please do not put talents to pvp and exclude retaliate reset completely

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      there is full list of all talets and i can say as pvp player that most of them are harmless but there are really bad ones...
      every class except mystic can get max 19% reset on retaliate PER KD not every retal use, this works in bg's over at ktera and it's completely pointless to add as a mechanic
      then there are some really odd ones to stuns: zerk's stun 50% max more duration, gunner stun grenade 40% longer stun, reaper only gets 20% stun duration to smite and worst one yet is sorc gets max 30% chanse to increase stun by 50%

      we all know that only pve players want talents so why do these game breaking talents exsist? as reminder these are max level, so there will be alot of players who only pvp having close to max stun increase and others with no increase and same thing with retaliate, some might have 1% chanse while others can have 15%+

      all this makes things way more unbalanced than necessary, in open world i don't think many care but PLEASE disable this garbage in bg's and cu maps and remove that retaliate talent completely since nobody would complain if it's gone and many would hate it being here...
    • Buschfunker wrote:

      Kasea wrote:

      Buschfunker wrote:

      So wait, let me repeat the last 2days. Pve players cry here for pve Talents while every dungeon what is inside the game right now, in the past and in the future will be clearable even without talents. But you still want talents cause your edick is to small when you compare your proxydps with the korean ones. Ohhh no wait. You cryed for dsu buffs even before the dungeon was inside tera EU. Then tera EU gave you a useless 23power buff and you guys were still able to clear this dungeon even without buffs or talents. Is this how tera eu players want to have a challenge? Ooohhh wait, you can cry again like 2 years ago When content Was to boring.

      So you just want talents, doesnt matter what part of the game you are destroying for a bit dps boost you dont really need. Cool. You are good guys.

      Get a life. Show some socialism
      and no, you cannot clear all content without talents, go play a ninja in DS and you'll notice that in a matter of seconds. :elin11: :elin26:
      Since the day at abscess release (you remember, when this dungeon was hard for every class except berserc, and no class was buffed like hell) , where people told me: "your premeade in this constellation will never clear it" i dont believe in this words anymore.
      Constellation was warrior (no aggro shout, enrage, group buffs) , reaper, archer (no second dodge, low dmg) slayer (just garbage class) and mystic. (no overheal, no power buffs, 1 dodge, no effective cleanse, and and and, 9 stacks to reach the needed dmg while priests chilled at 4 stacks)
      The tera pve community just dont want to have a challenge anymore and they cry the shit out of this game. - disrespect-

      And yeah, we cleared the followong dsu's too until we disband
      good for you?
    • Keep this out of the BG so atleast there we can fight normally. Although this will probably be the final drop for me and if this is added in the Bg system I guess pvp is officially done. This game hasnt given a **** about pvp for so long and with these talents you will kill it. Why dont you try and fix the priest mana charge for pvp player before you add more pve content. It so sad that people have to make alts so they can play their class because you overuled a major pvp skill with a apex skill to make the class more viable for pve. If you keep this up you might as well remove pvp entirely. Btw about the p2w. Its getting out of control as well but I understand your business model so nothing you can do about that i guess. But atleast you might wanna give some rewards for pvp as well. Because with more than 200 games of fraywind and about a 100 cs games i havent seen a single velitroch or w/e its called. So make the drop rate higher or don't say that it drops from cs or fwc.
    • Man that's super weird, i could swear the title is "Do not put talents TO PVP", which means that this request doesn't affect the PvE side of the game in ANY way. But then again, PvE carebears back at it again with their load of non sense.

      If you guys think the PvP part of the community can be ignored, let me ask you this question : To who, are you guys gonna sell all the things you're farming on the daily in your so called top notch content, that you're running with some nice 3 rd party programs just to be able to compete in the massive e-peen fiesta that is Moongurd or w/e dogshit website which gives you an excuse to imply that there is still competition on this game?

      Rethorical question, i don't need an answer.

      Much love.

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    • Just leave your non sense speaks to global chat where 80% of player blocked u already and dont go out of topic..
      Why is pvp dead? Do u actually see what is happening to fw? Score and Codex boys doing CA sync que and what others can do?
      Cmon gimme a break from all of this all of u just saying total bullshits here..
      Close this thread please it just turned into pve vs pvp anyway
      Some time ago Tera was a game.. Nowadays its proxy bullshit!
    • Funny comment above. No1 is using cap in fw since long time now ( 2 months +). About syncqueue there are only few ppl who are doing it from score guild now and no1 is sync from codex at least daily ( sure sometimes i que with 1 / 2 ppl but we want to play together so whats the prob). Ppl who plays BGs will know im right.
      Funny is u want to close this thread coz u say it turned into pve vs pvp thread while ure actually offending pvp side. Yikes.
      What can u do? Get better and stop talking UR non sense coz ure simply lying or have no idea whats the situation in fw.
    • "80% of the players blocked you"

      First of all, i highly doubt a couple of people with a negative amount of testosterone coming from the same guild actually represents 80% of the community. This bunch of lil betas is irrelevant anyways, so there is no need to act like them blocking anyone has any impact. I mean heck, we're talking about people who are calling out others for "egos", but who are blocking you and mention it in global chat and /Q chat 15 times a day as if it's anything relevant. Wonder who's the real "ego maniac kids" there OMEGALUL
      Second of all, people on this game tend to block because they're too delusional and allergic to facts. It's been proved more than once, however people are still denying. It's fine to be bad at the game, but at least people should learn to deal with it and focus on improve.

