Cheated GoLSHM Rankings

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  • Talking loud some names wont give shit. I can say here that u ure using it too even if it might be not true. Give videos and report pls .. I can say same about a lot of ur ppl and actually we have videos / screenshots etc. Some of them got banned even so... still facts saying the most :) ... Especially when we see ur GM who is uploading videos with proofs he is using proxy.. but his IQ isnt high so i dont expect much.. Also good some1 told him about that so he deleted the video after few hours so nobody could save it and make a true meme about this hypocrite kappa
  • Still dropping names and trying to ban each other cause of proxy. OOF

    I dont understand why people wont realise that gameforge wont do shit. I'm not a fan of proxy but i cant deny the fact proxy(Skill Prediciton) made tera available and playable for everyone. More cash for gameforge.
    Stop the name dropping and just ''swim'' with the mainstream. Less stress, more fun(If you can even have it in tera).
  • Since this topic has gone way off topic, I'm closing it.

    I'll look through all comments and issue warnings and bans at a later time, due to some technical issues on my end right now.

    Semi-good Warrior. Idk. Ask me anything.

    Main: Trappiez
    Warr alts: Kittieez, Trashiez, Weak
    Mystic: Nexile
    Zerk: Ahriza
    Archer: Zeltoni
    Sorc: Datella
    Lancers: Stupidlancer, Luna
    Reaper: Shennie, Blue

    Only relevant chars honestly.

    Warrior guide