Floor in Ruined Elinu is living its own life

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    • Floor in Ruined Elinu is living its own life

      Hi everyone,

      I'm not sure if this belongs here, if not, please delete this post.

      I start reaper today and when I came to Ruined Elinu palace I found one rly funny but weird thing - when I jump on the floor there it will suck me in until I jump out. While Im "under the floor" I can't move, but I can do skills.
      Its not hard to escape the floor (just jump out) but I'm not sure how this should work, so I rather report it, even it made my day :thumbup:
      While it's hard to screen whole process I record it on video, but because I dont see any way hove to upload it here, I uploaded it to youtube, so there is link:

      Thanks alot, this game is awesome and this floor dimension just make me to love it even more ;)