Guild Bank

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    • As GM of a 9 member guild (FIREFIGHTERS)at gl 34 with 10 free points, I would like to unlock the first tab of the Guild Bank for member sharing of crafting material.
      How do I do this? (I was informed by Gameforge "help" that they would not tell me (!) and I should ask in the Forum).
    • The Pitchgod wrote:

      If the GSkill has a chain that links it to another skill on a row before you have to max that first. If it isn't linked check the GLevel/skill points needed
      You do not need to max out the previous skill. Having it on lvl 1 is enough.
      Rechtsschreibfeler? Kenn ick nicht. Kann man dass Essen?

      Arlassa - Kriegermain - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Matoi.Ryuko - Kriegertwink - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Rânâ.Lînchên - Brawler - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Lucymârvel - Mystiker - Castanic - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      Arlos - Lanzer - Mensch - Lvl 65 - Yurian
      verschiedene nicht Lvl 65 Chars
    • Thanks for your thoughtful comments.
      Actually I couldn't see the wood for the trees! Unlocking is considered a skill and it was as easy as going into the guild skills and clicking the tab!
      But perhaps the help desk could have just mentioned this.
      Thanks all the same.