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      pffh.. pls brah

  • Zoehun -

    I would like to report that the server while playing Arcadia insulted me and my family contemptuously! I'm feeling that I can not ignore! Also made ​​a picture about it which can be found here:
    [img] [url]http://kepfeltoltes.hu/141021/TERA_2014-10-21_13-46-32-11_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg[/url][/img] named halalcsillagom player they sent me this message after beating PvP!

    The message in English:

    "Now come mouthed monkey that had torn the mother F.ucking head ... Exarch word could be described using "Z" ..I the new ectract ??? upstart gold farming"

    I think it not only violated the rules !

  • Gluhing -

    How is it going with 3v3 tourney?

  • Sternchen2014 -

    hallo kann mir einer helfen komme nicht mehr in das spiel rein der möchte immer ein code haben habe aber keine email bekommen weis nicht weiter bitte helfen? ;(

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