Patch Notes 77 – Treasures of the Deep

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    • Patch Notes 77 – Treasures of the Deep

      Salvage the treasures of the oceans… and make sure they don’t get swim away!

      Patch 77 introduces a brand-new fishing system to Arborea. From Tuesday, 11th December, you can grab your fishing rod and try to land the big one, plus take advantage of the new cooking craft to prepare delicious meals for combat. There’s also a reworked crafting and gathering system to explore.

      Patch 77 also sees the start of our regional event in the Batu Desert: battle hordes of monsters under the burning sun and discover marvelous treasures! Full details can be found in our guide.

      New Contents

      Fishing System
      • Quest line starts with Waining in Highwatch
      • Added 4 types of fishing rod
        • 3 of these are upgradeable
      • Added 42 species of fish
      • Added 6 fisheries
        • Vexatus Swamp
        • Cutthroat Harbor
        • Seren’s Garden
        • Muricai
        • Lake of Tears
        • Celsian Lake
      • Added Vanguard Initiative quests
      • Added fishmonger system
        • Exchange your fish for gold
      • Added relevant achievements
      New Craft: Cooking
      • Added as new crafting profession
      • Specialized in buff foods
        • Meals and potions for improved combat abilities
        • Meals for improved crafting abilities

      Changed Contents

      • Exchanged artisan kits for a universal Craft Kit
      • Various crafting professions have been updated and adjusted:
        • Alchemy
          • Removed obsolete designs
          • Added potion designs
          • Added additive designs
          • Added dye designs
        • Weaponcrafting
          • Renamed to Refining
          • Removed obsolete designs
          • Adjusted designs for Golden Tokens and Golden Plates for increased amounts
          • Added gathering tool designs
          • Added ingot designs
          • Added fish crate designs
        • Armorcrafting
          • Renamed to Processing
          • Removed obsolete designs
          • Adjusted designs for Silver Tokens and Silver Plates for increased amounts
          • Added silex designs
          • Added bait and fishing accessory designs
        • Etching
          • Removed etching designs
          • Added powder/grit/dust/sand designs which can be used as an exchange currency for etchings
          • Each type has a level from I to IV
          • Etching Powder: For weapon and glove etchings
          • Etching Dust: For body armor and footwear etchings
          • Etching Sand: For necklace and earring etchings
          • Etching Grit: For ring and belt etchings

      Gathering Skills

      • Every gathering point can be exploited, irrespective of the gathering skill
      • Time-based system: gathering skill determines speed of gathering
      • Reduced production point cost from 25 to 10
      • Added gathering tools to save time
      • Adjusted gathering locations
        • Plants can be gathered primarily for cooking
        • Ores contain various crystals for crafting (e.g. refining and processing)
        • Essences also contain important raw materials for crafting (e.g. refining and processing)
      • Added 18 relevant achievements
      Changes to the TERA Club
      • Increased number of teleport locations which can be saved in Travel Journals from 5 to 10
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      Tera Europe @_athena_gf