Proposed change for Gear Enchantment System

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      tobtheking2 wrote:

      No one said that you are defending the gearing system - just that you (since you didn't reach the specifig gearing point YET) don't really understand why we are complaining that much since you did not experience the pain of enchanting that shit YET.
      But feel free to be offended o_o
      Your fluster begins to show, you quoted the wrong post
      I do perfectly understand what you're complaining about since the posts included the mats required and I asked around on the server, it's clear where the frustration is stemming from
      Still gives you no right to expect a perfect replacement for the current system mere ten days after the thread has been made and whine when nothing has been done in such a short timespan
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      Trust me, we were complaining about that gearing-system since it got released in Korea cuz we already knew what will happen + now that its finally here we obviously want the change that we've been asking for since I dont know? 5 months?
      It's not like no one saw this coming o_o Everyone that checks korean patchnotes from to time knew that we'll get fucked by that patch.

      (Oh no I accidently copied the wrong post! I'm so flustered >///<)
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      eutri wrote:

      And yet you only started complaining for real and seriously requesting a change just recently. Hmm...
      You do know that you can request stuff elsewhere and not only on the public forums you genius?
      But guess you aren't that clever, ups.
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      tobtheking2 wrote:

      eutri wrote:

      And yet you only started complaining for real and seriously requesting a change just recently. Hmm...
      You do know that you can request stuff elsewhere and not only on the public forums you genius?But guess you aren't that clever, ups.
      Sure, you can scream at the clouds about the enchanting system, but I reckon it's not an effective way of making sure your concerns reach the right people
      Call me crazy, but I wager addressing the issue in the official forums is the safest and quickest way

      Kraxler wrote:

      Don't argue with him. It's pointless he don't even reached the point why people complain about it. But i guess he can easily farm 600k gold a hour so enchanting is no problem for him :^)

      Way to dismiss everything I've said and respond with a strawman and a failed attempt at sounding snarky. Are you 12?
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      If the communikty wouldn't be that **** things like this could help. Do you think during MWA crisis back in vm4 we throwed nice words to GF`? no people actually quit/ cancel Club and other stuff and out of nowhere GF could add basic things which other region introduced way long ago.

      If nothing changes this game will suffer even more than just back in vm4. +15 was optional you could runs dungeon with +12. But now it's worse since you actually need that gear.

      But some daydreamer still believe that changes comes because publisher and developer actually used their brains ... no every change which somehow affected our community in a positve direction is because people like us who actually take the effort to write something here.

      If no one complained during:
      vm4 we wouldn't even get MWA boxes and dungeon drops
      ds2/ds3 we wouldn't even get actual loot. Only because of some people who complained they changed loot
      VM2 we wouldn't even get increased mark of the sorcerer drop rate

      Also without our complains .. things like CAP wouldn't even bankable by now.

      We don't have other sources except forums to complain / ask for improvement.

      We can wait and do nothing (and the game will lose even more people) OR we can atleast write something about our problem because we are the only people who actually play the game .. Not like publisher and devs .. these people just login in their wallets but nothing else.

      But yea lets wait in the future if they fck up again. Maybe RNG gods will tell them they should increase/improve things.

      Btw someone remembered Talisman System which they cancel because it was expensive? They just shifted the gold cost to our gear xD
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      we dont need a solution RIGHT NOW we can even wait they elaborate it, but atleast som GOOD event that can help us meanwhile, not like the elleon marks one, a x2 loot event that wont fix the situation im aware of it, but atleast it'll help ppl a bit through this retarded gear system.
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      Kraxler wrote:

      Don't argue with him. It's pointless he don't even reached the point why people complain about it. But i guess he can easily farm 600k gold a hour so enchanting is no problem for him :^)

      Just ignore him/her/it. Better for all ppl in this thread :elin39:

      Athena wrote:

      Then join our team this Friday (November 9th) starting at 06.00 PM CET for a special Live Stream!

      A good chance to make some noise in the chat :)
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      When I first heard about gear revamp and gear XP, I thought every gear would have 100% enchant chance once at max XP, and this would have been a better system than old +15.
      But now having 20% chance at max XP is just retarded. When they implemented HO, it would have been better to remove gardian set and apply same chance to HO than it was for stormcry while increasing stormcry and every gear below, but BHS didn't find end game grindy enough I guess.

      Now I don't seem to find any sane personn that prefer new gear's insane amount of mats to good old +15. I don't know how BHS could imagine TERA, in it's actual state, could be appealing to any new player, and worse, this cancer gear may push unlucky people, that spent 8 million gold just for failling, away from this grindfest that they still call a game.

      IMO, there are solutions to this cancer :

      BHS can increase chance to upgrade on evey gear past twisthard, increase drops in dungeons (no, 2 weights per run when you need 21 just for 1 try is not a good drop rate) or reduce the amount of mats per try.

      Gameforge has demonstrate lastly that their servers can hold double loot events, they can also, as EME did not long ago organise double chance events for enchanting.

      And lately, us, as a community, except obviously working harder as some suggested (lmfao), could just play as if HO+0 was BIS and wait 3 patches to enchant to +2 when bows and weights will rain in dungeons, or play the P2W card and give Gameforge our hard earned money for doing nothing for us. Choose your poison.
      Give us talents as passives or at least give regions outside of Korea a proper class balance.

      Someone at Bluehole Studio thinks that fun is spelled G-R-I-N-D

      TERA : The Endless Recycling until Agony
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      And stop with this champion challenges "A RANDOM CHANCE TO GET". Or just swap it. A safe 2 Diamonds and a random chance to get 50/60/70 Elleon Marks of Valor (RMHM). So at least for those few days rng wont screw you even more. (2 Diamonds vs 40 Rubies...pls)
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      eutri wrote:

      Scottia wrote:

      Getting top tier gear hasn't been the main focus of this game since vm4. Don't talk without using your head first thanks. A lot of people quit since this new enhancing system, a lot more are going to, people who have played this game since the beta nonetheless. The game can't afford to lose these players unless they have plans to shut down the servers in a few months.
      Yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody cared about +15 and felt no pressure getting to it, hence why everyone running endgame had it after lucid/starfall hitTera has been declared dead multiple times and somehow your hissy fits have had no effect - it'd take a massive blunder to shut down this IP, something even bigger than what eme did
      A few players angrily shaking their fists and quitting is not going to change anything, there's plenty of people who a) will endure and b) will not only endure, but actively seek and push for a change to the current awful system. You want to point fingers and throw your toys out of the pram, go ahead - nonody's stopping you, but don't tell others to follow you if stuff can be changed
      (because gf actually listens, even if they're slow to act sometimes)
      you didnt address any point I made. Moreover, you even called it an awful system. I don't see why you're posting here like some forum vigilante? No one feels pressured to get +15 because it happened while playing the game. Even people who were ridiculously unlucky (30k+ mwa per enhance) didn't seem to sweat it and ended up full +15 long before next gear came out. What on earth are you talking about l m a o.
      >Doesn't play the game and has absolutely no idea what he's talking about
      >still tries to talk while throwing out false claims left and right