Popo Pilgrims

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    • Popo Pilgrims

      Hey all,

      I'm having a bit of a weird issue. I always quest together with my brother so we always have the same quests.
      However, today he got one that I could not even see in the game. It's the quest "Popo pilgrims" that should normally be given by Nicielle in Balder's Refuge in the Veritas District.
      I could not find something on google that suggests there are prerequisites for the quest that should prevent me from seeing it. It's just not there. Since it is an escort quest, there is is also no way I accepted and completed it by accident.

      Since the game's support has been completely unhelpful so far (receiving only an obvious copy-pasted message that shows they did not even read my original message), even refusing to answer my question whether this was a bug or not so I could search further (quoting: "In addition, all players should have the same opportunities in TERA and therefore we do not provide with any game tips or insider information.") and basically offloading their job to my fellow players, I have come here to ask for your help.

      Does anyone have more information about this quest or has anyone encountered the same issue before, please let me know. I searched on google and the forum first but could not find anything so far.

      Kind regards,