I'm having a hard time coming back to EU.

    • I'm having a hard time coming back to EU.

      Hey everyone.

      First of all, allow me to introduce myself. I am Maulclaw and started playing TERA all the way when it turned Free-To-Play in 2013. I still remember the early days of the Island of Dawn and its tutorial / prologue sequences. Just like many other players, I switched over to NA during that whole debacle about some materials events that happened in 2015. I was quite fine with how things were being handled under Enmasse, but I eventually quit the game a year later. With all these news about classes and server merges I returned earlier this month and was already to sink down my free time on TERA... until these new problems came to the surface. And on a side-note, I'm also a Content Creator (videos, screenshots, lore stuff and so on).

      I made this new account since my old one is no longer accessible in the forums just so that I could approach the EU community and share some of my thoughts. As much as I would like to come back to EU, I've found myself having a hard time in doing so. I'm going to point some of these problems and would love to hear what your thoughts are on them and what I can do to possibly overcome them!

      1. Characters:
        • I really love making characters. I love trying out new styles, classes and all sort of those things. This also means that one might consider me as a perfectionist because I want my characters to look just right and have a name that suits them accordingly. The down-side of this is that I might grow attached to some of the characters as a result. Even though my NA characters are somewhat inspired by the ones I made on EU... they've gone through major changes and improvements over the years and that would mean a complete new makeover now that I'm back on EU.
        • The problem here is... not only are these characters old (who unlocked achievements and titles that are no longer obtainable), they also possess items and cosmetics that were bought with real-money back at then and I doubt Gameforge would refund these times or even bind them to new characters that could work as replacements to the originals.
      2. Progression:
        • I feel like I'm going to be lost, especially since I'll have to discard all those hours I spent previously on NA and start over from scratch. I was never much of an endgame player, and I struggled to get Twisthard gear on some of my characters. I'm not sure how exactly this is going to play out over at EU and what the major differences are between the two regions.
      3. Community:
        • There's also the fact that I'm going to be lonely. I didn't have all that many contacts on NA, and some of them have already left for other games. Playing this game by myself has never been all that fun. Perhaps there are guilds willing to accept a fellow refugee.
        • I also remember EU being quite salty... perhaps even more than NA in some cases. I would like to know how things have changed over the years and if perhaps there's a chance that it has improved.
      4. Gameforge
        • I started playing MMOs a decade ago and my first few experiences were with Metin 2 and 4Story - two games published by Gameforge. Even though those two titles had a strong start, the company ended up leaving these two games to die, adapting them to a Pay-To-Win formula that sucked the fun out of it in the process. I was also made aware of the terrible things that were done to Aion and other titles and the many questionable lay-offs choices that happened over the years within the company.
        • There's also the fact that Gameforge didn't treat TERA all that well at launch and in its early years. TERA EU was a joke compared to the other versions of the game, and there was also the whole fiasco surrounding their practices in 2015. I know I've heard that they have improved, but can anyone really blame for having doubts?

      So, I believe that's it. Please let me know your thoughts down below!
    • 1. No, gameforge will not give you any of these items/achievements because the EU support is rather useless (not very understanding of their players), but in this matter even I wouldn't return those things.
      2. The progression is somewhat slow but it is constant, if you play a bit every day or every week you will eventually reach max gear, it will take atleast a couple months unless you're hardcore grinding. Just do your dailies and dungeons, do guardian missions etc.
      3. Yes you will be lonely, but just join lfgs, play with random people, etc. Eventually you will find some friends, that is inevitable. EU is salty indeed not much to say about that.
      4. It is "pay to win" but there's no doubt you can get max gear and reach endcontent without paying a single euro, the system is more of a "pay to progress faster". At the moment gameforge are actually attempting to be caring for their playerbase by introducing events & event dungeons. They're obviously still releasing way more pay to win events than normal ones but it's progress. Either way going to NA is a waste of time due to EME being even worse than GF these days