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    • Hello Gameforge/Bluehole! And community!

      This post is going to be regarding the "dead server" issue. While I am a somewhat new player, having only played for around 7 months or so, and having only competed for semi-high scores for 2 months or so, I might not be the best one to take up this issue, since I have nothing compare to, except for other games, like WoW, BDO and BnS, and not the knowledge of old player base, I'll still dare to take up this issue, since I believe this is a serious topic, that should be handled in some way.

      The issue at hand
      Generally the issue is short: Lots of players experience the "dead server" issue, which means, it is very hard to find parties, unless you have already gathered people on beforehand, (so-called static parties), use discord or use various other forms of communication. While this is one way around the "dead server" issue, it is somewhat sad, that you have to resort to this kind of measure, in order to be even able to get into a dungeon. The most reliable way to get a party, without relying on one of these, is of course to go LFG, (looking for group), and that is not even effective in a lot of cases. Of course you could go for IM, (instance matching), but let's face it: This is an option only used by VERY new players, who've never seen the game before, low-level players, alts or for cross-server parties. Thus, that's not an option, that's worth to discuss. Summed up: It is VERY hard to find parties, with the current tools in game, and thus something should be done. There's no sense in Killian, Yurian and Mystel not working together!

      Merging servers
      One way to work around the aforementioned issue, could be to merge servers. Another reason this could be an effective solution, is of course that the server would, visually, also seem way less dead. Furthermore global events, such as Guardian Missions and Superior Guardian Missions, would be much easier to accomplish, and it'd be way more variated at which times you'd be able to find players, visually, thus resulting in a way more interactive and close community. The LFG would also be changed, since a lot of players is bunched up together on the same server.
      Of course merging servers, could also pose some problems, since the game, graphically, isn't entirely 100% optimized, a lot of stress could be put on certain PC's, when doing world events like Guardian Missions, Bee event, World boss event etc., if a lot of players are bunched up together. Furthermore, merging servers could pose an issue, as to the PvP/PvE aspect, making the open-world PvP either only possible or not possible at all, which could dissatisfy a lot of players. However, I feel like these are issues, that can be dealt with somehow.
      However, there is of course another solution, that's seemingly more attractive:

      Making a Global LFG
      The other solution is making a Global LFG, where players from each servers would be able to see LFG's coming from other servers. A scenario in which could be, Killian Player (X), puts up LFG, "Looking for T + H for AAH", and then Mystel Player (Y), would be able to see this LFG and apply to that group, thus making a cross-server group. Seeing as you are limited in a lot of tasks, such as Pit of Petrax, Island of Dawn BAM's and stuff like that, the situation for a cross-server group wouldn't change that much at all. Thus the state of the group would be the same, as if you were grouping on the same server, only thing is of course, that you should not be able to directly, visually, interact with each other, and as such of course still limit for example trading, seeing each others dungeon clears etc. In other words the same limitation would still apply to the party, except that you now have the option to create groups with several more servers, making for a WAY more active LFG.

      While Harrowhold is significantly easier now, than it was before the Awakening and Stormcry gear, it still stands as an issue finding people for this raid, and making it a possibility to cross-server group up for Harrowhold exclusively, would be perfect as well.

      Summing up the solutions
      I, (and plenty other people), believe this would make for a way more attractive LFG, both for high-end players but especially also for low-end players, since they're now able to see, that this is a game that is still "alive". Imagine if you're a new player, and press LFG, but there's nothing on the LFG. An example could be Killian, where the LFG is mostly just filled by "WTB or WTS" kinda LFG's, which would be a super discouraging experience for a new player. Seeing a living LFG, would make for a new player, that could of course also prove to be the opposite: Confusing and unmanageable, but by balance of probability, you'd be inclined to believe the former, rather than the latter.
      Summing up these solutions, doing like Korea, merging all servers, or simply making a global LFG, could solve many immediate problems with the "dead game" issue, and thus make for a way more attractive game. Especially the players, who know each other from other servers, by communicating via Discord or other means, would have a much easier time, knowing if each other were available, if the LFG became global, rather than limited to each server only.

      To the community
      If you feel like this sounds like an issue, you have heard about, please do upvote it, so the developers can react to this problem, or if you feel like I've misinterpreted something or left something out, or even better: If you have other suggestions, that could solve this immediate problem, feel free to post! Everything's appreciated here.

      To the developers
      We hope that you will take, what's written here, into consideration. It is a compilation of thoughts and suggestions from plenty of players, rather than just one player. It is an issue, that frustrates a lot of players, and thus a problem that we beg you to take care of, and fix in some way. Thank you very much on beforehand.

      The classic tl;dr:
      The LFG is just super dead on several servers atm, and it's super hard to find players for dungeons. Please either merge the servers, or make a global LFG, so you're able to see LFG's from other servers. Make it a possibility to find parties in less than 30 min.

      Thanks for hearing me out,
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    • Add punishment for abusing the lfg window for afk buying and selling stuff and it would be a good idea, but in the current state the cancer would take over and you would have to scroll through even more garbage to find actual groups to play with
    • Athena wrote:

      Hello Trappiez, :)

      Thank you for your detailed feedback! I will forward it to our team.

      Kind regards,
      Please tell us that you included this:

      Acc wrote:

      Add punishment for abusing the lfg window for afk buying and selling stuff and it would be a good idea, but in the current state the cancer would take over and you would have to scroll through even more garbage to find actual groups to play with
      because it's annoying enough with just our server lfg, I don't want to think about reading "LF static" and "selling my soul" from people that I can't even buy this from.
    • As for the first recommendation i dont like it that much since it will either make some PVP players leave the game or PVE players.

      But the second option is awesome since most of the high-end players prefer LFG than IM. To be able to do LFG across all servers would be pretty awesome.

      But also point and thing they need to add if they take this idea
      -The leader of LFG(atleast) to be able to inspect the player that is applying.
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