Recent maintenance causing higher than normal ping

    • Recent maintenance causing higher than normal ping

      First off, I apologize if this is in the wrong section. Haven't used these forums in almost 2 years.

      Any who on to the topic, ever since the recent maintenance. I and many others I've asked have reported higher than normal average ping and much worse ping spikes. (previously my max was 100 ping, with small spikes into the 130s). Now it's 130-150 average, with spikes in the 200-8000 range. (caused a hell of a lot of dcs too. Rip Batu). Edit: to add a few more details, wifi where I live isn't congested nor filled with a trillion devices taking up all the bandwidth. Plus speeds are where they should be for my needs. (200/200). So that's not the issue.

      I've tried just about everything short of reinstalling the same (screw redlding this game), ie resetting router/wifi card settings, updating drivers and even undoing some windows updates that were possibilities (they weren't the cause, sadly). But everything I've tried hasn't changed the ping issues at all.

      So that has lead me to believe/assume (w/e) that the issue is on GFs side. I'd like for this to be seen by someone on gfs server or admins and at least be given a clear reason as to why such things are happening, for no known/sane reason.

      It's becoming difficult to enjoy the game let alone play it optimally like I did prior to these issues. (and let me stop you right there, it's not proxy. So don't bother mentioning it).
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    • Moved the thread into a more appropriate section, more specifically into the questios and answers section, someone might be able to help you there! On my own part, I can't contribute with too much, other than I myself haven't experienced any particular issues, as you there describe. Hopefully someone will be able to contribute a bit more than me!

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      @Athena anyone on the server team able to give a decent response to this?

      I've had more dcs, ruined runs tilted nights to last me a life time. (oh and pings actually CLIMBING, into the 160-200 and staying there). I really want this to be at least acknowledged in some way.

      Edit: before anyone says this is just me, I've spoken to a plethora of others that've told me they've had similiar issues.
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      First i though it was me that sometimes missed scythe, but then i noticed after this Maintenance my game also not that fluent as ussually.

      I will try to discuss this with the team and get some answer to this issue.

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      the fact that you only had 100 ping to start with using wifi is completely amazing. And you complain about having 150 when most wifi users have that at least lol. In any case online games are not played through wifi people should know that by now.