbers that I mentioned
    above in the “Alliance Profile Section”. You can see how many points an Echelon
    has and how many has he used from the ones you gave him. If you see in an
    Echelon the indication of 1000 (1000) that means that in this case, he used
    1000 out of 1000 points you gave him, so you should give him more. That way you
    will know who uses his points and who doesn’t, cause people keep asking for PP
    while they haven’t used their existing ones.

    As about the Tab “Issue Activity Funds”, it is for distributing money between
    the commanders (I think). You don’t need to do that of course. That money, is
    your money, the one you give I mean.

    Allocating Enchanter

    It’s pretty simple to Allocate the Enchanter. The last option of the 4 when you speak to
    the Executor, is about the Enchanter. This window will pop up:

    You can see your options there. Nothing much to say about that. Unlike the pvp/power
    boosts, the Enchanter is activated right at the time you activate it. So, you
    don’t need to schedule it ahead and activate it earlier. The enchanter you
    usually activate is the gold one, which doubles your success rate.

    Summarizing the screenshots above, you can see that you need plenty of PP. You
    can keep track of your alliance’s available PP on the Alliance Window >
    Alliance skills tab, at the bottom right corner of the window. There is a green
    number there that shows how many available PP you got.

    Exarch’s Skills

    The Exarch has some specific skills, as you can imagine. Here is what it looks like :

    Infiltration Beacon: Costs 1700 PP. You can use the Infiltrator’s Teleport Scroll and
    teleport to it. You cannot teleport from one map to another (e.g. from Aurum to
    Tor) with it. It has 1 minute cooldown and lasts for 5 minutes, which means you
    can replace it really fast.

    Alliance Guard: Costs 2700 PP. Summons a guard in your home territory. Has a
    30m cooldown. You usually use this on Sunday before the event, you spam some
    guards usually at the center of your fort.

    Barricade: Costs 1100 PP. Has a 10 minute cooldown and creates some barricades
    that are eligible to destroy though. You can create fancy blocks with these and
    prevent sieging, until they are destroyed.

    Cannons: Costs 13000 PP. It has a 30minute cooldown, and it as it is obvious, it summons
    a cannon. The damage is not that good (does something between 7-9k dmg I think)
    and also knocks down. Although, it is really expected to have enemy RCs
    everywhere, so KDs won’t happen.

    During the Event

    During the event, I mean the Sunday’s Conflict, the fact that you are an Exarch doesn’t
    mean that you necessarily have to lead the conflict. Although, of course you
    can. It is useful to sometimes use the /x chat, which is the Exarch notice chat,
    to make it really easy for the people to see what you wanna do, unless you are
    100% sure that your alliance is flooded by spies and you want to keep your
    plans secret and confidential. To avoid that, you can just use the /l chat or
    even better just whisper the other raid leaders or be in TS with them.

    Start the raids 1 hour before the event starts, organise them, start the BAM farm and handle the situation on your own. Don't expect others to carry you or whatever just to get the cash and run away. I will not really analyze tactics about alliance conflicts or ways to take decisions on what to do, because yeah.

    Make sure to be decisive and take initiatives to make moves and place beacons
    in good spots. Your beacons must NOT be perfect, you can just place them
    somewhere to transfer your allies really quick and then find the best spot to

    Also, you do not know how many points you will need as an Exarch, so it is kind
    of good to have at least around 50k pp before the event starts.

    Short Conclusion

    The Alliance content is basically interesting, but might get to be really boring
    after a while. If you want to go after high ranks, you might have to do stuff
    related only to the alliance for 1 week, and that is something unpleasant for
    some people. It is though, another form of competition that you can take part
    in, and you can also be rewarded with gold and achievements (There is an
    achievement for every single rank in each alliance), some fancy masks and more
    stuff I suppose.

    Although, I want to warn people that don’t know about pvp, to not take into
    serious consideration the pvp that is happening in alliance zones. It is a
    broken form of pvp, with weird and op buffs, with countless potions and
    invisible targets. I suggest you participate in that content, but you don’t
    take it really seriously.

    Personally, I want to thank you for reading my guide (if you did) and I mostly
    hope that my explanations on some stuff, some tips I gave (although I did not
    reveal a lot of things in this guide, everyone has his own tricks and secrets)
    are being useful to you, especially if you are starting now or you are
    returning to the game after a long time.

    Kind Regards,


    (Updates will be made in the guide as soon as I and some people that read it
    notice some mistakes, some things that need to be added or if the content gets
    updated. Cheers!)

  • Nice guide,

    I have a question relating to alliance regarding Echelon 4.
    I tried to get it but I failed for some reason.

    Is it with accumulated contribution or just weekly?

    2000 points -> reset -> Do nothing this week -> reset -> Echelon IV?

    I play on Zuras, (rip you were a great server my condolences)

    But in my 'alliance leaders' tab it doesnt list Ech 4, is this usual?

    Seriously I searched the web and couldnt find proper answer fast enough.

  • You get echelon 4 the next week of the week you farmed 2000 points. You should have gotten the echelon 4 on the "Do nothing this week" week.

    Although, i dont know whats happening if the 2000 points are able to get you in top120. I suppose you get the corresponding rank. I mean, if you get 2000 points and you don't get top120, you will get echelon4. But what if you get 2000 in a dead server and you get ranked in the top120 with that? That's probably a good question to be answred by BHS, cause it might happen in dead servers.

    And also , yes , the Alliance Leaders tab shows only the top 120 people, and the echelon 4s do not belong to that crew.

  • So 2000 contribution + out of top 120 eg 156 = Echelon 4


    Then it is practically impossible to get the 'Enter the echelon' achievements on a dead server.


