Selling Ancient Mighty Icewynder mount (2.0) from DS

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    • Selling Ancient Mighty Icewynder mount (2.0) from DS


      Hello to everyone, as the title says the party i'm with and i are going to sell 2.0's from DS4 10th floor.

      1) 3m fixed price, meaning once you pay our party will run and invite you to manaya untill we drop the 2.0
      2) 2m upfront + 250k for every extra run we do (extra price may get reduced in unlucky cases)
      basically, 2nd offer is gamble but both should come down to the same price in average rng situations (with 2nd being slightly cheaper in those)

      few words about the party: all the players in the party are very experienced with DS4 and all have sold drakes before already.

      how it will be done:
      after receiving the payment (fixed price / the first payment depends on which option you choose) our party will invite you to F10 and clear it. after the kill you will have to trade back the loot you get (Diamonds,plates,harominous and gold) which will be given to the 5th player of our party. after the trade in case of a 2.0 mount drop our party will change the rolling options and pass the 2.0 mount for you. in case of no drop we will schedule extra runs according to the buyer's free times.

      for more info/buying/questions etc feel free to contact me in forum or add me at discord (Gal#0796) and or whisper me in game (Gal)

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