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  • Syndrica -

    I can only speak highly of her.

    If there is any chance, she will help you. Dont hesitate to send private message.

    • anemsalok -

      Aw thank you! <3 You're very kind!

  • anemsalok -

    I rarely notice these but I honestly thank you all for your nice words and support!

    :love: lots of love :love:
    Anems =)

  • King.Draco -

    Best community manager!. Very helpful and understanding

  • Zhayla123 -

    Anemsalok is LOVE <3

    BEST Community Manager !!!!

    Thanks for your support until now <3

  • MissRikkulicious -

    Nach Monaten melde ich mich ;D

    evtl kennste mich noch :D

    wow wow wow du machst bis jetzt noch standhaft den Job toi toi toi Anem-chan :3

  • Niyaz -

    Best Community Manager ever.

  • Syndrica -

    Helpful. TY.

  • Heyyou2 -

    First time noticing you on game server. I was surprised.

  • MLGTera -

    I rly like what u do in the Forum u seem to be very active but at the end i hope u can understand us players aswell.
    Keep up ur good communication with the Forum Users we need more like u!!! :hail: