Event: Champion Challenges

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    • Event: Champion Challenges

      Are you ready for the new Champion Challenges?
      From Friday, 14thSeptember (16:00 CET) until Monday, 17th September (10:00 CET) you can look forward to new dungeon challenges for reaping rewards.

      Event details:
      Mastering a challenge requires you to successfully complete dungeons during the event. You can view your current challenges by clicking on the little Elin button while the event is active. Each time you defeat the final boss of the dungeon, you will make some progress in the respective challenge.

      Shadow Sanguinary - Clear the Shadow Sanguinary 3 times and get the following rewards:
      • Dakuryon pet (3 days no trade)
      • A random chance to get:
        • 1x Diamond
        • 5x Emerald
        • 15 x Sapphire
        • 20x Ruby
      Shadow Sanguinary HM - Shadow Sanguinary HM 3 times and get the following rewards:
      • Item XP +25% (1 Day)
      • A random chance to get:
        • 10x Goldfinger Token
        • 5x Superior Noctenium Elixir
        • 2x Combat Accelerator Potion (no trade)
        • 1x Divine Support Box
      Shattered Fleet - Clear the Shattered Fleet 6 times and get the following rewards:
      • 100x Elleon´s Mark of Valor
      • A random chance to get:
        • 1x Smart Dyad Niveot Structure
        • 3x Dyad Niveot Structure

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