• wow, it really worked.

    What tweak exactly worked for you? What's your configuration?

    Now, this didn't happened, what now? I have copied the files fro mmy backup folder and i seee the Fate of Arun thingie that appears before the game start and after that it just drops me out of the process.

    Да не си БГ ве, Рошав? о/

    Has the game been working fine up until you did what you did? Have you installed some software, like programs, drivers, anything? Tried system restore? What Windows are you using?
    I can send your files from my game folder over Skype. Let me know via PM.

  • "Then go to : http://www.macromedia.com/supp…p/settings_manager03.html and make the limit to 10MB, then go to the next tab, to Global Security Settings, Edit Locations, Add Location, browse for folder, go to TERA install folder and browse for TERA/Client/Binaries/TERA.exe, Open and Confirm."

    i can only choose TERA/Client/Binaries ,and cant choose TERA/Client/Binaries/TERA.exe , sothat i cant open and confirm anything

    i dont know what to do. The game doesn't starts anymore after clicking "Play" ..
    i tried to use my files from the back up folder and copy them back to /TERA/Client/S1Game/Config and and make this limit thing back to 10kb but my game doesn't starts anymore..

    will it help if i reinstall my game?

  • i got:

    Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
    AMD Phenom X4 9650 34 °C
    Agena 65nm Technology
    8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR2 @ 398MHz (6-6-6-18)
    Hewlett-Packard 3029h (XU1 PROCESSOR) 31 °C
    1950W (1280x720@59Hz)
    512MB ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series (Sapphire/PCPartner) 53 °C
    74GB Western Digital WDC WD800JD-55MUA1 ATA Device (SATA) 29 °C
    Optical Drives
    AMD High Definition Audio Device

    This will work for me? I just whant to ask because i dont whant to mess up the game and download it again is a pain to download TERA EU. :chainsaw:

  • Maybe with 1-10 fps on lowest setting if you can even install it on that 80GB HDD. I wouldn't try it waste of time and in the end you will just uninstall it.

  • lol bro, i got the game installed i play it on max setting 35+ fps wtf are u sayng? :dash: i asked if i do this will i get extra FPS?

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  • This worked really well for me. I can now run the game with Lighting Enrichment, where I used to not be able to, and I can get 20-25FPS in Highwatch. I haven't tested it yet in a dungeon or raid, or hell even CS, but so far I can run the game with beautiful graphics now. May not be full graphics, Setting 6, but with the stuff you suggested, and the walkthrough you made, I can now run the game and it looks just as good as the people I see who make videos on YouTube about their gameplay and dungeon videos.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    Character: Therean
    Server: Celestial Hills - RP
    Guild - Snow (Not an ERP Guild)

    Thanks for the help, it works great! :evilgrin:

  • I have tried to follow different kind of guides to enhance the FPS during dungeon parties, and I have to say -- wasted time. Using Win8 x64, 6GB RAM, 3.4Ghz quad core and GTX750Ti 2GB + SSD.

    I can run the game with max settings + nvidia FXAA & AAx8 & AFx16 with no problem while I'm doing normal quests in the open world of Tera. But the thing is that in dungeons I get massive FPS drops and it makes things extremely difficult and frustrating. If I try to solo or duo a dungeon, no problem with FPS. But with full party *shaking his head*.

    And yes, with other Cryengine 3 games (there are tons of them starting from Evolve) I have no problem with max settings. Its only with Tera even on the most Minimum (null) settings. so you can figure out by yourself where the problem lays.

    Anyway, the best solution I came up was to install Windows 7 on a separate drive ( dual booting with Win8 ). The gaming experience is bit better with Win7 than with Win8. And no, I didn't reinstall Tera. I edited the windows registry values towards the previous installation. And I did not temper the .ini files. I tried, but the performance didn't get any better.

  • Using the KTERA ini files didn't do much for me (increased the FPS by just a little in non crowded areas and took it down to 2FPS in crowded areas - dnno what wen't wrong - did not analyze those ini files)

    So I used this ini file: http://forum.teratoday.com/top…of-techy-gaming-problems/
    and wen't over it line by line and did changes as I saw best fit.
    Now I get about 60-80FPS in non crowded areas and average of 25FPS in BG ( but yeah I don't have the best GPU so I scale down the graphics in BG alot and something is still wrong in the settings because some of the sorc aoe attacks get rendered after I get hit :S )

    The reason I wanted to comment on the thread was that the guide I used said: #NO you do NOT need to set your files to read-only. #
    at least of the EU client, learned that the hard way after yesterday patch. Thankfully I had a full backup of my SSD.

  • sorry but what guide there nothing, first post only talk what does it fix but there no guide or download link or maybe i miss sometihing ?