Thats it..

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  • I feel like i need to say few words.
    Before i begin ill just notice that this will br my last post on this forum thank to moderators..
    Board administrator (i wont mention names here or tag them, he will tag himself anyway) closed my last discussion without a real reason to close it.. Most funny thing in it is that super moderator (again wont mention his name) liked his closing post..

    Many times i saw those admins doing wrong things thats why i opened discussion to see what others think about it and if im maybe seeing things wrong but we got our mouth shuted.. One guy opened another threaf but mister board administrator closed it again in very rude way.. But well its not his first and probably not last time that he was rude, arrogant and disrespectful to members of this forum..

    He saw that thread as spam.. Or actually he predicted that it will turn into spam.. Who are u to predict anything?

    Best solution is that all of us here stop using this forum full of arrogant mods which have feeling like they are presidents of country and leave them to be moderators,admins and other stuff to ghosts.. But then they wont have any thread to close and post to censore and stuff..

    As i said this is my last post here ill kinda miss reading this when im bored on work but well, show must go on..

    Now u can close this thread too for a differemce of last two that u closed without any request/reason for it..
    Now u have request to close it so u can paste your great sentence fot closinh thread u know it better then me..

    Good luck boys,
    Some time ago Tera was a game.. Nowadays its proxy bullshit!
  • Quitting threads are against the forum rules, so when Andrea/Shiro wakes up, rip this thread as well.

    Btw Vayus promised us an answer to all those closed threads, let's wait and see what it's gonna be. Probably meaningless PR words to save face and sound professional, but who knows. That is, if he'll even keep his word, as they aren't obliged to, this is their little censored kingdom.

    Good bye though, m8.