Pit of Petrax in 5 s?

    • Mystic

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    • @Jixxy I will just get him here since if I remember correctly he did it already and I tried to imitate it but failed. :D
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    • I'm sorry I only tried priest.
      But what I've heard, before getting aggro you throw in a ton of Spheres (Mana and heal). If you have enough in there, you get in by summoning king blob and let them explode as fast as possible from behind.
      Of course: Dmg stats, Dmg crystalls and every buff food possible incl. TT

    • Thanks for your input Jixxy :) .
      I do throw bunch of motes around boss before combat starts and once I have enough I summon king blob. I also have double set of rolls on my weap for dmg, using dyad backcrit crystal set and everything I can think of... I was just wondering if maybe there is some other trick that I didnt know of coz in 4-5 sec I can barely even summon the king blob xD
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    • Don't forget, that from a certain point you have to be lucky:

      -Dragon procs right at the beginning
      -Boss movement (are you getting staggered or knockdownt)

      You can skip stun mechanic by running around without hitting the boss. He then will do the stun and after that you run behind him and start with king blob and spamming.

    • Idk how you do it, but the idea is to "bug" the boss, by taking aggro, but not attacking, then wait for it's charge-roll, and iframe it, then it should be doing absolutely nothing and take more damage. If you're already doing this, it's most likely a gear issue and RNG based question we're talking, seeing as Mystics are largely dependent on critting their balls.

      Anyway, except for the "bug", I don't know what I would recommend, since I'm sadly not a PoP expert xD Gl!
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    • FYI: With the implementation of fishing in ktera they also changed how competitive petrax will work
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      • you have to choose on entry if you want to do petrax competetivly
      • if so, the timer starts on spawn
      That's it with all the preparations some classes do before landing the first hit