Static LF DD + T

    • Static LF DD + T

      Hi team, I'll make it short:

      Looking for people to staticly do GLSH/Bahaar.

      Party consists of:
      - Mini, HO mystic, (currently has 2 clears in Bahaar as double heal, did a few tries as solo heal, reaching 20%'ish)
      - Gelboo, HO+2 Zerker, (currently rookie in Bahaar, but trying to learn as fast as possible)
      - Trappiez, HO+3 Warr, (currently at 95 clears in Bahaar)

      Obviously we'll be doing a bit of training in the beginning, to clear Bahaar, but generally we look to clear as many days as possible.

      If you're interested, you can contact me on this thread, alternatively:

      - Mini discord: Mini#8044
      - Mini ingame: Meany
      - Trappiez discord: Trappiez#1337
      - Trappiez ingame: Hoï
      Semi-good Warrior. Idk. Ask me anything.

      Main: Trappiez
      Warr alts: Kittieez, Trashiez, Weak
      Mystic: Nexile
      Zerk: Ahriza
      Archer: Zeltoni
      Sorc: Datella
      Lancers: Stupidlancer, Luna
      Reaper: Shennie, Blue

      Only relevant chars honestly.

      Warrior guide