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    • Speed for Lancer

      Hey guys,

      I just start to play Lancer on Killian server, AND LOVE IT! I dont know why i kept tanking with warrior the whole time :) My Gear stil FM +5 ( will be SC in no time). I actually got soooooo many things to ask BUT i would reduced the question to one for now :)

      I saw u all only talking about CRIT for Lancer, but i myself prefer Swift (Speed) Vrysk on my jewlry, for i can react fast enough to do those "Block canceling". Am i see it wrong?

      I running aanm with it and at first boss i think my speed is so much important than crit, cuz the boss staggers alot.

      The main Question is :) : how much crit i need for Lancer? 300 all i got nor now.


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    • In PvE context:
      Attack Speed on Lancer is BAD

      Mainly due to the fact you will end up getting CD locked even more (Double CDR, Energetic Etchings and CDR Mask still aren't enough, you still get into CD Locks sometimes)

      For CD Lock I mean a situation where all of your dps skills are on cooldown and you're forced to use Combo Attack to deal damage.

      Combo Attack deals like 1% (maximum 2%) of lancer's total damage, having stable crit on your main skills (Spring, Leap and Wallop) is more important.

      If you don't like Crit Vyrsks you can still go for Power Vyrsks if you feel like you don't need more Crit Factor.

      Regarding Crit Factor:
      There is no exact Crit Factor a Lancer has to use, it's about feeling, some go more some go less.

      What I personally do is aiming for about 50+396 full buffed, so if the boss turns I can ensure a 100% crit on Super Leap (since from behind it caps at 446 Crit Factor)

      Full buffed I mean counting:
      • Healer Auras
      • Lamb Bulgogi
      • Hold the Line

      I hope my answer was helpful to you and have fun on Killian. :elin5:
    • I run 2 swift vrysks myself.
      I know exactly what you mean with AA 1st boss.
      Getting staggered is annoying and a slight DPS loss.
      Getting knocked down because you couldn't get your block up in time is a HUGE DPS loss due to loss of hold the line.
      So yeah ...
      Either you choose to listen to other people who tell you something is "not ideal".
      Or you realize that if you want to try to get really high HPM #s for spring attack ... attack speed allows you to play somewhat more aggressive.
      Also the default variation in spring attacks crit rate is larger than the difference of 12/24 crit rate by default. So you may not even notice them missing on individual runs.