Cannot open Tera in-game Shop

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    • Cannot open Tera in-game Shop

      This has been going on since the 1st of Dec, I was able to open it once, but then after that it went black. When I force closed the game, my tera shop wouldn't open again, there is a slight delay when I do try to open it. I play through steam.
      I've tried the repair tool, they made me change my default web browser to IE, they made me send my comp info, told me to check where the game was installed (which was correct), tried it on 3 different computers with the same result, cleaned the cache, cleaned everything on the brower too, reset my UI/UI positions, all of this suggested by support and still I haven't been able to open my in-game shop. While I don't mind using the browser shop, I've missed everyday of Advent because it's an in-game shop event only.

      Anyone have any suggested fixes? I'm pretty desperate at this point.
    • Hey @shirojirachi

      I moved the thread into a more appropriate section.

      Did you also try the "Reset all" Button in the Options under UI Settings?

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    • Greetings!
      It has been reported that the Steam version sometimes blocks opening the TERA Shop site. This one:…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
      Supposedly, there's a problem with the Steam "version" of TERA, or rather with Steam itself - security level is too low, which causes the TERA Shop site to refuse to connect sometimes if the tokens are corrupted.
      It's a security issue since last patch. Rest assured- it's not your fault.
      Switching to the normal version should fix the issue, unless you have the link above blocked in your hosts file by chance. Note that there's no need to redownload the whole game for that.
      If I use tera on steam how can I log into the game without steam?
      You can also access the TERA Shop directly on the TERA website after logging in. You won't be able to use Steam Wallet funds though.
      Yours Faithfully,