Patch Notes 72 – On Burning Wings

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    • Patch Notes 72 – On Burning Wings

      Soar into the heavens and take on the brand-new Guardian missions in Arborea’s skies! With the release of patch 72 on Tuesday, 14th August, you can rescue the skywhales from evil spirits, defeat Demoros at his own games, and enjoy the new class balancing.

      New Contents

      New Flying Guardian Missions:
      • The Rhapsody of Wind and Fire
      • Search and Destroy


      • From level 65
      • Flying missions can only be accepted if you have a flying mount
      • Flying missions are launched from the world map just like other Guardian missions
      • Rewards for sufficient Guardian points:
        • Guardian Legion Jewel box
        • Item XP
        • Reputation Credits
        • Elleon’s Mark of Valor
      • Additional rewards for sufficient Guardian points plus 100% success (by parcel post):
        • Up to 3x Pilot’s Token
        • Superior Etching Box
      • Flying missions added to Vanguard Initiative requests
        • Can be completed once per day
      Changes to Other Guardian Missions:
      • Adjusted points scale for Superior Guardian missions
      • Added additional rewards for sufficient Guardian points for Superior Guardian missions (by parcel post):
        • Ruby
        • Diamond
        • Dyad Niveot Structure
        • Rare Noctenium Refiner
        • Superior Etching Box
      • Manglemire is closing its doors
      • Demon’s Wheel reopens:
        • For 5-player groups
        • Teleportal outside Allemantheia
        • From level 65
        • Min. required item level 439
        • Two boss encounters
      Other Changes:
      • Reduced difficulty grade of all dungeons for item level 439
      • Increased rewards for Vanguard Initiative quests
      Class Skills

      • Bloodshed
        • Reduced the cooldown of Unleashed by 0.5 seconds, no longer on a hit but when using an Unleashed skill
      • Reduced HP costs of the following Apex skills by 30%:
        • Unleashed
        • Unleashed: Dexter
        • Unleashed: Sinister
        • Unleashed: Beast Fury
        • Unleashed: Rampage
      • Guardian Sanctuary
        • Also resets cooldown of Backstep
      • Enhanced Devoted Favor
        • Removed stun immunity
        • Increased damage reduction from 20% to 30%
      • Death Spiral
        • Reduced cooldown from 7 to 6 seconds
      • Adrenaline Rush
        • Increased skill damage when attacking monsters by 5%
      • Debilitate
        • Effect which reduces endurance can only be stacked once
        • Stack effect increased from 4% to 12%
      • Chained Leash
        • Reduced max. number of targets from 6 to 5 (1 targeted and 4 nearby)
        • Reduced max. number of targets in PvP after using Challenging Shout from 30 to 5
      • Divine Protection
        • Changed block function (blocking absolute damage vs. percentage damage)
        • Increased cooldown from 6 to 8 minutes
        • Reduced effect duration from 10 to 5 seconds
      • Scythe and Aerial Scythe
        • Changed the chained skill displayed at maximum Edge to Aerial Scythe
      • Combative Strike
        • Increased endurance effect in Defensive Stance from 8% to 12%
      • Lightning Trap
        • Added additional levels so skill can be learned earlier
        • New levels must be learned separately after the update
      • Concussion Trap
        • Added additional levels so skill can be learned earlier
        • New levels must be learned separately after the update
      • Stunning Trap
        • Can be learned from level 14
        • New levels must be learned separately after the update
      • Slow Trap
        • Can be learned from level 12
        • New levels must be learned separately after the update
      • Command: Recall
        • Cannot be used when staggering or knocked down
      • Thrall Augmentation
        • Slightly reduced effect
      • Thrall of Vengeance
        • Reduced damage in PvP (42%)
      • Summon: Thrall Lord
        • Reduced damage in PvP (70%)
      Item Changes
      • Combat Accelerator Potions can now be stored in the bank
      • Adjusted numerous Astral Gifts event items (reduced and visible cooldown, changed storage options)
      • Added pets with the “Automatic Potion Use” skill
        • Two of these pets are unlocked through different level-up achievements
        • Existing characters above the necessary level will receive the achievements upon logging in for the first time after the patch
        • Some of the pets are available as rare loot in dungeons
      Other Changes

      TERA Club
      • Exchanged 3 Elinu’s Tears for 2 Small Elinu’s Tears for 500 production points each with a shorter cooldown time
      • Changed contents of Banyaka’s Rootlocked Treasure
        • Removed Metamorphic Emblem
        • Removed Veteran Semi-Enigmatic Scroll
        • Removed Liberation Scroll
        • Added Item XP +10% (2 Hours)
        • Added Artisan Potion
        • Added Titan’s Earth
        • Added Titan’s Storm
        • Added Dragonwing Scale
        • Added Veteran Apothecary Dye
      • Loot adjusted
        • Removed chance to get Veteran Semi-Enigmatic Scroll
        • Added chance to get Elinu’s Tear for 1,000 production points
      Product Community Manager
      Tera Europe @_athena_gf