Mystic Crit Cap.

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    • Mystic Crit Cap.

      Hello..this controvesial topic again

      Does Mystic have or not a Crit Cap.

      is it wise to put full crit..or pump some power to.

      The problem is mainly with the dps side ( arunic motes (balls)

      They have 0 glyph crit therefore they rely simply on ur crit rate.

      But then it comes the infinite circle around this debate.,..does mystic have a crit cap ??is it 250 ??is it it 40000000000000000000000

      I did many tests (DPS side) yet my arunic balls still fail to crit..A LOT OF TIME (from behind yea..more chance to crit)

      i try +300 green stats , +370 crit green stats i have over 420 crit rate lol, so maybe is it true ?? Mystiques does have a Crit rate CAP?

      But wich is it ?
    • There aren't really a fixed crit cap or crit amount, that you'd want to reach for Mystics. In essence you just want to stack as much crit as possible, while focusing on other stats. It's kinda up to how you play - some prefer super aggressive, with lots of crit, some prefer lots of healing and a super supportive playstyle. Nevertheless, whatever you go for, you don't have to reach a certain crit cap, and you just have to reach as much crit as possible.
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