WTS +9 SC Warrior gear (Weapon, Chest, Boots and Gloves)

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  • WTS +9 SC Warrior gear (Weapon, Chest, Boots and Gloves)


    selling the items listed in the title.

    Contact me in-game by either whispering me or mailing me.

    Weapon: 1,500,000 gold / best offer
    Chest: 1,000,000 gold / best offer
    Gloves: 1,000,000 gold / best offer
    Boots: 1,000,000 gold / best offer

    4,000,000 gold, if you buy the whole set.

    Server: Killian
    Character name: imaproperfag
    Discord: lazyi#9344

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  • Closed as requested.

    "The black dress was fringed by countless laces and frills. These outlines of her were enfolded by metallic protectors on the back of her hands and a rustic tasset. Her looks reminded one of the ceremonial robes of medieval knights—an odd mixture that could be called neither dress nor armour. And finally, where normally there might have been a ribbon, she was wearing an old, metallic chest."