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    • Customer support feedback


      i just want to share a feedback about my "game support" experience.

      This was my 3rd ticket, 2 first was solved.

      i will write only neutral fact, i dont want be censured, banned or anything else.

      i just would like know what other player think about this problem ?

      My problem :

      I play the wheel of fortune on an alt (same acount)

      I win 10 Veilthroch (a non-bound item but not tradable, not bankable)

      I would like use this item on my main character. item still on "item claim"

      No way to do it.

      If I had known this detail, I would not play the wheel of fortune on an alt

      I opened a game "support ticket", asking for items transfert and they dont find a solution to solve my problem.

      Game support answer :

      Hello benox,

      Thanks for contacting the TERA Customer Support.
      Items obtained from the wheel/random boxes are bound to the character who spinned/opened them, and therefore we are unable to offer you such transfer. We're sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

      Thanks for your patience.

      With best regards,
      XXX - TERA Support Representative


      Hello benox,

      Thanks for getting back with us.
      You're right, and I'm sorry for the miscommunication in my first message. The untradable items obtained from random boxes/wheel of fortune are bound to a character and cannot be transferred; the only transferable ones are those which are designed to be tradable.

      Thanks for your patience.

      With best regards,
      XXX - TERA Support Representative


      I didnt find "Wheel of fortune" Rules or legal notice

      *Some costumes, weapon skins and other accessories cannot be used by all classes and genders. However, you can trade them in the game or pass them on to another character on your account.

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