Priest lf Static

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    • Priest lf Static

      Hi everyone,

      I've been playing Tera now for around 2 1/2 years but had a break.
      I want to come back to this game because I like the content (Bahaar). I've been playing priest since my beginning.

      My Gear is actually full HO +2 (wep+1)
      Full Gear ( rings, earring etc with 4' Etchings)

      Because of health issue I had to make a break, so I've seen Bahaar for some days but couldnt clear it. Best try was around 20%.
      I'm a progress player so I learn really fast, always want to improve myself and keep trying to do my best.

      If there is a static looking for a Healer, or a party who needs a healer only for Bahaar, feel free to write me here in forum, because I'm not ingame that much atm.
      Your classes doesnt matter, just play whatever you enjoy!

      Because of the break my Talent-Level isnt really high ofc, but I gonna farm it up really fast!

      Hope to see you soon guys!

      Btw: Im speaking german aswell :)

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