      I've been playing a lot of Fraywind matches lately and i haven't seen you at all, just like i don't see the CAs anymore. Weird! It's almost like you're making stuff up in an attempt to give yourself some credibility, which will never be a thing anyways. As for the sync, i'm sorry to burst your bubble but my guild doesn't sync at all. For the past couple of Fraywind events we're maybe 3 or 4 bare maximum to go for Fraywind and people don't even bother to sync. I don't know about the other guild you're mentionning, but i can say that i also didn't meet many of them lately. Soooo, keep swimming in your selfmade facts i guess.

      You should be the one "giving us a break" and you should let the people with a bit of knowledge and actual concern about the game discuss freely, because you are obviously not providing anything relevant to the discussion. Discussing that matter is important, because as I mentionned in my first comment (in a certain way, i'll give you that) the PvP part of the community is still big enough and shouldn't be ignored because it still has an impact on the game whether you like it or not. Once again, i'm sorry to burst your bubble. Instead of closing the thread, a mod should just clear all the messages like "Haha what's pvp anyways? Funny memes, 12 btw" type of messages, and these people should go back to their Proxy runs.
    • Can you for once change your tape?
      Ofc u cant see me in fw, ask yourself why or i think that you know the reasons why me and many others stoped bothering with bgs?
      Whenever u so called "pvpers" hear the truth all you know to say is "get good"?
      Well ill remind you.. CA which tons of ppl cried for, sync que also many ppl cried about and all of guilds i heard was your Codex and Score or Demonized or idk which guild are out there.. Your definition on pvp is go zerg everyone u see in vo, sync que because solo u cant do anything..
      Dont try to comment anything because all of this i saw on this forum on posts posted by ppl who actually play that..
      And dont use bad words cuz i didnt use single one on u either..

      Back on the topic.. If KTera have talents, why we shouldnt? I dont understand u at all.. It isnt balanced yea but its still much more better then seeing only zerks and warriors in top runs (not MG, the actual ranking implemented in the game for aahm and dsu)..
      Just my pov..
      Some time ago Tera was a game.. Nowadays its proxy bullshit!
    • Talents should just be implemented. As with any change, people will get used to it and find ways to deal with it.

      As for blocking, recently I decided to just block anyone who is making drama / spamming in global, and I must say, the toxicity I see in global has decreased by 100%.
      I recommend all of you try the same :).
    • I don't udnerstand why PvE players are raging that we don't want talents in PvP. It won't affect them.

      - We call for PvP fixes, we don't want to change PvE.

      - If you are PvE player and you are angry that PvP players want different system in BGs and CU, then you need professional help (psychologist). Control your anger about things that doesn't affect you.

      - Tera is dead because PvP base left the game, but still, on Kilian, PvP guilds are the only guilds alive. PvE guilds are EMPTY. This is reality...

      - PvP players also play PvE. If they leave game, that means less people for PvE and even more dead game.

      - PvE players sometimes like to do PvP. It makes game more fun.

      If you don't like one aspect of the game, don't play it, but also don't call to ruin it...
      Que for dungeons is already dead, hard to get in as solo DPS, it PvP gets more ruined, then even more people will leave Tera.
      I play Tera as PvP priest, but I also play as PvE lancer. I want both, or I won't play. And reality is, many people already left game because PvP got hammered down, and now even PvE is dead...
    • "Change your tape" coming from the dude who's still talking about things that are months old, oh the irony. CA in FW is barely a thing now, i don't know where you're getting your intel, since you're not playing FW yourself, but you should stop listening to every bullshit out there.
      Even the whole sync thing is irrelevant, it's up to 1 or 2 small groups and these said groups are still losing games. So i really don't see where is the issue. You're just bitching for the sake of it.

      About the topic and AS THE TITLE MENTIONS IT we're only requesting an eventual change for the PVP ASPECT of the game, literally nobody cares about your PvE shit. I think it's kinda crazy that i have to repeat myself about something that's literally in the god damn title.
    • Funny to say pvp is dead. During battleground times there are at least 2 canyon or 2 cs matches in progress which contains 80ppl at the same time over 3h. Tell me a dungeon were are allways 80 ppl inside during 3h.
      PveLFG decreased from 2 pages down to 2-3 dungeon lfg
      Pve is dead and the ignorant pve players want to destroy pvp now with their talent bullshit
    • I only pvp on reapers, so I'd like to have talents in BG (25% attack speed on sundering strike, whipsaw ...,+20% stun duration).

      But I agree that talent that gives RNG reset on retaliate should be removed as it would break zerk's chain KD in 3s.
      Give us talents as passives or at least give regions outside of Korea a proper class balance.

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