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  • Cupofteamate -


  • OneTwoThree -


    I have a question regarding the rewards for the top 3 rank holders in different BGs on Manahan. The status on the gameforge excel sheet hasn't been updated and only has the information about the top 3 characters from 20.12.2017. Will the top rankers from others weeks also get the rewards? i'm asking since it was stated that the rewards are 1 per week, yet only the people from one of the weeks are listed on "Manahan -Info" sheet on excel (…ONwTIo/edit#gid=609945741) .

    Thank you in advance.

  • Seregil -

    Hello Athena, sorry for the questions, maybe it's being done already around but i didn't find a precise reply, just "statements" based on opinions.
    I guess there is a reason why the red phoenix is worth 500 more tokens. Could it be that the red one has the famed 2.0 crit power and 1 hour ress while the blue one has 1.5 crit power and 24 hour ress?
    It's not written in the event page and the learn books in game speaks of the same passives (same name).
    Apparently the phoenix in game are the same, but then why the difference in price?
    Do you mind to explain? Thanks!

    • Athena -

      Hello Seregil,

      Actually, the only difference is the color.

      Kind regards,

  • Booooooo -

    Sir my account got blocked while played , i've already made a ticket to support but is there
    a way to make them reply soon because it takes almost a day for them to reply and i want to enjoy the weekend as much as i can ^^

    thank you.

    • Athena -

      Hello dear,

      I am sorry but it is already too late for today. :/
      From now you need to wait Monday for your ticket.

      Thank you for your understanding and have a nice weekend!

      Kind regards,

    • Booooooo -

      :( so weekend that i have been waiting for is gone

  • Elkina -

    Account blocked idk why.... really funny

    • Athena -

      Good morning,
      Please contact our support team here: to have more informations about it!

    • Elkina -

      kidding me? "If you do not have an account for our support system yet you can register here."

      -100 for Tera support

  • Galtero -

    Thank you very much for you and your team's effort! Much appreciated

    • Athena -

      With pleasure, thanks for your message Galtero =)

  • CrystalVoid -

    yey athena thanks for your support your doing a greattt job :P :)
    You answer most questions on the forums I see when i was going through it. Well the technical ones :P

    • Athena -

      Thank you very much =)!

  • bladefurry -

    athena senpai gambatte ^____^

    • Athena -

      Thank you bladefurry =)

  • Noyn -

    No need to be so shy!
    #BBQ #2k17

  • Cairu -

    Good job Athena-chan, keep it up! =^-^=.

    • Athena -

      Thank you Cairu =)!