Reaper retribution & ult dmg bug after last patch

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    • Reaper retribution & ult dmg bug after last patch

      Hello everyone

      Like in title it just me or since last patch reaper 2 nd retri and ult dmg are bugged with dmg and deal like 4x less dmg both in pvp and pve than before? Or maybe there is some kind of hidden genius BHS/GF idea to trash nerf reaper even more cuz being at bottom of all dps classes (and even good brawler can deal same/more dps than reaper :v) is not enough and reaper need to be 2x below shit compared to others?
      Music is the answer... <3 ;]
    • I'm sorry to break it to you, but reaper is still top tier in both pvp and pve. If you think the second tick of retribution doing 160k on a full +9 sc leather class is balanced, you should think again. Considering pve, reaper is in top 3 damage dealers in the game currently. Even after the nerf.