    Because if you chop down 1 banana tree on Zuras you become exarch.

    Thanks for answering, atleast got good clarification now.

  • We got players who are away for more than a month getting Echelon 3 in Balder. All of them were with 0 contribution points, in fact, i have yet to see any Echelon IV. The question i have is, will the executor be more weakened if the rest of the remaining three crystals are destroyed? Your statement - "The more you kill tho, makes the shield weaker" made it ambiguous for me.

  • Hello.

    I can sort both of these out for you.

    As about the Echelon3 thingy

    When the Rankings reset, everyone has 0 points, as it is obvious i suppose. Some people would expect the players to be sorted alphabetically. No, the players get sorted according to the Accumulated Contribution to the Alliance. That means that if there is a player A that has Acc.Contribution level 27, another player B has Acc.Contribution level 32 and a player C has Acc.Contribution level 9, then player B will be ranked 1st, player A 2nd, and player C 3rd. I hope i explained that well enough.
    So, according to that, you can imagine i suppose that apart from the players that farm to get into top120, there are players that can stay in top120 with 0 points, just because they have high accumulated contribution.

    As i've explained above, there is no way you get Echelon4 if you dont have 2000 points and you are not OUT of top120. That means that if 120 people dont farm 2000 points each at least, then you cannot get it, no one will.

    As about the Crystals and the Shield

    It's a bit confusing for me as well. What i know for sure is that you need 3 or 4 to attack the executor. If you try doing it without killing these 3-4, you will not even be able to deal any damage to him/her. Now, as about the remaining crystals, i don't know if anyone has calculated the damage you do on the executor, so you can actually find out if you deal more damage with less crystals, neither have i. That is a simple assumption we made over this. They definitely though provide you with extra points, thus they are worth destroying.

    If anyone has any more questions , feel free to ask.

    Kind Regards

  • Wow, i could have written this guilde if my english would be better :P but great job popobro.

    About rewards at the sunday war, i get 21k gold as an exarch and we were ranked 2nd but i think losing or not the executor influences the reward.
    I think that everyone get only 2k gold when you are in the alliance which is out first (losing the executor first)

  • Thanks for the feedback brother!

    I might be able to confirm the Exarch reward this Sunday, since a zerg is a zerg :P
    I'm not quite sure if the amount is reduced if you lose your Executor, which can happen anyway, but i think you get more money after all if you kill an Executor with your Alliance.

  • Exarch chat can also be used to announce important thing's ingame like events.... *ahem*
    I also recommend to use it during the alliance conflict. Tell other's to disable exarch chat if it bothers them at that period.

    Good guide though.

  • The only reason that Exarch chat is not really used during conflicts by smart people is because it prevents from any form of spying.

    If i'd be like "Everyone teleport to Aurum" and FT potentially had a spy (well currently being in IO, i don't know how much people bother on spying that alliance, but it used to happen in former alliances), then my alliance will lose that "one step ahead" advantage.

    Especially if you belong to an alliance that is some sort of underdog and not the one that is superior and just zergs over dead bodies, you cannot afford to let your enemies know your moves and lose the element of surprise for yourself. Of course that applies to different tactics that you will learn through time.

    So, my suggestion: During conflicts, never use /x (Exarch Notice) chat (unless it's something like really obvious, e.g. you are outside of the enemy fort, you have already died once, you keep sieging, your enemy knows you are there, and you just say in /x chat something like "Regroup at the left gate and rush the executor", that's not a big of a deal) or the Alliance chat, only the /l chat, which refers only to echelons. Well yeah of course, if your enemies are real tryhards they will have spies that will acquire echelon positions, but i don't know if that has happened or whatever, yet. In the very end, you can be in TS with the other raid leaders and they can just say in raid notice chat whatever you say in TS.

    Additionally, i have received plenty of PMs with questions over the guide and the alliance content overall. Don't be shy to post your questions here, because your question might be someone else's question as well.


  • Hey, thanks for the guide. However, the rewards are wrong.
    From what i've seen, defense commander get 2K for loosing (first alliance eliminated).
    Echelon 1 get 2K too (second alliance eliminated).

  • from my experience the rewards are:

    Rank: 1st: 2nd: 3rd:
    Exarch 70k 21k 6,3k
    Assault 35k 10,5k 2k
    Defence 30k 9k 2k
    Adjunct 25k 7,5k 2k
    Ech1 10k 2k 2k
    Ech2 7,5k 2k 2k
    Ech3 5k 2k 2k

    Lodden - Elin zerker - Fraya

    :elin9: Licks for everyelin :elin9:

  • Thank you for the updates, unfortunately im not that active lately. Working on that!

    Sadly, i was never able to edit my posts. We found out about the rewards a couple of weeks after i posted the guide, but for some peculiar reason i cannot really edit my posts, so...

  • since GM Olyn doesnt want to give any information about getting more points next to standard ally quest, bamm quest and key quest i gonna ask it here.

    Somehow last night a rank 11 with 400 points below rank 1 was getting exarch today. The rank 1 last night did the same amount of quests as the rank 11 did.
    1 dungeon quest (solo balder for example).
    3 solo quest,
    3 bamm quest
    4x keys quest (2x at each ally, not including your own ally)
    points by pvp - Since pvp was last night off, this person couldnt get points by pvp. So this one is ruled out.

    So GM Olyn tells me, theres next to all stated above information some way to get points (pvp off, all quests done). I am missing anything?
    Olyn said he wasnt Kill Trading. So far its impossible to get from Rank 11 to Rank 1 in 1 night, when the other 10 ppl above him did the same ammount of quests/keys (no pvp, because was off till 12am).
    GM lying? Or we really missing something here?

    The post was edited 4 times, last by Oxize ().