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  • GiatiMporw -

    "You're assuming he's 12, but you can't even read he mentioned he has an MBA. Also, good job at suspecting he's lying. Somebody is not using the brain as one should, and it's not the OP."

    And it's not me either, I wonder who's left. You are either trolling or you didn't read his post in the first place.
    Next time read carefully what I said. "I said you are arguing like you are 12" I didn't asume his age.
    You can be 150 yo and still have a lack of arguing ability (the same way you do)

    P.S: I have an IQ 240 and multiple degrees in phsycology , don't forget I mentioned that :> (Because I clearly mention that)
    And since I have a serious alergy in "bad/unstable arguments to prove a point" (it's my work's subject btw.) , you can now proceed
    arguing with your self since you are perma Blocked from me and I won't read any line of texts coming from you again.