WTS Full +9 Priest Set

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    • WTS Full +9 Priest Set

      As title. Weapon, chest and gloves are double rolled for healing - dps stances, all etchings are tier IV. Screenshots below:

      Selling prices:
      - Weapon: 1.5 mln gold
      - Chest: 1.3 mln gold
      - Gloves/Boots: 1 mln gold

      Prices are not negotiable. I'd rather sell all or most pieces together but in any case message me if you're interested.
      Since I'm not playing any more, message me on discord: duck#0254 (or message me here, but I'd prefer discord)

      Oh btw, stuff isn't liberated yet -> If you want me to liberate it add 50k to each piece

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    • Update:

      I liberated the gear, and put it on broker for the current lowest prices (which are in the case of the weapon and chest higher than what I wanted to sell them for here). In case you wish to offer me the price I stated up there, messaged me on discord first, so I will delist them and trade them to you directly.