Do you think this laptop would run TERA?

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    • Do you think this laptop would run TERA?

      Hi there guys.

      I want to buy a laptop and I am wondering if it would handle tera.

      The specs are:
      i7-4600M 2 core, 4 threads 2.9Ghz
      8GB RAM DDR3
      AMD Radeon HD 8690M 2GB GPU
      SSD 250GB

      Do you guys think i could run tera? Any1 has a similar setup? Ty.
    • Specs should work. Bottleneck will be graphics card I guess.
      Also depends on how your laptop behaves when temperatures rise. Had laptops which went from 40 fps to 5 because of heat...gaming laptops are better, because they hold the fps better.
      How much do u want to spend?

    • Well ok. But then don't expect Tera to run fine on it. Even highend desktop models got problems with Tera. I suggest getting an used Asus ROG laptop for around 500 bucks with a gtx 960.
      I bought one this year and tera works. Feels smooth to play.