Pictures of Weapon skin Pandemonium

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    • Pictures of Weapon skin Pandemonium

      Hey guys,

      at the end of this sun event i will get arround 600 tokens, so im thinking what to buy (got mask already).
      i saw there is this pandemonium skin, but i dont know if its nice of not (for lancer), anyone maybe got some pictures from this skins? preferable for lancer.

      Or u thing i should not use it for weapon skin?


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    • that's the fancy version though, the normal pandemonium from the box, comes without the red shiny wing effects
      they're also viewable in the dressing room

      here's the link to all of them as pics

      and about how to use them, you should know best what is most useful to you :elin18:
      if you wanna resell them, just wait a while and then sell them
      if you wanna use it for yourself, go for it XD
      if you still need gear, just go for the enchanting mats :elin36: