Guild Recruitment - Redwood - for both NA and EU players

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    • Guild Recruitment - Redwood - for both NA and EU players

      Hello everyone. I would like to announce the guild Redwood to you all. We are a small active guild made of of NA players that are welcoming all active players who love the game and progressing within it. We would love to provide a space for all NA refugees as well as welcoming all EU players to strive to create an environment when someone is always online! If you are enthusiastic and willing to learn and progress we will be happy to have you and teach you. We focus on PVE and have an active discord. Voice chat is not required but highly encouraged.

      Guild Name: Redwood

      Platform - Tera Region & Server: PC, EU, Mystel

      Contact: Lafiel or Clubs

      Play times: many members play in EST time zone, but we are growing our EU player base as well there.

      TLDR: Redwood recruiting and serving as a home for NA players as well as welcoming any active EU players.

      Thanks for your time!

      - Lafiel