Antaroth's Abyss - GUIDE ( HM / NM )

    • Antaroth's Abyss - GUIDE ( HM / NM )

      Hey everyone!

      With help of my friends I made Antaroth's Abyss - Guide. It would mean a lot to me, for you guys to check it out. I tried my best to explain every attack/mechanic for every boss! This is Normal /Hard Mode guide! Which means that this video is FULL GUIDE of Antaroth's Abyss.

      Here is the link:
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      Some things i noticed while watching it once:

      During Antaroth
      There was one part where the tank had secondary aggro and Antaroth did his jump stun on him. You said "the boss can do this attack on primary or secondary aggro", but he will always do it to the person with the purple, secondary aggro, circle, ... and yes in the video we see the tank with his orange and purple circles.

      During the first boss
      The attacks of the first boss aren't quite right. It seems to imply that the boss will always do 2 stab attacks if he starts a stab, but this isn't so. He can do one, two or three stabs, and if he does three stabs he will do his shield back swing after the third stab. Also there is no mention of his shield backswing.
      During the part where you say "basic in-out attack" you are actually showing circles footage which may be confusing since they have an out-in component to them, especially since the "basic in-out attack" can be out-in as well if he does his backstep first.
      His slash-frenzy attack is missing too.

      During Antaroth
      There is no footage of anyone actually destroying one of the black-white bubbles at the right time (we call it "bubbles" or rather "kugeln" in german), there is mention of when to destroy them but a video can do more than mention it.
      There is also no mention of the confusion that will sometimes happen with new players during the black-white mechanic since the bubbles have a color and an aura some people get confused if you say "i take a black bubble" because they look at the bubbles and see white bubbles with a black surrounding and black bubbles with a white surrounding but aren't sure which part of the bubbles colors, the bubble itself or the aura, you are referring to.