Tera Enchanting Calculator

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    • Tera Enchanting Calculator

      Hello everyone,

      It's been sometime that I had coded this calculator to help me check for the best profit (or the least damage in gold) I could made from enchanting gear.
      I had basically made it primarily to prove to some returning gamer friends that it's actually better in most cases to buy the gear (in case you have the gold ofc) than make it yourself with materials.

      Sadly I don't have much time till mid next week to explain it further how it works, but I think overall it's pretty straightforward:
      1) You put what gear you have (current) and what you want to get (target).
      2) You put the materials you have so you can calculate the chances from the point you are now and not from zero. (Well I always use 0 materials cause I'm always out)
      3) You put the current prices of the materials so you can help the calculator get the most accurate calculation.

      Finally, in the 2 graphs that there'll be, the first one is the graph for the mean cost in gold from Guardian+0 to the new set, and the second one is the mean of 10000 samples for the current to target gear you're aiming to get. (you can see the description for each data). To avoid confusion, the CDF shows you the chances you have (from 0 to 1, aka from 0% to 100%) for a specific gold amount to achieve a certain enchant. This actually is the graph you need to compare the prices of Trade Broker to the price you'd have to pay if you would enchant it yourself.

      Feel free to ask more questions. Also note that there are bugs, and I'll be fixing them when I'll find some time, but it already took me long enough to actually convert all this stuff that I had programmed in matlab to javascript that it was a real pain in the... So, if you think you have some sort of bug, just refresh the page and do it from the start. And don't worry, the prices you've entered are kept so you probably won't have to put them again.

      The link is: students.ceid.upatras.gr/~kour…/www/tera-enchanting.html or if you'd like tinyurl.com/TeraEnchantingCalculator and the source code is in github.com/gkourachanis/Tera-Enchanting

      That's all, I hope I can help you choose rightly on your enchants!

      P.S. I need data on the new sets, especially on +1 and +2, and the new jewels so I can add them too. Please provide them with a screenshot ONLY.